Carroll to be introduced Tuesday

The news that Pete Carroll has officially resigned at USC ended what little drama was left about whether he would end up with the Seattle Seahawks.

The official introduction dog and pony show will take place Tuesday, according to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  Now that Carroll is in place, we still have to see how the USC job search impacts the NFL.

USC’s first choice to replace Carroll,  Mike Riley, has accepted a contract extension to stay at Oregon State.

Jeff Fisher has already told USC no, according to multiple reports. The school has contacted Herm Edwards, according to the LA Daily News.  Former Trojan Jack Del Rio is reportedly interested, but USC “has reservations” about him. 

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver may have additional reservations about Del Rio now too.

4 responses to “Carroll to be introduced Tuesday

  1. Hi my name is Pete Carroll.
    Id like to thank the Seattle Seahawks for giving me a boatload of coin even though my first stint as a head coach was a failure. But most importantly for rescuing me from that sinking ship known as USC football – because lets be honest, we cant compete with the SEC.

  2. Herm Edwards? hahahahahahhaha. That would be first rate comedy.
    Tell them to dump the pro style offense and bring in Leach to run the spread. Maybe he can lock Matt Barkley in a closet while he’s at it.
    I think Kravon mostly nailed it with the first comment as regards the substance of Carroll’s presser. I’d add the Big 12 in there too.

  3. Is this the same Pete Carroll who stunk his way out of the NFL coaching the Jets, or is my brain damage kicking in again?
    Maybe Jim Zorn should coach in Seattle.

  4. pete carroll i hope you the worst in seattle, how can you build up a program become such a great person in the city of la, doing all your charity work in the inner city and then just skip out on your team, your players and basically your city? going back to nfl i hope will be a rude awakening and you get fired after 2 years. given you will have ur old mlb in tatupo but what are you gonna do with that horrible offense? well i guess u can draft jimmy clausen who stiffed you by choosing ND over USC… and try to start over on offense, he can learn under fragileback for a year or two then try to start him… well speaking for all trojan fans u left behind hanging F U and stink it up in the suicide capital of the world……

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