Packers-Cardinals a touchdown away from postseason scoring record

Gregg Rosenthal points out that the all-time NFL record for points in a playoff game is 95.

The mark was set in 1995, when the Eagles beat the Lions, 58-37.

So with the Packers and Cardinals knotted at 45 and heading into overtime, a touchdown to win the game will give the two teams 96 combined points.

And to further prove our “Joe Buck hates football” point, did anyone notice that his call of the missed field goal late in regulation was no different than what we’d hear for a ground ball that went foul just before crossing third base?

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  1. What a tough, tough loss – Packers fans have had so many over the years – super bowl 32, the 4th & 26 play, the Steve Young to T.O. game, the Giants championship game, the Pittsburgh game this season & this 1 tonight – ugh

  2. Joe Buck is probably the guy that secretly killed McNair and his ho! You moron conspiracy theorist hack.

  3. can someone explain the “tuck rule” to me again, because I swear that’s what Rodgers did on that GW TD. I have no rooting/betting interest in this game by the way. and, facemask?

  4. And it comes down to Rodgers hanging on to the ball too long…AGAIN!!!
    Almost all you Pack fans were worrying about next week…..ooops!
    Honestly, one of the most exciting games in awhile.
    To the few rational packer fans, sorry it had to end like that fot you.

  5. Season is over, Packer fans.
    You beat the Cards without Warner, but they beat ya without Boldin.
    Have a nice off-season, suckers.

  6. Congrats on winning what will go down in history as the “Defenseless Bowl” Cardinals!!! Great game but Rodgers learned why he will never live up to Favre. Good season Packer dolts!

  7. Where’s your bitching about overtime rules that don’t give the coin toss losing team a chance to win the game?

  8. da da da No Pack No
    da da da No Pack No
    da da da No Pack No
    That sure made my weekend. Now I can go to work tomorrow and rub it in to all of my co workers faces that the PackQuires choked in the playoffs.
    It was a hell of a game, but it was fitting that the cocky ass Aaron Rodgers choked the game away at the end. He is always being cocky when he plays, and when it mattered most, he pissed it away. One and done for the PackQuires. No go back to the land of the cheese and watch a real team (the Vikings) with a real QB (Favre) win a playoff game and head to the NFC Championship game.

  9. Not to sound like a bitter Packers fan, but I really don’t understand how the helmet to helmet hit on the previous play, or the facemask grab of the quarterback on the game-ender, goes completely uncalled. Yet, the lightest hold from Driver earlier in the game is flagged when the defender still makes the tackle.
    The league just seems completely inconsistent with their penalty calls, and its even worse when it happens within the same game.
    /end bitterness. Mason Crosby missing the field goal earlier in the game is just another instance of “don’t leave it up to the refs”

  10. Not a Packers fan, but there should have been a 15 yard facemask on Adams on the final play, giving GB a first down and 15 yards. Great game with a lot of exciting catches. Good weekend of football.

  11. Warner screwed the Pack defense like a cheap call girl in Thailand. An entertaining game of two teams not worthy of the playoffs. No defense anywhere.

  12. Hearing Buck say people were talking about Warner retiring in “chatrooms” was even more funnier. And I though Theissman/Gibbs/Hammond were out of touch…
    Seriously, who besides sex predators and prepubescent girls still use chatroooms?
    I’m thinkin we see Buck on “To Catch A Predator” soon..(Florio that was a free plug for NBC buddy, the invoice has been sent). Buck is horrible, my least favorite commentator (and that includes Gruden, Kornheiser, Millen, Jaws etc etc…)
    Hell of a friggin game. It’s these types of games that attract more casual viewers to become more into the sport.
    And to think they didn’t even have Boldin either…

  13. Florio,
    When you write the recap of this game, please include side-by-side video of the last play of this game and the Tom Brady “tuck rule” play from 2002.

  14. Glad Joe Buck hates football because everyone in America hates Joe Buck . Please tell me why the big foreheaded douchebag is in an NFL booth,

  15. Rogers held on to the ball too long, where have we seen that before?
    Now sit back and watch Brett next week, Packer fans.

  16. The game should not have ended where it did. Rogers was moving his arm forward, and looked like he was attempting to tuck the ball back in. The tuck rule should have applied, and as such, it should have been ruled an incomplete pass.

  17. Joe Buck is WAY better than the 85 year-old hillybilly dyke voiced Joe Gibbs, the NBC football broadcasting for Bengals-Jets was worse than the NFL network, and that is an almost impossible feat.

  18. It’s his style, Florio. The style that has kept him on TV as part of the lead broadcasting team for two different sports for the past several years. Stop hating.

  19. Do you want Joe Buck to scream like a little girl? Why should he care that Rackers missed?
    If you want a passionate announcer, get Charles Barkley in there. He’ll have six figures riding on the spread.
    The last thing you should want is an announcer who won’t shut up with which team he favors. Case in point: The pitiful Marv Albert.

  20. It wasn’t Tuck Rule morons – the ball never hit the ground, it bounced off Rodgers’ foot into Dansby’s hands.

  21. What about Joe Bucks comments that thank g-d they don’t have college football’s ot system. For if they had that, he quipped, they would have been there all night. A real football fan. Joe Buck is a fool.

