Chilly's son arrested for DUI

With the Minnesota Vikings nine days away from embarking on what could be their best chance to finally win a Super Bowl, their head coach will have to deal with an unwanted distraction.

According to, the 24-year-old son of Brad Childress has been arrested for DUI.

It’s the second time that Kyle Childress has faced such charges.  He pleaded guilty in February 2009 to DUI charges.

Other sons of coaches have gotten into trouble over the past few years, including two of the sons of Eagles coach Andy Reid and a son of Pats coach Bill Belichick.

131 responses to “Chilly's son arrested for DUI

  1. I really want to make a smart ass comment, but I wont. No one wants anyone’s kids in trouble. I hope they get this straightened out.

  2. Two DUI’s in one year? No problem there, huh? The guy is 24, can’t hold Childress responsible at this age; he should just know better.
    Thanks for embarassing Pop, son.

  3. not chilly’s fault…you don’t have much say in what a 24 year old does…but bad timing that’s for sure

  4. This is perfect timeing to blow this story out of proportion, the Eagles had to go through the media blowing Andy Reids son’s problems out of proportion in the offseason so now its the Vikings turn

  5. What’s the point of posting this Florio? Really. Some things you need to learn to pass on. You’re such a stroke.
    “Mike Florio: The Glenn Beck on MSNBC”

  6. Looks like Brad has alot of adult “children” to worry about these days. Will Percy Harvin have explain how this is bound to happen seeing as there is nothing to do but drink in Minnesota? Alcoholism is nothing to joke about though, just ask Deanna Favre.

  7. Maybe daddy should spend more time at home instead of playing dress up and chugging Brett Farves pigskin.

  8. piccolo says:
    January 8, 2010 8:45 AM
    What’s the point of posting this Florio? Really. Some things you need to learn to pass on. You’re such a stroke.
    What’s the point? The point is is that it doesn’t surprise me that the son of a shitty coach who runs the most disorganized team in NFL history gets busted again. He fits right in with the Vikings. He’s a loser just like the Viking players.

  9. Good thing he didnt get caught with those pills Johnny Jolley gave him! Now that guys a loser!

  10. Last Starfighter. Best name ever! I thought Chilly’s kid was in the Marines? Or was he too big of a pussy to make it through bootcamp? Either way, it gives us a reason to talk about the Vikings.
    p.s. I’m the best drunken-driver ever!

  11. not a good thing. but i can’t wait to hear the ‘this is a distraction’ story Florio will post eventually. wait, he already did.
    Thanks for allowing the packer fans to bitch and moan about the vikings when they aren’t even playing this week.
    commence packer fans- jimmy smith, bob nelson- to throw in why MN is the state of the devil and how they all are thugs.
    there are 2 things to do in wisconsin: watch packers, and blame viking fans for everything wrong with the world, and world history.
    and here come the comments…

  12. Stick to football news Florio, it’s why some of us visit this site. For those that have sick comments, one can only wonder how the skeletons in your closet would compare……..I thought so!!

  13. He’s twenty freaking four and is independent and makes his own decisions. Any Packer PFT Idiot who translates this into something other than a grown adult making HIS OWN poor decision is a petty petty individual.
    Good job Florio, what a waste of a “story”.

  14. OK, so “Piccolo”…
    You’ll have to explain how a DUI by a coach’s son (which is football news because it may be distracting to the coach of a playoff team) has ANYTHING to do with Glenn Beck?
    I guess I can only conclude you’re just a liberal idiot who thinks that a good insult is comparing someone to someone to you don’t like with the ASSUMPTION that everyone agrees with you.
    Your posting made the least sense of any thing I’ve ever read on any board anytime in history.

  15. Typical news from the Vikings organization. Chilly can’t control his QB or his son.

  16. LBPACKFAN: Jokes on you fool! Do you really believe they hold Tupperware parties 6 nights a week? That girl of yours sure is a turkey: Gobble ,Gobble I think she loves me! You can have her back now!

