Report: Carroll agrees to coach Seahawks

Pete Carroll leaving USC to coach the Seattle Seahawks appears to be a done deal.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Carroll has agreed on a deal to take the job. According to Schefter, the only hangup is that the Seahawks can’t make the hiring official until they comply with the Rooney Rule by interviewing a minority candidate.

Of course, at this point, if the Seahawks do interview a minority candidate solely to comply with the Rooney Rule, they would be making a complete mockery of the Rooney Rule.

Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has reportedly decided to sit for an interview after being assured that Carroll doesn’t have the job yet. Perhaps after reading Schefter’s report, Frazier will change his mind.

46 responses to “Report: Carroll agrees to coach Seahawks

  1. Come on Frazier, why would you believe that nonsense and allow yourself to be a part of the folly?
    You’re doing the minority rule a dis-service by playing along with that. Were you promised you could keep your job in exchange?

  2. Is having someone agree to interview and then decline to interview enough to skirt the rule? And what if they don’t comply with said rule? What is the worse that can happen, since I don’t think Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson will be on their door step the next morning?
    They should take a stand against the Rooney rule. It’s bogus, as black coaches are getting much more respect nowadays. If anything, it’s more of a disservice to people like Leslie Frazier.

  3. The Rooney Rule needs to be thrown out. Its usefulness has long since been rendered obsolete and it is rapidly becoming a mockery anyway. Teams want the best coach they can get to help them win regardless of skin color. There is no need for a sham interview process.

  4. DON’T DO IT PETE!!!!!! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s not for you homey!!! Like I said in the beginning when all this was happening. With college, you can go and recruit guys that fit your program, in the Pro’s you got to do well in the draft and luck up with rookie free agents!
    Okay, so where and when do we begin taking bets on what college Pete Carroll is going to land at after he fails in Seattle? I say he heads to the SEC this go round, Ole Miss would take him, they would take him in a heart beat another possibility would be Kentucky, maybe!?
    BUt Ole Miss alumni would bankrupt their rainey day fund to land Carroll.

  5. Shame on Leslie Frazeir for not cooperating with the Seahawk’s efforts to make a mockery out of a stupid ass rule!
    I think we should make Florio send out an invitation to a minority guest every time he wants to have gathering at his house — even if all he wants to do is to invite a couple of his white friends over to watch a game. Oh wait — i can’t complete the invite until Mr. Minority and I discuss the merits of my invite offer.

  6. Carroll should stay at USC… He isn’t a Pro coach…
    Besides, no cute young Co-Eds in the Pros

  7. Damn!
    The Redskins were winning the offseason. Now this. Look for the Skins to raise the stakes. I hear Shanny is interested in hiring Dick Cheney as Defensive Coordinator. Your move, Seahawks!

  8. He’ll suck again in the NFL. He also knows that USC has been violating rules and he will leave that program in ruins.
    What a piece of garbage he is.

  9. “if the Seahawks do interview a minority candidate solely to comply with the Rooney Rule, they would be making a complete mockery of the Rooney Rule.”
    In other words, no different than any other Rooney Rule compliance interview.
    They’ve identified the guy they want to hire. I’m going to go out on a limb here that they want him because of his resume, not because he’s white.

  10. Wow way to go Pete Carroll now that USC is on the verge of possible probation for all the rule breaking they did under your watch which means USC Ship is sinking and the captain Pete Carroll is jumping off “LOL” Carroll who is a great college coach, but recruiting and actually coaching in the NFL is two different animals which is 1 off the reason PETE my friend you didn’t do so well in your first two attempts in the NFL we’ll see if third time is the charm since he will get full control, in my opinion Pete Carroll is better suited for college he is just not the type of grinder you need to be in the NFL.

  11. Hope Frazier turns down the Seakittens offer for an interview – what a slap in the face to Frazier or any other minority canditate.

  12. The Rooney Rule is DUMB!! I will bet that if Mike Tomlin were suddenly available and a team fired their coach to get him, nobody would be up in arms if Tomlin was the only candidate interviewed.

  13. Well Seahawks fans, all 14 of you.. Get ready to suck for the next 4 or 5 years. I do no think he will be the next Jimmy Johnson.

  14. A good coach is a good coach is a good coach. It is sad that the color of ones skin is still an issue in 2010. Very sad for our society. It has been 145 since the Civil War ended and we still have to have rules in place to make people do the right thing. Very, very disheartening.

  15. I smell worst hire ever, when you consider the $ and the fact that he’s also team president.
    If I’m a GM I start trading with the ‘Hawks left and right because their draft picks are going to be all top 10 going forward.

