Bills want to interview Russ Grimm

The man once incorrectly reported to be the next head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers may still wind up leading an AFC team.

FOX’s Jay Glazer reports via Twitter that the Bills have requested permission to interview Cardinals assistant head coach/running game coordinator Russ Grimm for the team’s head coaching vacancy.

Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is believed to be the “leader in the clubhouse” with multiple coaches yet to be interviewed.

Glazer says it’s “unclear” if and when Grimm can interview, since his team is still in the playoffs.  NFL rules on the matter would indicate the Bills have to wait for the Cardinals to lose before speaking to him.

Perhaps they thought the Packers would win Sunday, like most of the betting public.

8 responses to “Bills want to interview Russ Grimm

  1. That is not the NFL rules. He can interview this week in Arizona at a time chosen by the cardinals. Look at how Rex Ryan was interviewed by the Jets.

  2. Tom Heckert talked to Cleveland about the GM job while the Eagles were still in the playoffs. I don’t get it though, these guys should show some loyalty to their current teams, especially considering that you can’t really make any moves until March.

  3. I thought Russ Grimm already declined the Bills.
    At this point, I just hope they get a coach who actually wants to come to Buffalo (who would want to do that?) – forget Cowher, Grimm, etc. and the ones we keep hearing about who obviously don’t want to coach Buffalo.
    As of today I hope they get Frazier.

  4. he would be a good coach to hire, the man has skills as a coach, the Bills are really looking long and hard for a new coach to hire since Cowher isn’t coming back.

  5. It was reported on the Arizona Republic website today that Russ Grimm did not want to be any part of the train wreck that is the Buffalo Bills.
    He makes a million a year as it is

  6. I would offer the job to Grimm on one condition: Grimm shaves his moustache and sells it on E-Bay…with all the profits going to the Hogs fund.

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