Amazingly, Packers knot it up

Now that we’re with NBC, we try not to take potshots at folks who work for other networks.

That said, is there anything regarding the sport of football that excites Joe Buck?

Buck is calling one of the most memorable postseason games in league history, and he’s acting for the most part like it’s inning five of a Saturday afternoon baseball game between the Blue Jays and the White Sox.

The Packers have completed a 21-point comeback, evening the score in Arizona at 38 all with enough time for each team to score another 14 each.

It has been an amazing game, and if whoever wins it has any energy left, they might keep putting up pinball scores unless and until an opponent is able to come up with more points.

And to prove our point regarding Buck, watch the rest of the game and then click this link when it’s over.

Look, Buck is smooth and he has a great TV voice and he’s funny at times and he doesn’t say stupid things.  But he conveys little or no passion for football and we think FOX should hire to be its lead play-by-play man for the NFL someone who can convey via words the thrill that true fans of the sport feel when watching a truly great game.

PFT Planet, feel free to agree with me or to call me an idiot.  As long as you have passion about it, I don’t mind.

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  1. I totally agree, Florio. I think Joe Buck is the worst football announcer in the game, and he always covers the biggest games! Pairing him with Aikman doesn’t help either as both of them have monotone, unemotional voices.

  2. Oh, and the last f–king thing we need is Joe Buck to turn up the rhetoric louder, which seems to be what you want.

  3. The Joe Buck mystery continues….how he’s working as an announcer, go figure. Oh right he’s the son of another “famous” announcer.

  4. Joe Buck calling the Eli to Tyree catch is terrible. He definitely acts like it was just any old catch.

  5. Don’t be mad because he’s not getting overly excited that you have a chance to go 1-3 for the weekend. Looks like both of these teams left their defenses at home. The Saints are licking their chops.

  6. I agree completely. My question is why Gus Johnson isn’t on any of the network’s “first teams” and is regulated to the crap regular season games. Then again, maybe Gus Johnson is the only thing that can make a Browns/Bills game exciting.

  7. Looks like a pinball game with whomever has the ball last will be the winner. Spectacular catches on both sides. Buck and Aikman, two of the most understated (=boring) announcers going. At lease Fox is for once not concentrating on the fans or the cheerleaders, its on the field. Amazing game.

  8. I like my announcers to be dispassionate, but that’s merely a personal opinion.
    Also, is this the most points scored in a playoff game? I did a quick bit of digging, and the most I found was 79 in the ’82 playoffs game between the Chargers and the Dolphins. We’re already at 83 points here.

  9. “But he conveys little or no passion for football and we think FOX should hire to be its lead play-by-play man for the NFL someone who can convey via words the thrill that true fans of the sport feel when watching a truly great game.”
    Bob Costas doesn’t give much of a flip about football either.

  10. I agree. Joe Buck sucks and he’s taking away from this game. I’ve seen Greg Jennings make two of the best catches all year, Larry Fitzgerald an equally athletic catch, and one of the best executed onside kicks that anyone will ever see… but from the sound him this dude, none of this happened.
    That, and he never really seems to correctly appropriate praise/criticism… a receiver runs a great route and the quarterback makes an equally great read, and the ‘defense can’t stop anybody,’ but a broken coverage garners praise for the offense.

  11. I agree totally.
    I haven’t liked Buck calling football games ever since I heard him say he was more of a “baseball” guy than than a football guy. I want to hear a “FOOTBALL” guy while I’m watching FOOTBALL!!!
    Let him stick to baseball where he belongs!

  12. aikman’s a bad ass, though. love his contributions. too bad his old team’s up for a disappointment!

  13. this Buck doesnt have the same passion the Great Mr Buck had for his sport, baseball.
    Young Buck is a flatliner.
    Aikman would be better as well with a passionate ‘football guy’

  14. The crew that called the Jets game was terrible. Your old buddy Joey Sunshine was his typical self…and I respect Joe Gibbs but he doesn’t call the game well and his voice is like nails on a chalk board. Horrible.

  15. Bob Costas doesn’t give much of a flip about football either.
    well said………….Bob Costas will tell you somehow how this relates to Mickey Mantle, in some way shape or form and how he so much adored that old copper roof in in Yankees stadium….As if i want to hear his childhood memories for the 200th time……

  16. At least we aren’t subjected to Moose and Goose. Their useless inane banter ruins even a boring game.
    Hell, FOX will probably cut away from this game for the 20th anniversary of the Simpsons

  17. Why can’t Artie Lange join him in the booth? Or at least on the field like Siragusa…

  18. Hit the wrong button…as I said G.B. wins the toss, and the way the defensless have been playing on both sides it’s advantage G.B.

  19. I’m so glad someone else feels this way, in the off seasonthey need to watch film of an NBC or CBS game, and see what big league football looks like…

  20. Give Florio a break. He’s probably not allowed to talk about the utter trainwreck that was Hammond/Theismann/Gibbs… and he is right about the fact that Joe Buck sounds like an accountant calling the company picnic… 🙂
    Then again, you could make the argument that the NFL succeeds on television despite its announcers… how many really entertaining ones are there? And would it matter, since most of us are talking over them anyway?
    OK, I mean, yes, it’s fun when Gus Johnson goes nuts just like we would in a bar… but otherwise, are we even listening anymore?

