Fisher in the mix for USC job

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams said this week that Jeff Fisher would remain the team’s head coach. But now that Pete Carroll appears set to vacate the job at Fisher’s alma mater, USC, things could be changing.

We noted when Adams said Fisher would stay that Adams might actually be hoping someone comes along and offers to take Fisher away without Adams having to pay off the remainder of Fisher’s contract. Could the Trojans be that “someone”?

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that USC athletic director Mike Garrett tried to hire Fisher before he hired Carroll in 2001, and that Garrett could turn to Fisher again now.

Schefter also reports that Adams might be receptive to letting Fisher go.

Fisher’s children are grown, and he may be looking for new opportunities. The USC opening may be the right opportunity to make the league’s longest-tenured head coach head elsewhere.

21 responses to “Fisher in the mix for USC job

  1. Not likely he’ll sign an extension with Titans, might as well take a cushy USC job.
    He has become too complacent in Tennessee.

  2. cue the “Bill Cowher to the Titans” rumors…
    The Titans would be a perfect fit for what Cowher wants. Tennessee has strong loyalty to their coaches, it’s close to his home in Raleigh, and they have a budding young Quarterback.

  3. I’ve always liked Fisher, even though I’m a huge Steelers fan. I admire the way he runs his team, the way he handles himself with the media. If he goes to USC, heck, I might even become a Trojans fan.

  4. I would take that USC job if I was any NFL coach that didn’t make the playoffs. That is a great job with a great team that plays in a mediocre conference.
    That’s a recipe for longetivity.

  5. Could? Could?
    Garrett COULD turn to me. Or Oprah Winfrey. Or Kim Jong Il. Or the Pope. Or Dwight Schrute. Or Tom Brokaw. Or Fat Albert. Or…

  6. anytime the owner suggest to play a certain player (VY) and it turns out to be a season changing move, that doesn’t bode well for the coach!

  7. Jeff Fisher going to USC would be a great pick up for USC. He is a much better coach than Pete Carroll ever was and if “Little Debbie” Saban can make it in College football, just think what a successful NFL head coach could do!
    The only thing I would be very wary of if I was Fisher would be the rumors swirling around that USC is under investigation. If this is true, he would be in a tough spot with future recruiting. Absent that this would be a dream job for any head coach. Great weather, very willing recruits and a huge base from which to recruit (California), a fairly weak conference, a very high salary, and no salary cap for your players – you can pay them as much as you can get away with…… Just ask Pete Carroll how much he has spent the last few years.

  8. Fisher would be the perfect fit for USC and would instantly keep the recruits and also land some more 5 star defensive players because everyone knows Fisher knows his defense and he’ll lead them to the promised land (NFL). He’s a known leader and has the balls and USC blood to continue leading this program with lots of success.
    For those who lack the football knowledge to call out the PAC 10 and say it’s weak you are forgetting they have been among the best teams in bowls games the last 5 years although they struggled this year. Every team in the PAC 10 should be competitive next year except Washington State. USC, Oregon, Washington, Oregon State, Arizona, Stanford, UCLA, CAL, and Arizona State should all challenge for bowl games next season as all these teams will be returning several players and have depth. And unlike some other conferences (Big Ten among them) the PAC 10 schedules quality non-conference opponents each year.
    In fact this year the Big Ten finally looked OK against teams from most conferences that were struggling with younger players. This year there was too much parity and not enough dominance from the normal teams like USC, Michigan, Oklahoma, Miami, and Florida State.

  9. Is it strange that just days after the ruling in the Bush court case that Carroll and McKnight both left the school?
    They can both not cooperate with the investigation and Carroll won’t be around for any consequences from the Bush cash grab.
    I wonder also if USC has to go farther down the list than they normally would because of what might happen.

  10. Makes ALOT, ALOT of sense….
    Hoping he does leave…Fisher, Polian Dungy et al have ruined the NFL w/petty assed rules which make officials more important than players….That 5 yard rule is horrible

  11. Fisher has been rumored in taking so many jobs because he’s such a good coach. Whatever the Titans record has been this last decade, count 2 of those wins completely on Fisher’s ability to squeeze the most out of his players.

  12. The only two NFL head coaches to voluntarily resign for college gigs are Bobby Petrino and Nick Saban, right? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
    With Fisher being the elder statesman of coaches in the NFL and his influence on the game as a whole (Competition Committee), it’s really hard to believe that he’d step down to coach at the collegiate level. If he’s run out of Nashville, another NFL team would snap him up.

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