  17. LOL @ FootballPhil dubbing Minny as a “loser franchise” because Childress’ 24yr old kid got a dewey. Look, I’m no fan of Minnesota, but that’s a bit of a stretch, no?

  18. what a coincidence …. my niece is dating a guy who worked with one of Chili’s sons(Kyle ?) and knows the clan …. and just at Christmas time he was saying that the children of Chili like their “illegal substances”….to put it in a kind way and alcohol wasn’t one of them …. he even said the kids told him momma Chili smokes a little of the wacky stuff with them …. he also said Chili has about 5 or 6 of those bucket hats of his laying in the back seat of the truck …. all identical….so take it for what you want

  19. How many of you Packer fans have at leat one DUI on your record?
    Show of hands?
    None of you? RIGHHHHHHHT!
    The difference between Chilly’s kid having to and you having “none” is that you just haven’t been caught yet.
    Get over yourselves.

  20. Slap those “whiskey” plates on and roll with the rest of the Minny drunks. Thanks for putting other peoples life’s at risk you D-bag.

  21. “LOL @ FootballPhil dubbing Minny as a “loser franchise” because Childress’ 24yr old kid got a dewey.”
    Personally, I judge all sports teams by the actions of the coach’s children. Or, if childless, his pets.

  22. Ok, so a lot of you are bashing saying this is bad parenting and that he can’t control his son. What father tries to control his 24 year old son? Think about that for a second.
    Also, do you have children? If you do not and are not a child/parent counselor, you are not qualified to make any statements about Chilly’s parenting abilities.
    Man, if all of you Packer fans are this pathetic, I hope you’re ready for a meltdown of epic proportions in the postseason – karma is a bitch.

  23. Moss hitting meter maids, Koren Robinson playing real life Grand Theft Auto, love boat scandal, Williams brothers on steroids, McKinnie brawling outside of a Miami nightclub, Darrion Scott domestic assault, Childress checking out Shiancoe’s package in the locker room, Childress in drag, now Childress’ son DUI = LOSER FRANCHISE

  24. @doworkson
    when i was talking with my “informant” during christmas he didn’t know of the son in the marines when i brought that up during the conversation…. he said there was a son that stayed in Philadelphia and that was probably the one who entered the marines….he did say there was a son and daughter in Minnesota and that it wasn’t that son who entered the marines …. he did go on to say that the kid (son) he worked with was very lazy and worthless tho

  25. Only selfish losers drive drunk. And if that pisses you off, you are in fact, a selfish loser. Enjoy jail mini Chilly, way to embarass your father.

  26. Pretty easy to figure who’s who. Those with kids don’t think this is funny and won’t take a shot at Chilly. Those without will take cheap shots. I’m no viking fan but I do have adult kids and you are always worried about them.
    Those of you who don’t have kids yet will realize how idiotic you reacted when you are blessed with them. I know he is an adult…..but he is still someone’s kid. I don’t wish this on anyone even if he is a shitty coach.

  27. Some fans are awful desperate for trash talking when it becomes important to comment about a coach’s 24 yr old son getting a DUI…..guess it makes them feel better than to talk about their own team’s players problems, like Johnny Jolly, Cedric Benson, Randy Moss, etc. etc. Just proves that loser fans can’t help but make loser comments.

  28. If the kid was 14 this would be news. Reid’s kid stuff was blown out of proportion but that was more dramatic than a routine DUI.

  29. I don’t see why so many of you are ranting against Florio for this one. The Vikings are just over a week away from playing someone in the divisional round. Something like this is an unwanted distraction, just like Florio said (and he didn’t sensationalize it or anything).
    Plus, when something happens to the family member of a coach or player, it does qualify as “football news,” contrary to what some of you might think. When Brett Favre’s dad died, and when Mike Zimmer’s wife died, that’s relevant football news, particularly when it happens during the season. Granted, a family member’s DUI doesn’t have as great an impact as a death, but the principle is the same.
    Florio says some dumb stuff sometimes, but this isn’t one of those times.

  30. I just realized I’m a a douche. I am to Packer fans what Bob Nelson and Jimmy Smith are to Viking fans. I’m embarassed.

