Frazier is the "clubhouse leader" in Buffalo

During Saturday afternoon’s special playoff edition of Football Night In America, Peter King pointed out that Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier’s recent interview with the Bills has made him the “clubhouse leader” for the job.

As King pointed out, however, plenty of golfers remain on the course.

In our view, there could be a second round of interviews at some point, given that the Bills seem to be intent on considering a wide array of folks, if efforts to woo Bill Cowher come up empty.  If Frazier is a finalist, however, the Bills would have to wait until Minnesota’s season ends, which could happen in as soon as one week or in as many as four.

11 responses to “Frazier is the "clubhouse leader" in Buffalo

  1. He’s the ONLY guy they’ve interviewed other than Perry Fewel! What the hell kind of analysis is this by Peter King. If you’re the only guy in the race, you get first and last place.

  2. You idiots in the National Media are driving us nuts. Fewell is all but in as the DC in Chicago and Frazier is the only other candidate than Cowher and NONE of you seem to be able to nail him down on a simple yes or no. PFT do you damn job and report something original, people in Buffalo are fed up with this incompetence.

  3. If they hire this guy it will be another BUST for the Buffalo Bills, the first thing Buffalo has to do is start at the top, Nix is no GM, we hire a marketing man not a football guy at CEO, we need Ralph to sell this team before any more damage can be done………………………

  4. Bills nation will go Ballistic if Frazier is the Bills next head coach.
    The Bills need a complete change from top to bottom. That does not mean bringing in a Cover 2 guy to replace the ones that were just there.
    The Cover 2 is a wuss defense that just sits back and lets the offense move down the field. It only works if you have a dominate defensive line and how many of them are there?

  5. PFT here’s a rumor for you is saying Cowher was in Buffalo on Saturday send the crack staff out to find out if this was true or not, since that’s all we have are rumors no FACTS!

  6. I hardly think Fewell and Frazier are the only two to be interviewed so far. The Bills aren’t exactly a high flying team, and they do a lot of under the radar stuff.
    Look at the signing of T.O. He was not rumored there, just so happened to end up there out of the blue so to speak.
    It looks as though the Cowher issue may become dead in Buffalo, with the Panthers letting John Fox explore all of his options.
    I still believe there is a dark horse in the mix somewhere, we’ll have to see.

  7. Buffalo cannot afford to roll the dice on another coordinator. The fans will be majorly pissed if Leslie Frazier, the first guy they interview, is hired. They hire Nix because Ralph Wilson and Russ Brandon didn’t know any of the names out there? What a joke.
    If it’s not Cowher (which all signs are pointing toward it not being), at least try to snag Nix’s buddy Marty Schottenheimer for some credibility and have him bring his son Brian from the Jets to be OC. Then maybe he can take over as head coach for a smooth transition 2-3 years down the road.
    If it’s not the Schottenheimers, I say try to recruit Jim Harbaugh from Stanford if you can pry him from beautiful northern california. I’d rather have someone like him who turned around Stanford as a head coach, with head coaching experience and a good knowledge of college players to draft, than a coordinator like Frazier who has guys like Williams, Winfield, Allen, etc. making him look good.
    If the Bills hire the first guy they interview for head coach after promoting an in-house scout to GM, let the outrage and criticism flood gates begin in Buffalo. 10,000 season tickets will not be renewed within 48 hours like they were with the T.O. signing. Instead they’ll be officially lost.

  8. If they hire ANY coordinator as Head Coach this place will go ballistic- Why is it that Adam Shefter and Clayton of ESPN- are soo confident about Cowher not coming here- they are the only one’s with connections to “his people”- Clayton’s argument.Tampa has a QB that is established-OMG-are you kidding me- if that is the case with Josh Freeman- then Trent Edwards is a seasoned vet! And Mortenson reports Cowher getting a staff together – 1 day before Shefter announces Cowher is staying to play house with Marino, Horsehead and Mr. Cincy/Jet guy…….ESPN -I have one thing to say- your sources SUCK!!!!!! It’s that you keep reporting things I don’t want to hear- it is just they are all for different “reasons” and inconsistent with one another- Get it right media people- no one has a clue-Peter King included!! Please….Cowher to possibly clear the air on NBC- wow-what was he going to do – slip on a Bills helmat?
    Still Holding out hope- after Cowher- The Schottenheimer Family- Billick then Harbaugh……..This entire process sucks!!!!!!!

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