Bills ask to talk to Brian Schottenheimer

The Buffalo Bills would like to talk to an assistant coach from a division rival as they continue their head-coaching search, as they’ve asked the New York Jets for permission to speak to offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

However, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that for the time being, Schottenheimer is not interviewing with the Bills. At the moment, all of his focus is on preparing for this weekend’s playoff game against the San Diego Chargers.

The Bills also want to talk to Cardinals assistant head coach/running game coordinator Russ Grimm. It’s also unclear whether Grimm will interview because he, too, has a game to prepare for.

With Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier considered the favorite to get the job, the Bills may need to be patient and wait until multiple playoff teams’ postseasons are over before they can interview all their desired candidates.

10 responses to “Bills ask to talk to Brian Schottenheimer

  1. Wait a second….. Leslie Frazier is the “favorite” to get the job……. so why would Grimm and Schottenheimer interview?
    Isn’t this like the exact OPPOSITE of the Rooney Rule?

  2. Enough already with Leslie Frazier being the “favorite” of the Bills! Aside from Fewell — who obviously was never going to get the job — Frazier is apparently the only guy they’ve interviewed so far. I don’t understand why he keeps being called the favorite when he’s the only guy they’ve interviewed. Don’t you have to interview more than one guy before you can have a favorite?
    No offense to Frazier, but Bills fans would not like that hire. Nix from in-house and Frazier — who benefits largely from his defensive personnel — would not be the “big splash” fans in Buffalo are looking for.
    Frazier may have impressed, but let’s not forget that Gregg Williams also had an extremely impressive interview. We all know how that turned how. No more defensive coordinators. Unless it’s Cowher (a highly unlikely exception), Bills should be taking an offensive mind.

  3. These guys need an offensive minded coach…. they’ve only averaged about 15 passing TD’s the past 5 seasons…time to start getting aggressive.

  4. The Bills are not hiring an assistant coach off any team……..There is an 80% renewal coming up this year for the suites and luxury boxes the businesses and fans have made it very clear to the Bills that if they try to hire an assistant coach off another team. They will take a major hit in season ticket renewal and suite renewal(BIG NUMBERS) ….Ralph needs to hire a past head coach or it will be a long year in Buffalo…

  5. I am so dissappointed with the Bills !!!!
    All talk and no action !!
    Now we will wind up with another coordinator who has no experience as a Head Coach. And Frazier is a Defensive coordinator !! I thought Buffalo needed a Offensive coordinator !!
    Here we go again!!
    Buffalo fans have been thru this so many times in the past 10 years !!
    Thanks RALPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bills Fan in Korea

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