Heckert expected to join the Browns soon

In a move that won’t surprise many, Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert is expected to soon join the Browns in the same role.  Per multiple reports, Heckert interviewed for the job earlier this week.

The move, on the surface, is a bit surprising.  Since Holmgren has final say in Cleveland, final say can’t be given to Heckert, and thus the Eagles can block the move.

But the Eagles are willing to let Heckert walk.  By all appearances, they’d let Heckert leave even before the team’s season ends, assuming the Eagles beat the Cowboys on Saturday night.

Making the stance less curious is the reality that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie recommended Heckert to the Falcons two years ago for the G.M. job.

Last year, Heckert was a candidate to be hired by the Browns for the same position.  The thinking was that he’d get the job as part of a package deal including then-Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as head coach.

Though the Heckert has never been on the hot seat in Philly, there’s a perception that the team has a few too many chefs, given the ascension of Howie Roseman to the position of V.P. of player personnel, which caused many to believe that Roseman is the true No. 2 behind coach Andy Reid.  So it makes sense for the Eagles to thin out the front office a bit, which explains why Lurie recommended Heckert to the Falcons in 2008.

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  1. Lurie wants his top ass kisser ( OK, the top one is still Joe Banner) Howie Roseman to be the next GM. The problem with that is that he was brought to Philly to be one of the salary cap bean counter types along with Banner; he’s not a football guy, so kiss all the good personnel decisions the Eagles used to make in the draft and free agency goodbye. I’ve been a diehard Eagles fan all my life, but that front office is just impossible to root for.

  2. Just think… there are some people who are actually excited to work for the Cleveland Browns! It boggles the mind.

  3. I’m not that familiar with Heckert, but I can’t see how this could possibly be anything less than a great hire for the Browns.

  4. They interviewed Will Lewis from Seattle today to meet the Rooney Rule. There also expected to hire Lewis for the Pro Personnel Director positioon.

  5. As a Browns fan, we’ll happily take him. Since returning to the NFL in 1999, the Browns have never had a fully staffed, conventional front office organizational structure – especially not with experienced hands from winning franchises, Win-win !

  6. >>>[Roseman]’s not a football guy, so kiss all the good personnel decisions the Eagles used to make in the draft and free agency goodbye

  7. The Eagles have never been a team to hold onto coaches or front office officials when they can benefit more greatly in another system. Look at all the position coaches and coordinators that have gone on to become coordinators with more responsibility or head coaches. The Eagles want their staff members to succeed as much as they can and to be as happy as they can. It’s no surprise that the Eagles would recommend Heckert to a team where he can play a more integral role in the team’s direction. He plays almost no role as the General Manager for the Eagles with Andy Reid making the personnel decisions.

  8. Florio, Did you talk to anyone close to the situation about this before ass-uming stupidity? Let me break it down for you. Heckert worked well for the eagles. He basically sifts through the players and gives them to Andy to choose from. Roseman works close to Prez. Joe Banner on contract situations. The only way Heckert leaves the birds if he gets personnel power or more power than he has now. Heckert is highly valued by the Eagles and will not go anywhere without getting a better deal than he has now.

  9. Everyone knows Andy is the defacto “GM” in Philly.
    His loss on paper should hurt the Eagles in terms of drafting/scouting, but it’s Andy who was/is/always has been making the final decisions anyway.
    If the Eagles can “block” the move because he wouldn’t have full control in Cleveland (and let’s be honest he won’t, this is a pretty well a lateral move for Heckert), I think it would be smart to retain him if possible. It’s the little things that make the machine work, and for every Parcells, every Jimmy Johnson – there are many working behind the scenes who deserve just as much credit.
    Best wishes to Heckert and his future.

  10. Wait – lemme get this striaight. Paragraph one begins by saying:
    “In a move that won’t surprise many, Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert is expected to soon join the Browns in the same role.”
    Paragraph two then begins with:
    “The move, on the surface, is a bit surprising. ”
    After all this, I’m not a bit “surprised.” Only “confused.”

  11. @eaglealan64: No doubt that Andy Reid has the final word all personnel decisons, but he gets good football info from which to make those decisions from Heckert. There’s no chance he’ll get that from Roseman, he simply doesn’t have the football background.@ the coop and wryly1: take it from an Eagles fan…Heckert will do a very good job for you guys, better than anyone has done in Cleveland in a very long time.