  31. Holy shit FootballPhil – You are an epic douche bag if I’ve ever seen one.
    Do you want me to list all the crap Packer players have gotten in over the years?
    How can Wisconsin be so high and mighty? The University of Wisconsin in Madison prides itself on it’s drinking abilities and they are normally listed as one of the top party schools in the country.
    Also, Didn’t Koren Robinson sign with the Packers after his run in with the law in MN?
    Love how you Packer fans run your childish mouths – STFU.

  32. “starfighter says: January 8, 2010 8:45 AM
    Alcoholism is nothing to joke about though, just ask Deanna Favre.”

  33. In a recent survey it was determined that 98% of the people when driving on an icey road and about to slide into the ditch comment “oh chit” with the other 2% being from Wisconsin who say, “here, hold my beer and watch this”……..perhaps Chilly’s son should move to Wisconsin where he would fit in better and his actions wouldn’t be news but a “way of life”.

  34. @blitzed
    thanks for the info. informants are the best. you must work for the Patriots.

  35. # FootballPhil says: January 8, 2010 8:42 AM
    Jared Allen has taught him well. What a loser franchise
    Jared Allen has zero DUI’s as a Viking.
    Kyle Childress has nothing to do with the Vikings.
    What a loser comment.
    What a loser commenter.

  36. FootballPhil
    YOU ARE THE LOSER, get a life you jealous asshole! Your posts just make you look like a moron, but who knows maybe you get off on that. You must have been an attention deprived child.

  37. Originality from the one & only love_boat_scandal. His inability to have an adult conversation is legendary. To have a name like footballphil, and to know less than zero about football (let alone make any relevant comments) is kind of contradictory. I also expected nothing but immature mumbling from some asshat who’s name is emoney. This story has almost as much relevance to football as these triple douches have on the human race. Come back with something witty now. Maybe if you three put your tiny heads together, you can come up with some clever nickname for the Vikings. I’m done with you three, you bore me.

  38. Ironically, the people who are prentending to be the most outraged are Packer fans slurring about this in some Sconnie bar before hopping into their car or snowmobile for the drive home.

  39. No Packer has ever done anything wrong, have they phil? Just because someone gets into a little trouble, doesn’t make the club they play for losers. By your own logic, the entire Packers franchise are a bunch of drug addicts and sexual preditors. Brett admittedly was addicted to pain killers, Jolly was selling some stuff, or something like that, and who was the guy with high school girls in his hot tub a few years ago?

  40. Packers fans on the verge of a playoff game spend their time on a meaningless “vikings related” post while we are on a bye.
    Typical. I’m pretty sure Packers fans would take a loss this weekend if it somehow meant the Vikes would lose first round. You know, like hypothetically and all that.

  41. To the big mouthed WI hypocrites: STFU and take inventory on yourselves!!! From your own newspaper:
    “Beer for beer and shot for shot, when all 50 states belly up to the bar, few can hold their own with Wisconsin.
    Binge drinking – we’re No. 1.
    Percentage of drinkers in the population – No. 1.
    Driving under the influence – No. 1.
    We lag a few states in beer consumption, but we’re near the top. With brandy, it’s no contest. We put away more brandy per person than any other state. We have a strong claim on the vodka title, too.
    And often we have no clue how drunk we are. Consider, for example, 75 drinkers who took a breath test for the Journal Sentinel. About half underestimated their blood-alcohol level, and when they did, they missed by a lot – falling short of their actual results by an average of 35%. Many who were over the legal limit for driving expressed full confidence in their ability to get behind the wheel.
    Person for person, we have three times more taverns here than the rest of the country ”
    “Wisconsin leads the nation in the percentage of people who admit to driving under the influence of alcohol. In only a few states are drivers involved in fatal accidents more likely to be drunk. In 2007 alone, Wisconsin’s drunken-driving excess claimed more than 70 lives beyond the national norm.
    The federal government estimates that alcohol claims some 1,250 Wisconsin lives a year – about 2.7% of all deaths statewide. That’s nearly twice the number that die from prostate cancer. Drinking is blamed for scores of deaths from suicides and homicides, and hundreds from falls, strokes and liver disease.”
    “And binge drinking – at least as the federal government defines it – is a cornerstone of the creed. No state observes the ritual more faithfully than Wisconsin. It’s not even close.
    Since 1995, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted 10 surveys about binge drinking. Every time, Wisconsin led the nation. The state typically out-binged its nearest challenger, usually North Dakota, by more than 13%. It typically out-binged the country as a whole by more than 50%.
    The surveys say nearly one in four Wisconsin adults had binged in the previous month, and surveys on drinking often understate the actual numbers.
    To Wisconsinites, binging is no big problem. People here are less likely than the residents of almost any state to view such drinking as risky. And truth be told, the government’s threshold for binging is low enough – five drinks for a man or four for a woman over an unspecified period – that a binge drinker could remain well within the legal limit for driving.”
    You guys look so dumb….

