Ayers fined for Jamaal Charles body slam

A reader asked us last night to obtain an explanation for the NFL’s failure to fine Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers for his Turkey Joe Jones move on Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles in Week 17.

As it turns out, no explanation is needed; Ayers was fined.

Per NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, the league slapped Ayers with a $5,000 sanction for unnecessary roughness.

The hit can be seen at roughly 1:15 of the NFL.com highlight package from the Chiefs’ upset of the Broncos.

21 responses to “Ayers fined for Jamaal Charles body slam

  1. Who? Did what?
    That guy was a total ghost on our team this year. I guess the transition to LB is tough for a DE but he must surely be labeled a disappointment at this point.

  2. It’s disturbing to me that someone on the Chiefs O-Line isn’t still beatin that F’n Hog Farmers ass!

  3. I don’t like these fines a bit.
    If a defender has the RB wrapped up but he refuses to go down and the officials don’t blow the whistle, what the hell are these defenders supposed to do? Stand there holding on for dear life, hoping the ballcarrier doesn’t wriggle out of his grasp?

  4. Something seems amiss when a player is charged just $5,000 for suplexing another player after his forward progress has been stopped. A suplex is a wrestling move, it has no place in football. There is a huge chance for someone to be hurt and I think he should be charged more than 5k. Ochocinco was charged 30k for wearing a poncho and sombrero. Maybe it’s me, but this seems 6x worse than that was, not the other way around. The NFL really needs to add some consistency to the fines they issue.

  5. Hey NFL….how about fining the referees who worked that game? Players are taught to play till the whistle blows & although Jamal Charles forward progress was stalled, Ayers never heard a whistle and took the man down. When the play is over, blow the damn whistle!

  6. Philadelphia defensive end Chris Clemons was also fined $5,000 for his hit on Tony Romo in the fourth quarter Sunday. No penalty. I guess the refs can see Flo twitch but they can’t see Clemons pushing Romo to the ground 5 seconds after the play is over.

  7. $5,000 seems a bit low. Whistle is blowing as he picks him up, he was also in a group of people and wrapped up so not going anywhere.
    Would fine be different if Charles was seriously hurt?
    He lands funny it could lead to a serious head/neck injury.
    Definitely would be higher if he was a QB.
    Agree with the No Fun League and some fines are ridiculous, but they should make an effort to try and at least appear consistent.

  8. That’s the most news Ayers made all season. Dude is on his way to becoming a footnote.
    Nice draft pick there Broncos.

  9. JNDallas—
    absolutely! they barely moved! i really thought a huge fight would break out. what gives? i was thoroughly disappointed in KC’s lack of immature aggression!

  10. JohnNdallas I couldn’t agree more- I think though that if Brian Waters was over there he would’ve went after Ayers….speaking of which, props on your 1st round BUST, MuleFan!

  11. I’m glad it was caught on tape.
    It proves this waste of a first round pick actually dressed for a game.

  12. I’m glad it was caught on tape.
    It proves this waste of a first round pick actually dressed for a game.

  13. Jamaal Charles said this week, he faked being hurt for a minute and didn’t move as to draw a flag. LOL! Love it. Dirty move by a no class team. F the donkeys. Glad we knocked them out of any playoffs hopes.

  14. @zoinks
    I was watching the game live and the whistles were blowing before Ayers slammed Charles. Ayers did it out of frustration and that type of move could seriously injure a player. $5,000 was not enough, especially for an action like that. Hell, players get fined $20k and up for chop blocking under the knees. How bout a neck injurt that could cause paralysis or death?

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