  16. They are making a complete mockery of a rule that’s a complete mockery of a system. If someone wants their “Man”, they will only go through the motions with a minority candidate. Their shouldn’t be a Rooney Rule, but rather a Rooney Incentive to interview minorities. Let the NFL Elders decide what THAT incentive would be. That is the only way this “RULE” isn’t made a mockery of.

  17. I don’t like this move at all. They gave Mora just one year to turn around a bad 4-12 football team. What did they expect? Were they listening to Housh’s expectations or something?

  18. What team HASN’T made a mockery of the Rooney Rule in recent history? That rule is a good idea in theory, but in principal it does more harm than good.

  19. Its bad enough Rooney gets away with paying off the ref’s for Fixburgh’s Super Bowl wins, now we have to go thru the motions to abide by a rule that no longer has any relevance.
    Look who is in the White House and come back and tell me that we need to make concessions on hire based hiring.

  20. The pendulum has swung the other way. Black coachs don’t need the Rooney rule. It’s really a mockery of rule now. Black coaches get head coaching jobs now if they are qualified. This insipid pilicy needs to be thrown out. It’s nearing reverse racism in its insipidness.

  21. What is it with you and the Rooney rule ?? First off, any corporation should be able to hire, who they feel, is the best candidate for any job, not just because of a race or religious conviction. And I don’t believe any owner, all of which are/were very good businessmen/women prior to becoming NFL owners, would hire a guy they don’t think would best fit his/her business. Second, while the Rooney rule is still in effect, although it probably has outlived it’s usefulness, interviewing a minority candidate, be it merely a compliance with the rule or an actual honest-to-goodness interview is still complying with the rule. Aside from that, if you were the owner of the Seahawks, who would you rather have just off the face of things…Pete Carroll or Leslie Frazier ?? Or for that matter any other minority candidate ?? There are bigger fish to fry than the outdated Rooney rule…go for those things Mike…

  22. Carrol’s hiring is probably an indication that Eric DeCosta will be the Seahawks new GM. DeCosta and Mark Jackson, who has been with Pete Carroll off and on the past few years, are close.

  23. How long until the Jack Del Rio to USC rumors start???
    if i were USC I would look at Del Rio, he is on the hotseat in Jacksonville and i am SURE he would love to get off of it by leaving to USC.

  24. JimmySmith says:
    Its bad enough Rooney gets away with paying off the ref’s for Fixburgh’s Super Bowl wins, now we have to go thru the motions to abide by a rule that no longer has any relevance.
    Look who is in the White House and come back and tell me that we need to make concessions on hire based hiring.
    That may well be your best post (at least that I’ve read) to date. Could not agree more if I was paid more than the same refs.

  25. Should teams have to draft caucasian players so that the playing field is leveled off regarding ethnicity? No. So who cares if the teams want to hire caucasian coaches over african american. This Rooney Rule is a joke and just as useless as the affirmative action policy. Slavery and oppression ended long ago so why do we need policies that create consequences for organizations that have a particular employee targeted? Get over it people. Equal but separate or separate but equal? I thought we already got past this issue?

  26. There is a reason for every rule or law, whether you agree with the rule/law or not. The only possible reason for the Rooney rule is that the ownership of the NFL are racist. If you are unwilling to accept this as a fact then there is no reason for the rule.

  27. How is it making a mockery of the rule when all the rule is is a dog and pony show….. the fact that EVERYONE acknowledges these requisite interviews are a sham proves this.

  28. why can’t a team pick the coach they want why should the N.F.L have any say in who a team can pick based on color or race.

  29. ninjapleazee says:
    January 9, 2010 9:51 AM
    most overrated coach in football next to charlie weis
    Now I know you know nothing about football…..
    20 seconds from an unprecedented 3 straight National Titles…what coach has done that??

  30. Does Pete (winner of ONE Natl Championship – not TWO – LSU won the “first one”) know that Wash St. and other Pac10 patsies are not on the schedule to pad his won-loss record? And that he will have to play games against “significant” teams that are not in the Big 10? Because looking over his schedule since he has been at USC he never played against any “significant” team that wasn’t in the Big 10 or Pac 10 (and Notre Dame is really a Big 10 team). The one time he did, against TX, he got his ass handed to him.
    I predict an average of 5 wins/yr for the Hawks before he is fired.

  31. Millen had to pay $200,000 in a fine for not complying when he hired Mariucci.
    If the Seahawks are paying Carroll a reported 7 million a year, would an extra $200,000 really hurt that much.

  32. I think minorities have proven worthy of coaching positions in the NFL. Also, the NFL should drop the Rooney Rule applying to head coaching positions, and should solely use it for front office positions.

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