  42. OK, another drunk driver who shouldn’t ever be allowed behind the wheel again.
    But what’s really the point of posting this? To embarrass his more famous football coach dad?
    Why doesn’t PFT instead create a “special page” to track all the drunk driving arrests by NFL players — and the eventual legal and/or NFL/team-imposed sanctions?
    Talk about a good opportunity to create something that might SHAME these players (not to mention the League itself, to crack down on it) … and who knows, you could give props to MADD or other groups to draw further attention to the problem.
    PFT could really become an “agent of change” versus just a bully pulpit which reprints (selectively) links to other’s actual editorial work.

  43. We Viking fans now have a good excuse for not winning the SB this year…Chili’s son was a distraction…
    Oh wait. AD fumbles too much. Jared Allen’s mullet. That’s 3 excuses. Might as well blame it on the love boat scandal and the whizzinator too…make it 5 good excuses.

  44. Chilly’s son DUI. . .how does that distract?
    TUBA$$ Jolly with his codeine-coke. . .dope addict. . .uhm. . .TUBA$$ actually on an NFL roster. I’d be worried about yourselves puker dopes. Becuause you and the Jets are worst two teams in the playoffs. . .one-and-done. 9-7 team with a 11-5 record. Pretty good QB. . .really low IQ drunken fans

  45. FootballlPhil says:
    “Childress checking out Shiancoe’s package in the locker room,”

    What? I haven’t heard of this. That is a serious allegation that needs to be confirmed or denied.

  46. Now Chilly will have to use that Escalade to chauffeur his son around.
    Favre: “Shotgun!”

  47. Maybe we can read about Vox’s kids getting a DUI one day. Don’t hold your breath though PFTers as you have to have sex with a women in order to conceive you just can’t look at a computer monitor and pray.

  48. Hey Pervy, you freakin’ douchebag…if you’re going to post something, at least have it make some type of sense, you in-bred taint. You are such a dipshit loser moron. Your comments make John Herrera from the Raiders seem like both a real man, and smart man.

  49. Dumbasses. At 24 is Brad really supposed to control his kid? Can’t blame him for his dumb sons DUIS.

  50. I am Chilly’s biggest critic but even I agree, this sort of story has no place on PFT. Anybody with kids can tell you that no matter what you do, they will make their own decisions and have to live with the consequences.
    But there is a point to made that if your father was a cross dresser, there is a higher probability that you would drink to excess. just saying.

  51. FootballPhil says:
    January 8, 2010 9:22 AM
    Moss hitting meter maids, Koren Robinson playing real life Grand Theft Auto, love boat scandal, Williams brothers on steroids, McKinnie brawling outside of a Miami nightclub, Darrion Scott domestic assault, Childress checking out Shiancoe’s package in the locker room, Childress in drag, now Childress’ son DUI = LOSER FRANCHISE
    Nothing beats taking a dump on a fresh load of laundry like “dookie” Davenport did.
    What a pathetic franchise to draft the mad shitter.
    Wasn’t he traded for a #2? no. I don’t mean draft pick either.

