USC recruits can't get assistant coaches on the phone

With all reports pointing toward USC coach Pete Carroll leaving the Trojans and joining the Seahawks, here’s the most tangible piece of evidence suggesting that something is amiss.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, USC’s recruits have been trying unsuccessfully to reach the school’s assistant coaches.

Other schools already have begun contacting players like receiver Kyle Prater and running back Dillon Baxter, who made a verbal commitment (i.e., a non-commitment) to the Trojans as a freshman and has not considered alternative landing spots.

In this regard, keep in mind that even the players who have played the baseball cap version of the shell game are not bound until they sign a letter of intent in early February.  Thus, any players who had planned to go to USC can go elsewhere.

Likewise, USC’s new coach will be able to pursue players who have already given verbal commitments to other programs.

19 responses to “USC recruits can't get assistant coaches on the phone

  1. Saw that on ESPN. Are we really to believe that Adam Schefter is calling around to a bunch of high school players to see if their calls are being returned? Doubtful. I’d really love for someone, anyone to hold these guys accountable for what they report, just once.

  2. Maybe because it was Friday night, Saturday and coaches are at home?
    It is the college off-season, no reason for them to work weekends.

  3. This would be a bad mistake on Pete Carroll’s part. This is one of the top 5 best jobs in college football, and he is giving it away for another shot in the NFL. Perhaps he felt very uncomfortable about the future of USC’s football program.
    In the end I would like to see him be successful at the NFL level cause Pete Carroll seems to be a great guy. With that said, I see him being removed as head coach after about 3 years, and returning to the college ranks in a head coaching position of an average team. Ala Butch Davis.

  4. Daggert,
    I dont see why you have to pick on Adam Schefter here, if any sports media was held accountable for everything they said, they may be less accurate than a weather man.

  5. No, Schefter probably isn’t talking to HS kids. But I’m sure he can read a Rival’s Recruiting article and regurgitate it as his own.

  6. WTH is Carroll thinking??
    Seattle is where NFL coaching careers go to die!
    some of his USC team would give the Seahawks a run for their money

  7. Kyle Prater starts classes at SC next week and leaving the Amry AA game heading to LosAngeles. So I doubt any coaches would be calling him at this point, and if they did that it would do any good.
    (certainly other recruits might be open to change their mind but Prater is not one of them)

  8. @Daggert-
    Or it could be the recruits are calling ESPN with the news. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

  9. If you listened to Adam Schefter, Bob Stoops would be at Notre Dame right now. These “insiders” are like weathermen.

  10. How do you know that someone at Scoutsinc didn’t talk to them first? Obviously there is no way Schefter did, but it isn’t like he is the only person at ESPN with a telephone.

  11. Carrol is going to bail because the NCAA isn’t going to keep turning their heads forever.

  12. it would be smart of mike garrett to move QUICKLY, and let carroll go, and move quickly on a new HC, so their recruiting doesn’t suffer… interesting that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of angst about carroll leaving USC, more a feeling of WHAT IS SEATTLE THINKING??? IMAGINE your Bill Belichecks AGENT, Carroll GOT FIRED by the Pats, and REPLACED by Bellicheck, …IF Carroll can get 7 million a year, what’s Bellicheck worth?

  13. Carroll is going to the NFL because he is competitive guy that wants to compete at the highest level. College is great, but if you are competitive as most coaches, you go to the top. Just like high school coaches would want to be at the college level…

  14. I think being a college coach would wear thin after a while just like anything else. Time to try something new. He’s done everything he can do at USC.

  15. JJCheesehead, I’m not really picking on Shefter. I think of all of the talking heads on tv, he’s one of the better ones. But I don’t think that just because they are on tv that they should go completely unchecked. Would a reporter just allow a politician to say something so ridiculous without verifying? Probably not. I get the weatherman thing, and you are right. I just think the storyline to begin with was stupid and insulting to the audience. Don’t expect anything to change though.

  16. Carroll is probably interested in leaving USC for thee reasons:
    1) Possible ongoing investigation of USC. It would be a much bigger deal if he were still the coach. Leave before probation, loss of scholarships, slap on the wrist?
    2) Money. He can probably make more money as a head coach in Washington. Also Washington State has NO state income tax. In California, Carroll is subject to over 10% income tax at the top of his bracket. Ten percent is a lot of money. I wonder if Jeff Fisher checked on how much his taxes will go up once he leaves the no earned income tax state of Tennessee?
    3) Perception. This is probably the biggest reason. Carroll will always be known as the coach who could not get it done in the NFL if he stays at USC. He probably has more money than he will ever spend in his life, but it probably ticks him off a little that he is known as a great college coach, but a “failed” NFL head coach. On a side note, Nick Saban is also a failed NFL head coach, but he doesn’t give a damned about that, he just wants his money – the Little Debbie Satan!!

  17. If Carroll is running away from USC, maybe it is because he knows more about the possible investigation of USC and what may be found out from the investigation.
    I wonder if those recruits will be all that hot to go to USC if they land on probation and can’t play in any Bowl games, assuming they are even bowl eligible.

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