  21. Quote:
    Sec19Row53 says:
    January 10, 2010 7:38 PM
    If the Pack scores to make it 45-44, they need to go for two for the win.
    end quote
    I called it.

  22. Florio, you are an idiot.
    With that out of the way,
    That was one hell of a playoff game! How can that channel allow such lack of passion for a game? He (Suck, I mean Buck) fits fine with baseball becaue it is basically boring. When you can’t ride the waves of emotion during a football game as an announcer, you’re out of your “league”.

  23. Are you phlucking serious ?
    NBC has Chris ” bore my a$$ to death” Collinsworth so you’re not in a position to call out anyone. I’d rather have my junk chewed off by a rabid one toothed rat than listen to Collinsworth.

  24. “Why can’t Artie Lange join him in the booth?”
    Because he’s still in the hospital after attempting suicide last week.

  25. Buck has a great voice, but man does he lack the vocal passion when calling game-breaking moments.
    He could learn from Gus Johnson:

  26. One of the more astute comments you’ve made, Florio. Buck’s lack of passion for football is clearly evident. Although I wouldn’t agree that he doesn’t say stupid things.

  27. Yeah Buck isn’t the most excitable person. He isn’t bad. Aikman is useless as a commentator. I will say that I would take this team over the Hammond/Theismann/Gibbs team any day of the week. They were horrible. Funny how you didn’t mention how horrible they were Florio. Shocking.
    I do love the suggestion of Gus Johnson being on a #1 team. He’s great.

  28. The only thing i have ever heard joe buck get excited about was bashing randy moss for his faux mooning of the packers fans which was great and he ruined it – jerk!

  29. Thats awesome because I was just talking with my housemates about how big of a douche announcer joe buck is, and then laughed about his picture on wikipedia.

  30. EskinSux says:
    January 10, 2010 7:37 PM
    Troy Aikmen exicites Joe Buck…….and Vice Versa
    And they take long hot showers together

  31. Pat Summerall also had an understated style and no one seemed to be complaining about him. I dont get the Buck bashing that mainly is isolated to blogs like this. He’s the best in the business right now especially since Michaels is losing his fastball. Gus Johnson is a disgrace to announcing, he’s half a step above Stuart Scott. Enthusiasm doesnt equal quality people.

  32. I can’t stand Buck and his lack of passion paired with his sense of entitlement. I’ll never forget how sad he was when Randy Moss pretended to moon the Lambeau crowd… which I thought was hilarious.
    Too bad you can’t rip the NBC broadcast y the bengals game on here.. that commentary was bush league.
    I would much rather watch a game and listen to field mics instead of announcers if that were possible, hook that up with NBC Florio.

  33. Joe Buck lacks passion for football? Eh, whatever you say. Maybe you’re right. Prolly. Er not, I dunno. Oooh, Desperate Housewives is on, Orson’s gonna get back at Bree, can’t wait! What were you saying Mike?

  34. Florio, Buck is the best at what he does. And for that reason, you look to knock him down. Too many broadcasters get waaaay too excited. Buck is smooth, accurate and brings a big game feel to the broadcast.
    Maybe Gus Johnson is more for you.

  35. buck is one of the best football AND baseball announcers!
    you should worry more about getting olbermann off of the nbc football nights!

  36. Vox it’s ironic that you criticize Rodgers for not winning a playoff game when your QB Romo finally won his first playoff game.
    Florio, Rewatch Superbowl 42 and listen to Buck during Tyree’s helmet catch. It was one of the biggest plays in SB history and Buck sounded like it was a routine fly in a regular season baseball game.

  37. “Vox it’s ironic that you criticize Rodgers for not winning a playoff game when your QB Romo finally won his first playoff game.”
    Why is it ironic? Romo has won a playoff game. Rodgers hasn’t. In fact Rodgers served his only playoff game up on a platter to the other team.
    Don’t tell me that Romo is going to be held to different standards than Rodgers TOO.

  38. Joe Buck is terrible, but that crew yesterday with Joey Sunshine was even worse, and that is saying something!

  39. This is Rodgers second year starting and he is already among the best QB’s in the league. Put him on the Cowboys and they would win the superbowl.
    Romo finally received some criticism this season after being held to different standards for years. Every year the media made excuses for him. My hats off to him though because he has played well since the Giants embarassed him in the home opener.

  40. Al Michaels is a living legend, not the best comparison.
    Collinsworth is getting better, but still not very good, he is lucky to work with Michaels.
    Fox pre-game show is best around, Buck and Aikman are just a notch above Gruden the knob slobberer and the crew of ESPN.
    With that said Costas is a cocky douchebag, Dungy doesn’t show much emotion or intelligence in studio. Sound was fading in and out for both NBC playoff games yesterday for some reason, thought it was NFL Network for a minute with the amateur quality.
    Harrison is nice, Olbermann is too polarizing for a sports show.

  41. I believe this is less about Buck and more about diverting attention from that Joey Sunshine, Joe Gibbs booth that was horrible on NBC.
    And wasn’t it Florio who just 2 short years ago was clowning on the number of people on Football Night in America? Now that your part of the circus, its OK isn’t it.
    Leave Buck alone, he’s better than alot of options.

  42. You’re an idiot, Florio, but you’re right on this one. Joe Buck sucks. He should be back to baseball where I’ll never have to hear his voice again.

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