  52. “Maybe we can read about Vox’s kids getting a DUI one day.”
    Maybe we’ll read about the Eagirls winning the Super Bowl one day. Don’t hold your breath… it’s the Eagirls.

  53. I’d drink a lot too if I looked and the bearded bald freak and realize that is what I am going to look like in 30 years

  54. Klink’s kid is 24 , an adult, and responsible for his own actions. Only dumbass cheesers suddenly emboldened by their media-darling “dark horse” “up-and-coming” team are moronic enough to equate the acts of a relative of a team member to the quality of a franchise.
    Yet, you’ve got to wonder what NFL coaching does to the coaches kids given their coaching time commitment. Dungy’s kid kills himself, Reid’s kids are druggies, Chilly’s kid is a drunk. There’s probably more too.

  55. The whole of the state of Wisconsin is known for drunken foolishness. So I don’t want to read anything from a Packer fan about this considering Green Bay is in a mess of a state.
    Arizona sports talk has woke up to what type of people most Packer fans are. Cardinal fans hate you now Packer fanbase. I hope the Cards kick your ass all over the field Sunday.
    FootbalPhil = Packer ball washer

  56. “And Wisconsin drivers involved in fatal crashes are significantly more likely to be drunk than are drivers across the country.
    To keep things in perspective, the problem has eased over the last three decades both here and nationwide – because of a host of reasons, including relatively fewer young adults.
    But Wisconsin lags the national trend.
    Across the country, drunken-driving deaths are down about one-third from the early 1980s. In Wisconsin, they’re down 20%.
    Had Wisconsin merely kept pace with the U.S. pattern, nearly 250 lives would have been saved over the last five years.”
    I go to (UW) Madison, and we get people from out of state; they don’t know how to drink at all,” Chelsea Krueger, 21, of Suamico said while tailgating at a Packers playoff game in January.
    “A lot of people just pride themselves on thinking, OK, we’re from Wisconsin, we’ve got to (uphold) that reputation,” said Shane Lamb, a 19-year-old Madison Area Technical College student drinking in a driveway at the Mifflin Street Block Party in May.
    what a bunch of morons…….

  57. Seriously, why the heck is this news on this site….I can’t stand Childress, but this is nothing that I either care about or needed to know….lets stick to football, OK??!!! I feel like I’m reading the Enquirer or some other lousy piece of tabloid gossip & trash…..I gotta admit, sometimes the Media just plain SUCKS at it’s job & this is one of those cases…..if things keep going this way, it probably won’t be long until until they stop catagorizing the news altogether or we’ll next be hearing about how some coaches wife or son just had succesful hemroid surgery on here….

  58. Percy – nice one, never seen that
    Here is another newsbreaker for all the packer fans making fun of the vikings franchise for the coach’s son DUI:
    Nearly a dozen drunken hunters arrested in Wis.
    MADISON, Wis. – Authorities arrested nearly a dozen drunken hunters during Wisconsin’s November gun deer hunt.
    A state Department of Natural Resources report says 11 people were arrested for going armed while intoxicated in the field during the nine-day season.
    Five of them had been arrested for at least one alcohol-related offense in the past. One of them had multiple arrests for driving under the influence of an intoxicant.
    Hypocrits maybe?!?! lol

  59. @DeVoodoo
    Now Chilly will have to use that Escalade to chauffeur his son around.
    Favre: “Shotgun!”

  60. As a Vikings fan I despise Childress and everything he stands for. But you can’t hang this on him. Twice in 12 months? Get the kid some help.
    A non-football story.

  61. Typical desperate Packer fans. Can’t beat the Vikings on the field so they have to chime in on something completely irrelevant to the games themselves.

  62. 2 of them now Pervy_Harvin-oops I mean “chilly’s son”? I s’pose that’s why you’ve posted about this 3-5 times already. Not having a license is a bitch, now you’ll have to walk to the ice shanty. Gonna be a cold couple months. Hope you’re stocked up on Budweiser and Brandy.

  63. Honestly! The Vikings beat writers don’t even mention this on Access Vikings…Non story Florio! Your bias against the Vikings is getting ridiculous. Stick to the football news and leave your opinions OUT!

