Bates will pass on Bears gig and join Carroll

With everyone on the hot seat in Chicago and a new regime landing in Seattle, former USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has opted to join Pete Carroll with the Seahawks, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

The Bears wanted to hire Bates, which would have reunited him with quarterback Jay Cutler.  Bates served as Cutler’s position coach in Denver.

So now maybe the Seahawks can trade for Cutler.

We’re only partially kidding.  With Matt Hasselbeck’s career winding down, the Seahawks will need a quarterback.

We know you’re thinking that Matt Leinart is the answer.  Based on his performance in 2009 and his $10.5 million salary in 2010 and the absence of any cap consequences from trading him in an uncapped year, the Bengals might be willing to think about shipping Carson Palmer back to the West Coast.

16 responses to “Bates will pass on Bears gig and join Carroll

  1. But Carroll didn’t even interview a minority before hiring Bates! RACIST!!!!
    Sorry, I noticed Florio forgot to mention the Rooney Rule in a Seahawks story, so I thought I’d help him out.

  2. Mike Brown might also be willing to go on a walking tour of greater Cincinnati while wearing a “kick me” sign. That’s just as likely to happen as the Bengals trading Carson Palmer.

  3. Does he come in as a QB Coach or OC? I thought Norm Chow would be the OC. With Ken Norton Jr and maybe Dewayne Walker coming in, PC is assembling a respectable staff.
    If Floyd Reese comes in, I think the Seahawks have their foundation set.

  4. remeber the good old days when you would come to this site and get actual news?now it’s all pretty much speculation based who florio likes and dislikes.yea the bengals are going to get rid of the franchise qb or maybew the bears will trade cutler because they don’t know how to coach a real qb. or maybe the cards will get rid of leinart because he did not invite forio to his party a couple of years ago.seriously if you think he is a flop based on the what 2 games he has played under whisenhunt then you are more hopless than you sound on here.why not go by what he showed in his rookie year before he got hurt?no much easier to go by what he has done sitting behind a all pro qb in warner and a coach who did not draft him or thinks he fits his system.hey maybe mangini can replace del rio or fox when they get canned since he got fired. oh wait that did not happen did it mr. expert?

  5. Carson Palmer was terrible this year, I’m surprised the Bengals made it as far as they did with him. They might have beaten the Jets with Bruce Gradkowski in there….

  6. Bengals can ship Palmer as far as I’m concerned.
    He’s the most overrated QB in the league.

  7. Jerry Angelo is in big trouble now. He needs a big OC hire now to keep Cutler happy and save his and Lovie’s jobs. Mike Martz to the rescue? If so, he’ll need to really adjust his offense for at frigid climate in Chicago.

  8. Rumor has it that not even Jesus wants to join the Bears staff because Cutler is such a whining jerk.

  9. @SuzyKolberIsAwesome, you may want to check the Bengals roster… and also, have you seen the Bills play this year? Fitzpatrick is long gone; the starting QB would be J.T. O’Sullivan or… Jordan Palmer. Carson isn’t going anywhere, though.

  10. Kuya 206 says “Does he come in as a QB Coach or OC? I thought Norm Chow would be the OC. With Ken Norton Jr and maybe Dewayne Walker coming in, PC is assembling a respectable staff. ”
    What Kuya said. I thought he was targeting Chow as OC? Is it Chow or Bates?

  11. Trade for Dwayne Jarrett, sign John David Booty off the Vikes practice squad (last known whereabout, and if they didn’t sign him to a futures deal), and draft Taylor Mays. May as well surround yourself with familiar characters, it’s almost like recruithing! (a la Spurrier when he had Doering, Anthony, Wureffel, Matthews, etc.)

  12. Now we just need for the Seahawks and Chow to reunite with Lendale White and get Cutler via a 4 way trade ; McNabb to Chicago, Hass to Browns, Quinn to philly ( to back up Kolb/Vick) and Cutler to Seahawks. Of course theres a boatload of money, players and considerations added, but its doable – lol

  13. I’m starting to believe that Florio thinks Credibility is a 4-letter word; because his drops a point lower every time he comes up with something like Palmer to Seattle.
    Carrol also coached Sanchez, maybe he’ll go after him. Then it is after: Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Matt Leinart, Keith Rivers, Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith…..I could go on but I’m bored.

  14. TJ would be thrilled to have Carson Palmer join him on the Seahawks. Then they’d have two washed up ex-Bengals on the team.

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