Browns announce arrival of Heckert, Wiedmeier

As expected, the Browns have announced the hiring of Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert, who’ll fill the same role in Cleveland.

As not expected, the Browns also have announced that Bryan Wiedmeier has been named Executive V.P. — Business Operations of the Browns.

Wiedmeier has spent 29 years with the Dolphins.  He served as President and COO prior to the sale of the team to Stephen Ross.  Wiedmeier thereafter was reassigned to Senior V.P. — NFL Affairs and Special Projects, and it became clear that Wiedmeier eventually would be exiting.

Heckert’s decision to leave the Eagles for a lateral position comes two years after owner Jeffrey Lurie recommended Heckert to the Falcons for a G.M. position that would have entailed control over the roster.  And it clears a path for Philly to thin out the front office a bit, and to shift Howie Roseman from V.P. of player personnel to G.M.

“I want to thank Randy Lerner and Mike Holmgren for this tremendous opportunity,” Heckert said in a team-issued release.  “I also want to thank Jeffrey Lurie, Andy Reid and Joe Banner for an outstanding nine-year run with a first-class organization.  It was the Eagles who allowed me to climb the NFL personnel ladder, and I am proud of what we were able to accomplish there.   I will always have fond memories of my stay in Philadelphia.   I am eager to get started with the Browns, a team for which my father worked and that I rooted for growing up.  Working alongside some of the most experienced and successful people in this business in Mike [Holmgren], Eric Mangini and Bryan, I believe we have the foundation in place to re-establish the Browns as one of the top franchises in the NFL.”

If the Browns are serious about becoming one of the top franchises in the NFL, a good way to start would be to pay former G.M. George Kokinis — and the new G.M. should take the lead in making sure that Kokinis is properly taken care of.

UPDATE:  The Dolphins have issued a statement acknowledging Wiedmeier’s departure.   
“It is with mixed emotions that we accept the resignation of Bryan Wiedmeier,” Miami CEO Mike Dee said.  “Bryan’s contributions to the Dolphin franchise during almost three decades of service to the team were extraordinary and he will always remain a significant part of Dolphin history.  While he will be sorely missed, we are excited for Bryan, his wife, Mary, and their family for his new opportunity in Cleveland and we wish him the very best with his new endeavor.  We look forward to welcoming Bryan back next fall when the Browns come to Miami.”

17 responses to “Browns announce arrival of Heckert, Wiedmeier

  1. Do you have some inside information on the Kokinis issue? If not, then why the jab at the end except for the fact you can’t write about the Browns without saying something negative. Karma is a bitch my man, beware.

  2. Sure are spending alot of $$$$ on management,…hope there is enough left to put some talent on the field, cuz these guys can’t PLAY football…

  3. Hey Florio,
    What, are you George Kokinis’s agent? How would paying a guy who wouldnt do his job or wasn’t qualified for his job be paid for doing Nothing.

  4. Mr. Lerner… it’s a fantastic start… I can only hope and pray that we finally have a real football team in Northern Ohio… GO BROWNS!!!
    Please don’t let us down….

  5. There you go again. Taking a positive Brown’s situation and adding your….out of right field , BS slant to it.

  6. Paying George Kokinis has no bearing on what the Browns will do on the field in the future – it is about the players that they draft, sign as free agents, and coach up.

  7. When did Eric Mangini become one of the most experienced and successful people in this business???????? Get a grip!!!!!!!!!!

  8. According to CSN-Philly, Heckert was an Andy Reid guy and Howie Roseman, who will replace Heckert, is one of Joe Banner’s guys. Maybe a little power struggle in the Eagles Front Office? Heckert’s contract wasn’t renewed when Reid’s was and it was going to expire after next season.

  9. One has to wonder if Randy Lerner have any money to pay players once he gets through paying the Front Office staff from the last few years.
    From Crennel and Savage ($21 million) to Kokinis ($4 million) Mangini ($15 million) Holmgren ($50 million) and now Hekert and Weidmeier that’s a lot of dough to be forking over to a staff past and present – probably @ $100 million.
    Lerner still has to pay these guys even if there’s a lockout in 2011 and his NFL profits freeze up.
    Perhaps this explains why they didn’t fire Mangini, at least for now, and hire a new coach and assistants to the tune of $7 million a year plus like Carroll got.
    That’s all money that Lerner knows he needs to spend on players rather than yet another failed head coach and new one to take his place.

  10. @JoeSixPack – Go ahead and Wiki Randy Lerner. Trust me dude, money is not a problem for this guy.
    @Mike Florio – couldn’t write a Browns story without being a jerk, could you? Classy.

  11. Heckert and Weidmeier know each other from their days together with the Dolphins.
    Heckert’s old man (Tom Sr.) was with the Dolphins for a number of years alongside Weidmeier as well.

  12. “We look forward to welcoming Bryan back next fall when the Browns come to Miami.”
    Get em’ Browns!

  13. Bryan Weidmeier goes home and sees his wife.
    Bryan “I just got a big promotion/raise”
    Wife “I’m so proud of you”
    Bryan “We have to move to Cleveland”
    Wife “I’ll ship your stuff”

  14. @JoeSixPack Randy Lerner’s personal wealth is $1.5 billion. I think he can handle paying Savage, Crennel (who he won’t be paying now that took a DC in KC), and Chud to not work.

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