Authorities undermine claim against Lynch

On Saturday, the Buffalo News reported that the wife of a Buffalo police officer claims that Bills running back Marshawn Lynch stole $20 from her in a Hamburg, New York TGI Friday’s, and that a complaint to that effect was made to authorities.

In response, Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, called the charges “false and entirely malicious,” and Hendrickson called the alleged victim’s husband a “racist rogue cop.”

Now, WGR 550 in Buffalo reports that the Town of Hamburg has denied via a statement that any such complaint was made.

“The facts reported in the January 9th edition of The Buffalo News regarding an incident between Marshawn Lynch and Mrs. Crawford are not consistent with those conveyed to our department by Mrs. Crawford,” the statement reads.  “The Town of Hamburg Police has received no complaint from anyone directly involved.

“Respecting Mrs. Crawford’s wishes, our agency will continue to decline further comment on the specifics of the situation.”

For now, then, it looks like Hendrickson’s position possibly has plenty of merit.  Stay tuned.

20 responses to “Authorities undermine claim against Lynch

  1. Way to pull out the race card right away….every time a minority is arrested or a complaint is made this is the crap that is spewed…..WHAT A JOKE!! Instead waiting to find out if the story is true (especially from the reliable media in the USA) you pounce on the race card!!??AMAZING!

  2. all this for 20 bucks…..really?…….If you need 20 bucks that bad…….I’ll give it to ya……Christ

  3. Either a complaint was made, or it wasn’t. It’s that simple.
    Somebody is lying, either the Crawfords, or the Hamburg Police Dept.

  4. “For now, then, it looks like Hendrickson’s position possibly has plenty of merit.”
    Haha – gimme a break. Marshawn is done in Buffalo, and rightly so…

  5. Doug Hendrickson is a fine man and one hell of an agent. He has done an admirable job exposing this racist witch hunt as Crawford aims to take down one of the classiest, best looking, most well-mannered players in the NFL.
    Marshawn is a saint.

  6. Wait just a damn minute here!!!!
    In the Jan. 9th issue of the Buffalo News, there is this tidbit:
    “After hearing what happened, Crawford said he went the next day to the Hamburg Police Department and filed a complaint against Lynch.
    Hamburg police declined to comment but confirmed that Crawford made a complaint.”
    So, at one point, the Hamburg Police Dept. CONFIRMED that the husband – Sgt. Crawford – did in fact make a complaint.
    Now, one day later, they’re saying “”The Town of Hamburg Police has received no complaint from anyone directly involved.”
    What they’re actually saying here is that neither of the two ladies filed a complaint, only the husband of the “victim”?
    They’re telling the truth, on the one hand they confirm that a complaint was filed by Sgt. Crawford, on the other hand they’re saying that the didn’t receive a complaint directly from a “victim”.
    So the clear issue is that they won’t act on a complaint unless it comes directly from the victim, so she’d better get down to the Police Station or make Marshawn Lynch look like the “victim” here, which he very probably isn’t.
    Put your cards on the table, Mrs. Crawford. Put this clown where he ought to be.

  7. @ballhawk1
    I love Florio-bashing as much as the next guy, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him who played the race card. Take a deep breath…… relax……. and re-read the story.

  8. If you’re looking for a “joke” I’d go with the guy who jumps to the discredited side of the argument.

  9. xacvol, YOU might call that “eating” but don’t presume to speak for the rest of us 😉

  10. Yeah Skeeter….everyone who doesn’t blindly scream racist is a racist. Right. You’re a real genius. I have a feeling you pretty much think every person is a racist. Douche bag.

  11. Poor Skeeter. Brought up from birth to scream racism about everything. Mommy raised YOU right! LMAO Moron.

  12. I wonder what happened first, the lawyer charges that were never filed or the racist claims?
    Dat be Race-ist!

  13. @HereThere… I was never brought up to screm about racism, nor did I ever suggest that everyone who doesn’t blindly scream racist is a racist.
    I don’t blindly scream racism, but I also don’t blindly scream “race card.” Most people I know who do are racist.
    And judging your reaction to my observation, I’d say I struck a nerve. Must have hit fairly close to home, which with you I’m guessing is a trailer park. Go brush your tooth.
    @ beetlejuice… I’ll try my best to freshen up my act. For starters, I think I’ll take on a new username borrowed from a 20 year old movie.

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