Broncos change their mind on Bobby Turner

Last week, the Broncos decided to decline the Redskins’ request to interview running backs coach Bobby Turner for the same job in Washington, where Turner would be reunited with former Denver coach Mike Shanahan.

The Broncos have now had a change of heart.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Broncos will allow Turner to meet with the Redskins, and an interview is expected to occur this week.

NFL rules permit teams with assistant coaches under contract to refuse requests to interview those assistants for any job other than head coach.  Though compensation can be offered to get a team to release its rights to a head coach, draft picks and/or cash cannot be used to pry an assistant coach away from his current team.

UPDATE:  We’re told that Turner will be the associate head coach of the Redskins, and that he is close to accepting the job, if he hasn’t already.

7 responses to “Broncos change their mind on Bobby Turner

  1. Wow, fantastic move by the Broncos. That’ll definitely be an upgrade (*cough* I mean downgrade) for them.
    on a side note, i met that guy. He’s really nice lol

  2. The zone blocking scheme wasn’t used by Denver this year anyways. As a fan, I wondered why they tried to fix something that wasn’t broken, but this is just the nail in the coffin for my hopes of it returning in some form or fashion next year. However, Josh McDaniels seems to know what he’s doing so we’ll all just have to wait and see.

  3. Donkeys Mgt all over the map. Manic. Schizophrenia…arrogance. indecisiveness.
    And lets not forget depression.

  4. I’m sure there’s another ex-Patriot toady out there who’ll jump at the chance to join McTwitchy and try to coach-up Knowgain.
    In the meantime, the Broncos’ coach is likely preparing to sign as many “power” linemen as he can from his old club, after watching how they beat the hell out of those Ravens this weekend.

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