  12. Top tier President.. Check
    Solid GM.. Check
    Continuity at the head coaching position… Check
    Going into the off-season with solid momentum… Check
    Beating Pissburgh… Check.
    I’m sick of reading all the garbage about the Browns on here. This organization has done all the right things this off-season and is on the verge of being a success. I can’t wait till all you Browns haters look stupid. (Including Florio.)

  13. Well, if they got rid of some of those few too many “chefs” in Philly, maybe Donovan could lose some weight.
    Just a thought…..

  14. # BrownsBigshot says: January 8, 2010 5:34 PM
    Top tier President.. Check
    Solid GM.. Check
    Continuity at the head coaching position… Check
    Going into the off-season with solid momentum… Check
    Beating Pissburgh… Check.
    I’m sick of reading all the garbage about the Browns on here. This organization has done all the right things this off-season and is on the verge of being a success. I can’t wait till all you Browns haters look stupid. (Including Florio.)
    “this team… is on the verge… of success.”
    When have I heard that before about the Browns?
    Oh, that’s right, MY ENTIRE LIFE.
    I’m a Chargers fan, and we make fun of the Raiders for being horrible, but atleast they have been good at various times in my lifetime. The aptly named “Browns” have been shit since the 50’s.

  15. “Top tier President.. Check
    Solid GM.. Check
    Continuity at the head coaching position… Check
    Going into the off-season with solid momentum… Check
    Beating Pissburgh… Check.
    I’m sick of reading all the garbage about the Browns on here. This organization has done all the right things this off-season and is on the verge of being a success. I can’t wait till all you Browns haters look stupid. (Including Florio.)”
    I guess this doesnt take into account them offering a low ball salary to their best player which will drive him out of town. Great way to start the offseason. How about the fact that they give Oakland a run for the worst QB situation in the league? This team is horrendous. they have one solid young RB on offense and thats about it. Defense is bottom tier as well. They will be rebuilding for a long time

  16. “In a move that won’t surprise many, Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert is expected to soon join the Browns in the same role.”
    Expected by WHOM? You?
    You expected Mangini to get fired too.
    Maybe you should go into weather forecasting?

  17. Brownies are finally getting it right. It’s about time, it’s been 11 seasons from hell already!

  18. Here’s hoping that the Browns have got the right formula for success. Say what you want Florio, and Brown’s bashers, Holmgren brings credibility that this franchise has never had.
    Heckert and Lewis if hired would help solidify the organizational structure.
    Once this is done, get the Cribbs situation settled too.
    And then Florio could find another team to constantly bash.

  19. dlmcc0909,
    Get a clue and some facts before you spout off dipwad. Cribbs CANT go anywhere, he’s under contract for the next 3 years still. His public posturing is stupid, he forces Holmgren and whomever his GM will be to not look like they are caving to Cribbs’ demands. Not to mention there’s still 9 months before the season starts. Get your head out of Florio’s and Rome’s asses and know something before you open your rotten stink-filled piehole jackass. You’re a moron.

  20. DrBob,
    Don’t know how old you are, but please call it a day on being an Eagles fan. You are the worst kind of fan….an ignorant one. How can any fan not like our front office? They spend more money (actual dollars spent they are second over the last ten years) and do more for the community (Eagles eye mobile, breast cancer awareness donations, animal cruelty fund) than almost all other franchises in the league. On top of this, they actually take character into account when drafting players and going after free agents. Hence the reason you rarely see any Eagles getting into trouble or even acting like an idiot. (Spare me the Vick arguement, it just supports my claim that our front office is full of good people who understand what life is all about).
    For you to say anything negative about our front office is just plain dumb. Oh, and they produce a winning football team too. So, go jump on the Browns bandwagon or maybe the Redskins front office would be more to your liking? Raiders? Cowboys? Bengals? They are all full of class!

  21. @Indyeagle- Couldnt agree more. This Eagle’s regime is one of the best, yet somehow most under-appreciated in all professional sports. Yes, I understand we haven’t won the Super Bowl, but other than the Patriots & Colts, name me another organization that you’d rather be a fan of. Oh, and I’m sure I speak for Indyeagle when I say please refrain from the tired “kool aid” remarks about us.