  64. Yea…good point purpleguy. I bet most of these assclowns would’ve loved ragging on the fact that Dungy’s kid killed himself if he were coaching the vikings at the time.
    Guys get over yourselves….you aren’t REALLY part of your team. Your team’s win/loss record means nothing to your place in society.

  65. If you look at the dirty laundry of any team, you will find just as much.
    If you looked at the Packers dirty laundry a few years back, it would have been nothing but skid marks and piles and piles of poop.
    Good ol’ dookie!

  66. rooski443 says: January 8, 2010 8:57 AM
    Good thing he didnt get caught with those pills Johnny Jolley gave him! Now that guys a loser!
    It looks like you are the real loser. Who is Johnny Jolley? Are you perhaps referring to Johnny Jolly? Please tell me what pills he has ever been caught with or arrested for? I’ll make it easy for you. You can’t. He was never arrested with any pills. When you can’t even get your facts straight and you spout off, you just look like an idiot. I’m sure you’re used to it.

  67. Being from Central Minnesota, and having some fairly close friends that originated in wisconsin, I can tell you folks that drinking around these parts is a VERY normal thing, hell, its a neccesity. when you’ve got air temps (not windchills) consistently below zero (-20 tonight, no BS) you need something to keep warm damnit, especially if you are driving and you can’t give the car time to warm up because parking is enforced overnight.
    I would imagine that 95% of the readers on here that have attended a NFL game have, at some point in their lives in the last 5 years, been “legally intoxicated”. ffs, its only about 3 or 4 beers before you are over .08 anyway. The kid got popped once before, cops had that info when they ran his plates, and figured it was late at night so why not pull him over again? Chilly is in NO WAY responsible for what his 24 year old kid does, if thats the case then shouldn’t Florio’s parents be thrown in jail for their offenses?

  68. Pervy_Harvin says:
    January 8, 2010 9:39 AM
    I just realized I’m a a douche. I am to Packer fans what Bob Nelson and Jimmy Smith are to Viking fans. I’m embarassed.
    Well said.

  69. sand0 says:
    January 8, 2010 9:50 AM
    Packers fans on the verge of a playoff game spend their time on a meaningless “vikings related” post while we are on a bye.
    Typical. I’m pretty sure Packers fans would take a loss this weekend if it somehow meant the Vikes would lose first round. You know, like hypothetically and all that.
    You’re absolutely right. We need to get to practice. Come on, guys! Let’s get to practice! Coach is gonna kill us.

  70. Come on Packer Fans I agree the Coaches 24 year old son driving drunk doesn’t reflect at all on the Vikings.
    I really dislike the Vikings their players coaches and fans but that assertion is ridiculous.
    That said I think daddy has the right guy for being a chauffeur for any past present or future douche bag prima donna player he happens to need for his team.
    Remember Bretteney Adrian Jared and Percy BUCKLE UP

  71. the kid’s 24. he’s responsible for his own actions. many players in the league are the same age. they too, are responsible for their own actions…
    and i love love how the hypocrite packers fans chime in. koren robinson, anyone??
    …and calling jared out is stupid, also. the guy hasn’t had a single issue since he arrived. he won’t even have a beer during the jared allen show at baja soul cantina.

  72. zygi milf says: January 8, 2010 9:44 AM
    Jared Allen has zero DUI’s as a Viking.
    Kyle Childress has nothing to do with the Vikings.
    What a loser comment.
    What a loser commenter.
    So does this mean that if I had 2 DUI’s and move to a different state it makes them automatically disappear? Your comment is even more dumb!

  73. Sounds like Chilly should spend less time driving Favre around and spend more time chauffeuring his son around

  74. This is legitimate football news as much as it could distract the coach. Two DUI’s in a year is very serious, this kid has a problem if one didn’t scare him semi-straight. But this is nothing like the Andy Reid situation, where a court officer found a house full of drugs in reach of minor children. That is shocking and I have a hard time with Reid not taking a year off. Having grown up in Wisconsin I know how much alchohol is part of the culture. When I moved to California a co-worker warned me about partying, “Be careful, don’t get caught driving, you’ll get a DWI.” And I looked at him perplexed and said “You get a ticket for that here?” This isn’t something to go homer over, it’s a young man with a big problem and his dad is a national figure. If you drive drunk the other people on the road aren’t the only ones that suffer.

