Larry Johnson among Bengals inactives

The Larry Johnson signing in Cincinnati got a lot of headlines, but the intent was always for L.J. to be the team’s fourth running back when everyone was healthy.

With Cedric Benson and Bernard Scott at full strength for Saturday’s wild card game, Johnson was among the team’s eight inactives.

Also out for Cincinnati: Fui Vakapuna, Tom Nelson, Darius Hill, Jonathan Luigs, Jerome Simpson, and Orien Harris. Jordan Palmer is the team’s third quarterback.

Nelson was listed as questionable with a knee injury.

14 responses to “Larry Johnson among Bengals inactives

  1. Not sure if I agree with this. It’s about winning, meaning your best players should be playing. LJ is better than their 3rd back at least.

  2. It doesnt matter. Chadley has shot of his mouth once again.
    Nice. Keep firing the Jets up Chadley. Jets fans love you. Revis is going to sift you.
    Amazing. The arrogant continue to get worse.
    Bengals have no chance of a win today.
    Bengal ownership needs to get rid of this vermin known as OnchoArroganto
    Jets 34 Bengals 13
    This is not a shot a long suffereing Bengal fans who are great.

  3. No LJ?
    If this game somehow comes down to a contest involving spitting on women the Bengals are in deep trouble.

  4. LJ to DC.
    Shanahan knows what a motivated LJ can do since the latter gashed the Broncos when it counted.

  5. Everyone in KC so glad to see the cancer gone. I heard L.J. texted Jamaal Charles some smart ass remark about him fumbling. Charles rushed for 1100 yards in 9 starts behind the
    same line that L.J. averaged 2.7 yards per carry behind.
    Just shows you what a washed up woman-spitting dog he is.
    L.J.’s got 2 million at age 30. At age 40 he’ll be coaching high
    school football somehwere to pay the bills.
    Inactive for the playoffs baby! Like you said to the KC fans,
    “you can’t stop my paycheck” thats true but we can watch the
    playoffs at home….JUST LIKE YOU. You done son. Reap it!

  6. Zimmy , You couldn`t be more right about LJ. The dude is a wanabee hip-hop star asshole…Now sit onthe bench LJ cause thats were you belong…

  7. After next year he will be out of the league. Within 5 years you will hear that he is completely broke. What a P.O.S.

  8. Au contraire – every one is KC is NOT happy to see Larry Johnson gone.
    I’m not a fan of the man, but as a RB he has not 1 but the two best single season rushing seasons in KC franchise history. He ‘was’ thence and once upon a what charles portends more so ‘pretends’ now: young, fast & unstoppable. That was 230 lb. LJ.
    His place was taken by a soon to be discovered hal-season flash-in-the-pan twig of a RB by the name of jamaal (gesundheuit) charles, who will be snapped like a twig in 2010 when he tries – unsuccessfully my opine (all 199 lbs. , more like 189) of him – to play RB for an entire season.
    Cue Poco’s “Pickin’ Up The Pieces’ midway through the 2010 season, KC.
    jamaal got dunked on his head by the Broncos & that is but a preview of things to come next year. jamaal ‘don’t call me ray” charles will get broken & burnt out faster than Lou Saban changed jobs.

  9. au contraire douche….you must not live in KC. I know thousands of people in town and NOT ONE OF THEM misses LJ. I wouldn’t be surprised if LJ wrote the remark as he likes to go at it with fans eg…twitter.
    LJ…you ran behind the finest line in the NFL at the time.
    I’d say it was Denver who got dinked by Jamaal Charles when he toasted them for 259 yards on the ground on only 25 carries.
    10.2 yards per carry.
    No one in KC misses LJ as a person OR a player. If he had any gas left he wouldn’t be inactive today. Period.

  10. Without question LJ is missed
    – gesundheit, labia majora…
    “…you must not live in KC.”
    – do & have since 1959…
    “I know thousands of people in town and NOT ONE OF THEM misses LJ.”
    – I know thousands of people in town and ALL OF THEM miss LJ…
    “No one in KC misses LJ as a person OR a player.”
    – everyone in KC misses LJ… deal with it
    “If he had any gas left he wouldn’t be inactive today. Period.”
    – he averaged almost 4 1/2 yards per carry and he ran over KC LB Demorrio Williams when the teams played…Williams is still removing cleat marks from his face.
    LJ > > jabba charles. Period.

  11. Continuing…
    jabba charles will get snapped like a twig in 2010 when he tries – unsuccessfully – to stay in 1 piece through a 5 month season – 20 (but no more than that #) games as my chiefs be going nowhere post season but home again for the Holidays – a KC tradition.
    jabba gets hurt once or twice EVERY game that he plays: whether via getting dunked on his head, his (one) trick (pony) shoulder popping out or a gentle 10 mph breeze wafting through the stadium. And, when he doesn’t get hurt, he’s busy fumbling the ball away to the other team.
    jabba also had 2 new/better starters late-season on the KC line, came in fresh unlike Johnson, and hadn’t had over 1400 carries in his career- or 416 in a single one – an NFL record.
    charles is joe delaney without delaney’s speed or toughness: a mirage who will fade into memory soon enough.
    Like I said, charles will be broken and abused in 2010… on IR by game 10 at the latest my opine.

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