Conflicting reports emerge on whether Frazier will interview with Seahawks

On Friday afternoon, multiple reports emerged that Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will not interview with the Seahawks for a job that, by all appearances, will go to Pete Carroll.

On Friday evening, it was reported that Frazier will interview for the job.

Now, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the process is up in the air.  Per Schefter, Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke is in Minnesota, hoping to interview Frazier.  Per Schefter, Frazier has yet to make up his mind, and he wants to see whether Seattle is willing to give him serious consideration before sitting for the job.

As we understood things earlier in the evening, Frazier planned to proceed because he realized that any tentative arrangements with Carroll could fall through.  It’s possible that Frazier has since decided amid reports that Carroll is close to striking a deal that Frazier has no chance of getting the job.

If an interview is going to occur, it needs to happen soon.  The window of opportunity for interviewing assistant coaches on teams who have earned a bye is the expiration of the bye week.  If the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Saturday night, Minnesota’s bye week essentially will be over, since the Vikings will know the identity of their opponent for the divisional round.

18 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge on whether Frazier will interview with Seahawks

  1. Leslie Frazier is “the coach” that this team REALLY needs.
    Frazier can do the job, and do it well!

  2. Frazier has the leverage now. He should publicly state that he is focusing on his current teams playoff ambitions and not his own personal ambitions to be a head coach. He could stick it to Seattle if it is truly a Rooney rule interview and also make him look like a team guy instead of a selfish prick. (not saying he is a selfish prick)

  3. Under the Rooney Rule, If a team interviews a candidate which is black and hires him without interviewing a white candidate, is the team in violation of any rule? To make this rule fair for all candidates, this rule amendment should be adopted.
    I was always in favor of hiring the guy “THE TEAM” wants regardless of race.
    Just a way for the Rooney’s to force their way on the league.
    Yes, I am a Browns fan and I can talk bad about the Steelers because just like Florio “MY MOM SAID I CAN”

  4. According to Adam Schefter, Seahawks also are gonna try and interview Ron Rivera. he’s of puerto rican descent, so he should satisfy the rooney rule.

  5. The “Rooney Rule” should be null and void if anyone declines the interview. But I guess that would make this too obvious.

  6. Hey Boo3legs How many Super Bowl Trophies do the Cleveland Steamers have???? Enough said. Maybe the Rooney’s know something about winning…………

  7. Leslie Frazier is a quality candidate for a coaching job. The Vikings should interview him. The Rooney rule is a discriminatory rule that wastes the time of minority candidates.

  8. Frazier has the best defensive players in the league yet the defense remains inconsistent and weak. Why would seattle want him over a proven successful program builder like Carroll?

  9. Call Gary Coleman. When he says, “What you talkin’ bout,” just hang up. Problem solved.

  10. I think you’re onto something there, BOO3LEGS. Even better, to be truly just, the Rooney Rule should be changed so that at least one candidate from each of the following racial/ethnic categories must be interviewed and receive equally serious consideration:
    Black/African American
    American Indian
    Alaska Native
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
    At least one representative from each race and/or ethnic group including Semitic, Arabic, Turkish, White Russian, Amish, Tex-Mex, Australian aborigine, West Virginia hillbilly, California Valley Girl, Pitcairn Islander, subcontinental Indian non-casted/Untouchable, Japanese Ainu, artifically constructed clone, silicon-based life form/artificial intelligence, etc., not otherwise naturally included in one or more of the above categories.
    One mixed race, multi-racial, or inter-racial candidate from each of the races and ethnic groups listed above.
    After all, fair is fair.

  11. No mention of the Rooney Rule? I hope our posts didn’t get to you yesterday Florio. : )

  12. As a Vikings fan its hard to see our team play musical D-coordinator. It sure would be nice to get one and keep him longer than 1 year or 2. The teams with the most success are the teams that can keep their coaching staff(s) in place. Look at Coach Moore and Mudd in Indianapolis. Or Andy Reid and Jim Johnson in Philli, ext.ext.ext.

  13. Why not interview Andy Reid?? It looks as though he’s eaten at least one of each of the above?

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