Lynch's agent calls new charges "false and entirely malicious"

In response to allegations that Bills running back Marshawn Lynch took $20 from a woman at a Buffalo-area TGI Friday’s, Lynch’s agent has taken aim at the woman’s husband, a Buffalo police officer.

“Based upon information we’ve received, these allegations against Marshawn are false and entirely malicious,” Doug Hendrickson told us vial e-mail.  Hendrickson also calls the claim “slanderous,” and he contends that Crawford is a “racist rogue cop.”

“This guy is very dangerous and the citizens of Buffalo should be scared that this guy is on the force,” Hendrickson said.

(Doug, please feel free to be candid.)

Keep in mind that these are Hendrickson’s allegations.  We’ll be looking into the matter further, and we’ll be providing updates as events warrant.

18 responses to “Lynch's agent calls new charges "false and entirely malicious"

  1. Very simple answer here; there was at least one witness to the “alleged” incident. Get her statement, and those of anyone at the nearby tables as well as the staff.
    If Lynch truly did take the woman’s twenty and refused to give it back, his agent is in serious trouble, litigiously speaking, for his comments about the husband/cop. Yet he has the nerve to use the word “slanderous”? Does HE realize exactly his client is? No boy scout there.
    Not a real smart idea trashing a police officer, doesn’t make the public feel warm and fuzzy about Marshawn.

  2. “Hey, THAT’S not the wallet inspector!” Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, early 1990’s

  3. “Rascist Rogue Cop” would be a great action flick. Write the script around the title.
    Hendrickson, you just screwed your client.

  4. I suggest that everyone actually go to the original story in the Buffalo News, there’s more to this story, and none of it is good for Lynch.
    Lynch knew neither of the ladies, and took the $20 out of the hand of the Sgt.’s wife when her friend was away from the table. When the friend came back and asked Lynch for the $20, dude THREATENED her!!!!
    After the husband/Sgt. went to that town’s Police Dept. to file the report, Lynch told the Bill’s security that these women were his “friends”! And before people take Lynch’s side, you should know that a few days later, a letter arrived from the Police Dept. in the town where the report was filed, with a $20 bill inside, supposedly from either Lynch or his loud-mouthed agent.
    One would think that this agent would benefit greatly from an attitude adjustment regarding insulting a woman, her husband, and a police officer; perhaps in the form of a damn good beating. He would no doubt show a bit more verbal restraint from that process.

  5. What was Denny’s closed… of all the great places to eat and drink in Buffalo we the hell is a millionaire eating TGIF?

  6. Racist rogue cop?!?!
    I am sure in some way, he then is responsible for the racist Rooney Rule.

  7. 1st its the Juice killing 2 people, then Thurmals a drunk, then Travis Henry and the 15 year old at the gas station, then Willis and Toronto and now this guy…..

  8. sounds like the cop knew who the troublemaker was!
    just a matter of time before osamabama calls him stupid… then has to conduct another beer summit!

  9. He prowls the fast food establishments of Buffalo, looking for his next victim. Tonight on Fox: Joe Don Baker stars in ‘Racist Rogue Cop.’

  10. Oh sure, the claim against Lynch is “slanderous,” but calling some guy you never heard of until a day ago a “racist rogue cop” is OK…

  11. Lynch has a history going way back when as a criminal. He’s a loser and needs to be out of the NFL!

  12. This guy should be looking into who his wife is sleeping with instead of who is taking $20 from her.

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