  75. Mike are you saying the Vikes can’t win now? DAMN can’t believe Chilly’s son cost the vikings a chance at the superbowl… guess we’ll just have to let SD have it… Damn DUI

  76. Pervy_Harvin says:
    I just realized I’m a a douche. I am to Packer fans what Bob Nelson and Jimmy Smith are to Viking fans. I’m embarassed.
    Halleluya, there IS a God!!!!!!
    We’ve been telling you this all season long, and NOW you have a revelation?

  77. @AD4MVP
    What’s worse about that “drunken WI hunters get DUI” story is that any one of them could easily be a GB season ticket holder, and thus an “owner” of the Packers.
    Uh oh, scandal! Packers owners arrested for being drunk while hunting – can we say “distraction”??

  78. I thought this was a football news website…
    Last time I checked, Brad Childress’ son isn’t an employee or player for any NFL franchise.
    So why is it being reported here?

  79. Yo! Young Chilli – What’s in YOUR wallet?
    Coulda used those bucks to help tidwad Viking fans pay for their new stadium. Pay Up Purple!!!

  80. What team is footballphil a fan of? Whoever is winning at the time. Notice he says who he isn’t a fan of, expects people to defend their team, yet won’t state his allegiance? Everyone knows you are a fool, and we can add bottom-feeding, bandwagon troll to the list. I never questioned your originality (unless you are l_b_s…which would explain alot), merely your integrity (or the largely apparent lack thereof).
    In response to your bridge comment, I expected nothing less from you. Thank you for proving once & for all how classless you are. I don’t need to defend my team, but I feel that pointing out how useless you are takes precedent. Thanks for playing along. You may now return to being an asshat, crawl back under your rock & die.

  81. Srsly… he won’t spend any time in jail other than prior to making bail. $1000 fine. lost license for a year and a trip to alkie class, that’s about all.
    Childress (if he’s as smart as he makes himself out to be) might just be able to spin this experience as a positive example for his team.
    See you in Miami, Vikes!

  82. Richm2256,LBPACKFAN,last starfighter,Emoney, Fire Ted,Supersuckers,AR12isBetter says:
    What will a collective covenant of Packer fags like us do come next Monday morning?When the Packer season is over. Still bother Viking threads out of jealousy because they are still in the race?? Just sayin’

  83. Good point cusoman! This could be a widespread scandal! What percentage of packer “stock holders” have DUI’s? Now that is a story I would be interested in!

  84. …in related news Mike Mcarthy’s son’s goldfish took a swan drive out of the bowl and into the cat’s mouth, the senior Mcarthy had no idea why the goldfish would do this so close playoff weekend
    …Bobby Joe Robinson, whose dad is Joe Bob Robinson, cousin to Dale Hallera whose kin to Tammy Sue Fisher, who use to run around with Mary Jane Anderson, whose now married to Joshua Anderson (no relation, apprently) who once got into a bar fight with Danny Cooper whose dad is Dan Cooper who once did a plumbing job for Steve Baxter whose son knows someone who know’s someone whose brother knows someone who knows Wade Phillips…ANYWAY…Bobby Joe got a paper cut on his middle finger and that little sh!t has a funny way of showing that cut to everyone, you shoudl see it…it’s hilarious

  85. I’m sorry I blast off at the mouth sometimes Packer fans. I’m just a little insecure. Can you blame me?

  86. What exactly do the “moderators” on this site DO anyways? If you let crap through like Phil’s post, you are pretty much worthless around here.