  22. If Brett Favre would have been the QB for the Packers in the game we would have lost by 30 – 5 or 6 picks. Don’t you remember St. Louis against Warner a few years ago – no defense in that game either & Favre chucked that game away Packers blown out.
    Rodgers played way better than Favre would have. No way Favre would have led Pack up and down the field the entire 2nd half.

  23. “Have a nice off-season, suckers. ”
    Next Monday, you will be hearing us saying that to you asshole.

  24. The ball never touched the ground so its either a fumble or an int either way it’s a TD . You Packer fans had a little too many PBR’s today. Watch the replay Rodgers kicks ball in the air before it touches the ground.

  25. “Great game but Rodgers learned why he will never live up to Favre. ”
    Rodgers passed for over 4,000 yards in his first two seasons which Favre never has done. Rodgers threw for over 400 yards today which Favre has never done in a playoff game.
    and oh yeah did I mention that he lead us back from a 31-10 deficit?

  26. How many times is this guy going to post about the tuck rule? It’s either a fumble or an interception — the ball never touched the ground, the tuck rule has no bearing at all on the play other than determining FUMBLE vs INTERCEPTION.

  27. I lived with a STL Cards fan for a few months. He was infatuated with Buck. I thought he was a tool. I listened to the game on the local radio today, so I didn’t get to hear Buck’s call. But I can assure you, it was lame, and he is a huge tool.

  28. Adrian Peterson had his facemask nearly ripped off when he fumbled at the end of the Monday Nighter against the Bears. Those things happen.

  29. Leave Joe Buck alone — he was mediocre, which is good enough. The real travesty is, where’s your article blasting Gibbs for being an absolutely HORRENDOUS football announcer? I’ve watched high school games on TV with better quality announcing than that. If you’re going to give the NBC announcers a pass for terrible game-calling, then you better do the same with Fox announcers.

  30. Rodgers is a great fantasy football QB but may not be a winner. He always seems to have big numbers but when it comes down to making that one big play at crunch time it doesnt happen. He’s still young but right now trying to say hes as good or better than Favre is just kind of silly.

  31. Really, Pervy
    You can’t say those defenses were irrelevant, granted the Packers were dismembered by Favre and the Vikings twice, but the Arizona D beat us rather handedly….. So let’s not say they (Arizona) have ZERO D…..

  32. Plankshelmet – weren’t people saying the same thing about Peyton Manning his first 6 or 7 seasons? This was Rodgers – 1st postseason game ever, it was pretty impressive to come back from that big of a deficit to even force OT.
    I actually feel good for Rackers – that would have been 1 looooong offseason after missing that kick. He would have needed security on the way out of the stadium had they lost.

  33. jeffragnarchicken says:
    To the few rational packer fans, sorry it had to end like that fot you.
    I’m sorry too, but it was clear the better team won today.
    To all the idiots blaming the refs when we were outplayed in every facet and lucky to be in the game at all: mistakes happen, get a life.
    To everyone else: I saved your seats when you all jumped off the Fire Ted wagon. I’ll see you back on board soon.

  34. “I saved your seats when you all jumped off the Fire Ted wagon. ”
    No offense but the Packers go 11-5, winning 7 of their last 8 games and get into the playoffs and you still want Ted fired? Wow.

  35. packers4life says:
    “I saved your seats when you all jumped off the Fire Ted wagon. ”
    No offense but the Packers go 11-5, winning 7 of their last 8 games and get into the playoffs and you still want Ted fired? Wow.
    11-5 isn’t really all that good when you consider who those wins came against. We faced an actual quality opponent today, and the results were obvious.
    We have a long way to go, and if, after five years, Ted still hasn’t gotten this team on the right track, then it’s damn well time to find someone who can.

  36. The refs weren’t the problem. Any true Pack fan should be ashamed of themselves if they even consider that an excuse. Our D couldn’t stop a Girl Scout Troop selling Thin Mints door-to-door.

  37. Rodgers is a good QB. Here are their stat comparisons from their first 2 full seasons.
    1992 GNB 15 302 471 64.1 3227 6.9 18 76 13 85.3
    1993 GNB 16 318 522 60.9 3303 6.3 19 66 24 72.2
    2008 GNB 16 341 536 63.6 4038 7.5 28 71 13 93.8
    2009 GNB 16 350 541 64.7 4434 8.2 30 83 7 103.2
    The last numbers being QB rating. I think Green Bay did alright for themselves.

  38. I would agree that the NFC north has two turds. Nothing wrong having 4 games against a couple of JV teams.
    Cardinals fans would agree. They the lambs and seahawks are essentially a girl scout troupe.
    Side note.*
    Interesting fact. Even the lions have won more playoff games in the last 13 years than the bungles..

  39. So, maybe we don’t have to hear any more how great Green Bay’s defense is and how Woodson is a candidate for defensive MVP after the Packers ghave up 51 points to the Cards and Big Ben passed for 500 yards against them!
    That ‘D’ is great against cupcake opponents. Geez.

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