Broncos not letting Shanahan raid coaching staff

As Josh Alper noted in today’s one-liners, the Broncos have told running backs coach Bobby Turner he can’t talk to the Redskins, who would like him to re-join Mike Shanahan in Washington.

The Denver Post has reported that in addition to Turner, Broncos strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten, assistant strength coach Greg Saporta, special-teams assistant Keith Burns and director of football administration Mike Bluem all were longtime Shanahan associates who would likely be sought after by the Redskins. But if the Broncos won’t let Turner go, it stands to reason they wouldn’t let other team employees who are under contract leave, either.

The Broncos’ handling of Turner spotlights the way different teams handle requests to interview their assistants differently.

The Houston Texans, for instance, were willing to allow offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to join his father’s staff in Washington. But when the Texans wanted to interview Titans offensive line coach Mike Munchak to fill Kyle Shanahan’s place, the Titans said no.

When Rod Marinelli left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to become head coach of the Detroit Lions, he wanted to bring his son-in-law, Bucs linebackers coach Joe Barry, with him as Lions defensive coordinator. But the Bucs made Barry honor the final year of his contract.

In Denver, it appears that the Broncos will make their assistants honor their contracts, rather than letting Shanahan raid their staff.

20 responses to “Broncos not letting Shanahan raid coaching staff

  1. Not sure if the Gm or McD makes this call, but it is the right one. For once. Turner IS one of the best in the league. This year was the O-line’s fault–not the backs.
    Still, I think Moreno needs to put on some pounds.

  2. Good for the Broncos. I’d like to see SOMEONE, ANYONE held to their contracts in this league. Plus, there’s a good likelihood that Pat Bowlen has been very good to them over the years.

  3. Okay Denver,
    two years from now when you fire McDaniels and hire some retread, you ought to not allow him to raid other coaching staffs as well. What goes around comes around. If an assistant is offered a job that’s a step up in rank, the team should do the right thing and allow it. That’s how denver got its coach.

  4. Forgive me, Im slow, but whats stopping the coaches from resigning and taking the job in DC anyway??

  5. No reason to not let relatives go, performance would likely decline out of spite if they stayed. Friends or former colleagues should be treated differently though.

  6. This is why a team should always $hitcan the entire staff when a coach is fired. Keeping people the players are familiar with is good, and not sending a dozen guys out to look for work is a noble idea. But when the fired HC gets a new gig, where else is he going to start looking for a staff, and how grateful are those people that they weren’t fired when the HC was? You think loyalty is a two way street?

  7. There are ways to acquire coaches under contract, even if it is nothing more than sheer manipulation. As long as it’s considered a promotion, any team can get an assitant. I expect Turner to end up here. I think Shanny was just going through the motions as to being friendly about it and since McDaniels wants to be a baby about it then its time to turn up the heat. Shanny did say he will not settle for anyone but the best at their position. Why would he let a little technicality stop him from that when he can offer him running backs/offensive assistant position and get away with it. I dont expect him to sit back and be like “oh darn well we tried who’s next on the list?” No way. Turner will be here. not surprised that the Broncos denied permission though. Seems like there might be some animosity still there. McDaniels won’t be in Denver too much longer

  8. Too late. Gary Kubiak has already raided the Broncos’ coaching staff. And front office. And playbook.

  9. Forcing a guy to stay with a team when he doesn’t want to be there?
    That’s like tying your girlfriend up in the basement after she tries to break up with you.

  10. The Broncos are showing faith in their coaching staff. These coaches understand the system Josh is trying to instill and are valuable. If Denver brings in new coaches expect another mediocre season in 2010. If the system doesn’t work next year, then let some of the coaches.

  11. disappointing move by the Broncos…Bobby has given them loyal service since 1995…off the radar of fans & press he is one of the best position coaches in the NFL
    McDaniels came in & is trying to install his run game philosophy & I am not sure how that meshes with Turner’s ideas
    if Bobby wants to interveiw with the Redskins they should let him as well as Dennison or other Shanny holdovers…cant recall the Broncos ever denying coaches a chance to interveiw elsewhere
    they should show a little appreciation & respect

  12. The way the Broncos finished this season, letting all these coaches go may not be such a bad thing.

  13. scott30va says:
    January 9, 2010 11:12 AM
    Forgive me, Im slow, but whats stopping the coaches from resigning and taking the job in DC anyway??
    I believe that if a coach resigns, he has to sit out under his contract ends because the team still owns the contract. Just like when a player retires.

  14. Why should Denver let a staff go that’s under contract? Why should they let one of the best rb coaches in the league go period? You assume it would be a step up but it could be lateral. So basically you think Starfighter that a team should weaken itself to “do the right thing” as you put it? I’m glad you don’t run the Broncos then.

  15. I can understand the position taken by Denver. When they fired Shanahan they did not also fire the coaches who are still on the Denver staff and are the targets of Shanahan now that he is the head coach of the Redskins. Denver could have canned these coaches last year, but they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t want to be stuck paying off the rest of their contracts, maybe they are good coaches or maybe the new head coach wanted to keep them on staff? Whatever the reason, Denver kept the coaches on the staff and continued to pay them. They are apparently under contract and they can’t just up and quit.
    On the side of the coaches who are being targeted by Shanahan, they probably see the possibility of rejoining the man they previously worked for and they may be in line for a salary increase and a longer term left on their contracts than the one year they have remaining. But, Denver stuck by them last year and did not fire them, right?
    In a perfect world, assistant coaches would be allowed to interview and take positions with other teams if they were getting a promotion. Such as running backs coach to offensive coordinator. But, if you tried to do something like this you would have some organizations trying to game the system. Some team would have an “assistant” offensive coordinator, “assistant” head coach in charge of running backs or some other nonsense.
    So, in the end, the assistant coaches are total pawns and will take whatever job they are lucky enough to get. Maybe some teams can play the game correctly and refuse to allow their assistant coaches to interview with other teams when they have been refused the right to interview another teams assistants. Sort of like a black listing of teams that refuse to allow assistants to interview, especially when it is for a better position.

  16. Well if the SKINS really want Bobby they can promote him to Running Game coordinator/Assistant head coach of offense. I’m sure they could do this and it would be within the rules/guidelines of getting permission for a lateral move to a coordinator from a RB coach. Josh McDaniels should have known that keeping a coaching staff from a prior regime for a coach as popular as shanny should have prompted him to fire all of them. Shanny will find a way around this.

  17. Iin the Buccaneers’ defense, they had been raided in both the coaching staff and front office for a lot of guys over the previous seasons and were reeling that year due to having to replace so many coaches.
    They lost fro the defensive coaching staff:
    DB Coach Herm Edwards for HC position with Jets
    LB Coach Lovie Smith for DC position with Rams
    DB Coach Mike Tomlin for DC position with Vikings
    DL Coach Rod Marinelli for HC position with Lions
    Front office execs that left to become GMs or high-ranking front office men::
    Ruston Webster to Personnel Director Atanta then Seattle
    Rich McKay to GM Atlanta (forced out)
    Jerry Angelo to GM Chicago
    Tim Ruskell to GM Seattle
    I think it is pretty safe to say that the Bucs were raided of much of their best coaching and front office talent. After their talent left, it’s easy to see the damage it caused the franchise (3-13 record).
    And for the record, Joe Barry was so upset about not being able to work with his father-in-law, that he came back to the Bucs this season.

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