  87. Note to the idiot making posts as me; That is my gig. come up with your own brand fool!

  88. No doubt the cheese heads would rather see child molestation instead of DUI’s Does Chamura come to mind???????????
    Get a life

  89. I hate the Vikings more than anything. That said, I probably drove drunk 1000 times when I was the kid’s age and didn’t get caught. Smart enough to call a cab now.
    Come on, Pack fans. Don’t act holier than thou. You gotta live your life and have a few beers. Wisconsinites know it better than anyone and shouldn’t be throwin’ stones.
    Now for the real question. Which WI beer do I go with for the game on Sunday? Seasonal Leinie’s? Rush River Amber? Spotted Cow? Or do I just man up and say PBR me ASAP.

  90. FootballPhil says:
    January 8, 2010 1:08 PM
    The Hormel Row of Fame says: January 8, 2010 12:36 PM
    “crawl under your rock & die”
    I thought it was those people in Minneapolis that fell under that bridge and died?
    You need to be banned. What kind of a piece of shit keep saying shit like this?
    You think it’s funny when people die?
    This is a football site to talk trash and you are going to use it as an avenue to make fun of innocent people who died?
    I hope you smoke several turds in hell for your callous thoughts.

  91. Thank you, moderators, for taking care of Phil, that was ridiculous… much appreciated!

  92. To the obviously former Marine calling us non-Marines pussies, I forcefully say
    go screw yourself. My son-in-law is a Marine. I know second hand what it takes to pass Boot Camp, and I also know that a huge number of Marines cry when they graduate. It’s a major accomplishment, asshole. And if you were standing in front of me, I’d say the same thing. Even if you ARE a Marine. In uniform. With a weapon. I’d make you prove yourself as better than me, asshole.
    And, like so many posters here, you’re just spitting urine, you’re NOT a Marine, I’d own you. And I’m a dentist.

  93. PBR is the greatest beer ever made.
    *Just seeing if they will actually post any of my posts anymore. Sorry guys, proceed.

  94. Ruvell100- Spotted Cow all the way! My brother brings that to me from WI, sweet stuff. I love to slam drinks,that is why Iwould never bash Chilly about his son. And like you bud, I drove many times when younger under the juice(many times a total understatement!) LOL
    You bashers are tools. You probably still use cash to pay for gas don’t you? Losers!

  95. Pervy,
    Thank you for making your prediction. The Green Bay packers players, fans, and staff appreciate it!! Keep up your lousy prognastications please! 87 percent wrong and counting!

  96. Wow! You’ve said it before and you’ll be WRONG again…the packers won’t get past AZ. Even if so, good luck with your 0-2 record Mr. picker. Pack fans…barely worth arguing with.

  97. purple hay-seuss says:
    “And I’m a dentist”.
    I now envision you as Hermeys, the kid that wanted to be a dentist in Rudolph’s cartoons.

  98. “Becuause you and the Jets are worst two teams in the playoffs. . .one-and-done. 9-7 team with a 11-5 record. Pretty good QB. . .really low IQ drunken fans”
    First of all…nice spelling douche bag. Second…remember that karma thing. The Pack and the Jets may be the 2 most dangerous teams in the playoffs. Brett Favre throws 2 TD’s in closing seconds that barely snuck the Vikes victories and you want to talk about teams being lucky or with a bogus record…?
    I’ll take the multitude of national and world wide fans…whoever they are for my team, over those one hit wonder, bandwagon jumpers with pony tails who will have nothing more than the Lions had with Barry Sanders once Mr. Flip-Flop pulls the pin after he’s bounced next week. Cowpokes, drunks, whatever you want to call us over here. We’ve got rings and trophies for our team. You’ve got Swedish fish, trendy gay bars in the Twin Cities, ice fishing, and at one time, a legend who couldn’t even run the right way the stinking ball. Sit down and and let your melon thaw out.

  99. Hey MasterShake,
    I have a really adorable Christmas (NOT ‘HOLIDAY’) ornament of that guy. He’s my personal mascot. I even look like him, except for being much more studly. Just ask my wife. Everyone thinks dentists are geeks or pot-bellied rich guys. I’m neither, hence my challenge to the prick that called non-Marines pussies yesterday.
    Notice there was no reply from the nimrod to my post….

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