  22. Indyeagle: I don’t know if you’re an Eagles fan that lives in Indianapolis or what, but I’m an Eagles fan that lives in Philadelphia. Yes, the football operation is well run, yes, the team wins, but that doesn’t mean the fans have to respect a guy like Jeff Lurie or his sidekick Joe Banner . Wake up , dude….You’re the one that’s ignorant… The measure of a man is how he treats the people around him that aren’t his peers, those that have everyday jobs , doing everyday tasks. I personally know people that have worked in that organization from other doctors, to members of the security staff. Not one ever had a kind thing to say about either guy, in fact, ‘no comment’ was the most positive thing I heard. They have fired employees for reasons ranging from the contents of a facebook page to an employees wife being a hit and run driver. There is a woman currently suing them because she was dismissed when her battle with cancer made her a liability in the PR department. A former salesman sued them several years ago for wrongful discharge, and won a substantial amount from a jury, only to have the verdict overturned by a judge. They have continually distanced themselves from the fans with silly PR disasters ( Lurie wrote his dissertation in public policy, by the way) ranging from not allowing hoagies into the Linc, to not accepting credit cards for ticket purchases. Only when the media reacted in a way that embarrased the team , did they finally relent on those issues. Since you asked , I’m 48, I’ve been watching the Eagles since the early 70’s, I have no doubt that the last 10 years are the some of the best in the teams history. That doesn’t mean I blindly accept everything the front office does as correct or decent, because they’re not the Browns or Lions. Now let’s look at some of those charities they support. I will say there is no bad time to give a poor child reading glasses, nor to donate to cancer research. I will say that the animal cruelty donations followed the period that marked a large media and fan reaction to the signing of Mike Vick. If you guessed I was against the signing, wrong again, he did his time, Roger Goodell lifted his suspension, if they thought it would help the football team, fine. But it ( the donations) didn’t come from some warm place in Lurie’s heart; it was an attempt at damage control. Even the new “Flight Night” ( you remember that, it was the night Stew Bradley’s season ended) was an attempt to distance themselves from the old carnival, you know the one where the fans actually got to interact with the players. If you go to a game at the Linc, note the reaction when either Lurie or Banner are introduced. Are we all ignorant?? Yes, I root like hell for this coach and his players ( not everyone is completely on board with Reid and McNabb , but I am) , but I don’t just accept everything the front office does as gospel, just because I’m a fan. If a disconnect between the owner and the fans was created , it is his responsibility to fix it, not thousands of fans. It’s not a love it or leave it kind of thing; fans have the right to expect the team to be good community partners even when the cameras are not rolling. I respect the fact that you are a fellow Eagles fan, but again I’ve also been one for a long time, and don’t know one person who likes or respects this owner. In closing, ask yourself this question: The media has been only too glad to document the treatment of the employees by this team. I didn’t get these stories out of thin air, they all came from news reports by various journalists. You never read similar stories about the Phils, Sixers, or Flyers. The media almost gleefully documents this front offices actions, in one story after another.. Why do you suppose that is?

  23. I respect Heckert for one thing…….Collecting a fat ass paycheck while waiting for a real job….And drbob1117, although i agree somewhat with your incredibly longwinded statement, I’m a life long Eagles fan, my family has had season tickets since the Vet opened, and by no means am I a fan of the Lurie/Banner/Reid trifecta. They act as if they invented football, and PR wise they are a complete nightmare. But the reason it’s so scrutinized is because Philly is a football town, yes the Phils have become a legtimiate sold out nightly perennial playoff team, who didn’t choke and actually won a championship, and my old man and uncles, from whom me and my cousins got our season tickets, would have taken more satisfaction from that, than any SB win, but times have changed. Philly is ruled by how the Eagles perform. In actuality, you actually answered you’re own question. Everything the Eagles do is run over with a fine tooth comb, ask yourself this….Why Hasn’t Ed Snyder, the Roberts and Comcast been raked over the coals for how bad the Flyers and Sixers been for decades? Two once proud organizations who put a pitiful product out, year after year. I agree with the no one likes or respects Lurie,and Banner, I simply can’t stand… but why isn’t it the same for the 0ther teams?

  24. eskinsucks: I’ll try to be brief, it’s just that indy eagles “love it or leave it” philosophy pissed me off. I agree with everything you said, it’s a football town. And Snider should be raked over the coals for the teams lack of success, but you don’t hear about the Flyers and Sixers treating both fans and employees poorly on a regular basis. The Phils have been well run only in the last few years, but have always treated their employees and fans with respect. And I completely agree with you, it boils down to the Eagles owners acting as though they invented football, and they are a PR nightmare. But I will still hope they beat the Cowboys and go all the way to the Super Bowl. If not, we’ll celebrate the ‘Golden’ anniversary without a title next year.

  25. drbob,
    You are close to being right, I live close to Indianapolis and I am an eagles fan. I was born and raised in Philly and have lived in Indy for almost 20 years. I have season tickets to the birds and travel back for most home games. I miss one or two a season.
    As far as your long winded but well thought out post, I still don’t agree. I take back what I said about you being ignorant though. Too many fans listen to the motive driven media in Philly. If you ask me, the media is responsible for 80% of the negative publicity that Philly fans get. The media can’t just support a team, they have to dig up drama. They are to Philly sports what CNBC is to real news. They make the fans believe their b.s. and if it is said enough, it becomes gospel. I didn’t realize it myself until I lived out here long enough to see through it.
    Do yourself a favor and look around. I think you will find that every business has lawsuits, every business has disgruntled employees and every business occasionally treats an employee unfairly. Especially when you employ as many as the Eagles do. The difference is that most business’s don’t have every reporter and the entire city’s fan base interested in their every move.
    If Lurie, Banner, and Reid are so bad, ask yourself this question: Why is it that all the retired players of their era speak so highly of them? I don’t count Hugh Douglass either, he switches his opinion from caller to caller let alone day to day or year to year.

  26. Yeah, the Browns are absolute MORONS for not breaking the bank for a KICK RETURNER. How did that work out for the Bears again..?

  27. @IndyEagle…….You forget to realize…….No one here is a retired player….No one here has ever worked for them……We are just fans, just like you……Do hookers who get tips from johns speak glowingly of them?….Many a retired Eagle adored Leonard Tose, and he pissed away a fortune in the AC casino’s…Died penniless…..Whats’s your point?…..And most eagles fans realize, after hoagiegate,after building a stadium with mostly taxpayers funds and…..oops….forgetting to put water fountains in (but we sell water for 5 bucks a bottle), that it’s just an entity based on our passion…….Sure i hope they kick dallas’s ass……But if you think i’m gonna line up at Lurie’s cash cow cause i and my family been here over 40 years and he has been here but 10 or 12,,,,,,You and Lurie can kiss my ass

  28. bigtrav425 says:
    January 8, 2010 5:06 PM
    Maybe he can convince Holmgren to get rid of Mangina
    Uh, I believe you’re a little late on that one.
    Also, it’s funny- there are so many people who seem positively pissed off that the Browns, for the first time since coming back into the league, seem to be attracting and hiring legit front office people and actually building a future. All you get is assholes screaming things like “The Browns haven’t been good since the 50s.” Never mind the fact that they won the NFL championship (sorry it wasn’t called the “Super Bowl” for 3 more years yet) in 1964, we’re *in* the championship game in ’65, and went to the AFC championship 3 times in the 80s…. but yeah, douchebag up there is right- they haven’t been any good- ever- since the 1950s.
    Is there anyway from banning smartasses- who clearly have no clue what they’re talking about- from making comments on teams they don’t follow?

  29. @Indy eagle: You’ll notice that I was careful not lump Reid with Lurie and Banner, he strikes me as a guy that treats people the right way. As you can see by eskinsux comments, it’s not just media driven controversy. Sure, I agree with you in principle that the Philly media makes everything into a big drama , and I also agree with you on Hugh Douglas, but there’s too much smoke around the organization’s treatment of people for there not to be fire. BTW, players don’t talk ill of them because they are millionaires that mostly report to Reid; I was referring to the people that have everyday jobs in the organization. I think the reason Lurie and Banner never connected with Philly is because they were born with silver spoons, and never had to deal with a boss that was a horses ass; therefore they wouldn’t recognize one, even if they could find him in a mirror.. I’ve been an employer, I’ve had a bad day here and there, but I always try to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. You should ask yourself this: considering the success that this ownership group has had, how did they end up so unpopular? I mean, the media didn’t have an agenda going in, they may have one now, but if they do (or the fans do), as I said before it’s the clubs responsbility to fix it.

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