Future of Andrews brothers up in the air

The Eagles bet big on the Andrews brothers in 2009, and they lost big.

Philadelphia planned to move Shawn Andrews to right tackle, but his back flared up one final time just before Week One, and he was placed on injured reserve.

Shawn’s brother Stacy was given a six-year contract with a healthy first-year roster bonus to start at right guard.  Ultimately, he was benched and was inactive the final six weeks of the season.  Stacy tore his ACL in 2008 and may not have fully recovered.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer wonders whether the Eagles will even get one Andrews back and whether Shawn will play football again at all. 

Stacy Andrews is due a $4.1 million roster bonus, but coach Andy Reid sounded hopeful about bringing him back: “One thing I know about Stacy is that he works hard, and wants to be the best.  I can work with that.”

We couldn’t help but wonder if Reid feels the same about Shawn.

27 responses to “Future of Andrews brothers up in the air

  1. Both the brothers sure seemed like they just didnt care. They through around what seemed like BS at every turn and doing just enough to get their cash. They both should be cut, and let another team get their hopes up. They may play for one year hard, after getting cut, but once that cash hits their pockets, POOF!

  2. They both suck. Stacy will forever be remembered as the guy we signed the day we let Dawk go. His signing is just another in a long list of failed Eagles free agent pick ups.

  3. I’m sorry, is this “news?”
    It’s been talked about at length throughout the season and, at least at this point, serves no point.
    The Eagles have the depth to overcome line issues at each position, except Center apparently. Losing Jamal showed how a line truly operates, from the Center out.
    Damn, damn, damn…… still frustrated over Saturday’s loss, but at least I’m not a Packers’ fan………. THAT was just a low blow to lose like that. Packer fans, you have my empathy…

  4. As a Eagles fan all I can say is get those soft little girls and throw them in the trash. While your at it throw the whole team and coaching staff in there with those two marshmellows. This team is soft and has no heart. I would trade the entire team straight up for B-Dawk. Got our asses handed to us two weeks in a row but the f@#king Cowboys, I team we all hate. I would have rather not made the playoffs, then finish the season the way we did. Get the defense back to its normal intense self, to hell with the offense. This run that the Eagles have had(if NFC championship games count as a run) is over because the defense doesn’t exsist. The defense has carried a offense that has been more predictable then an episode of Lassie. Weak ass bitches

  5. Drop em both. There is way too much money tied up in these wastes that could go somewhere else. The Eagles should already start saving their money now for when DeSean thinks he needs a new contract, and goes all T.O. on them

  6. These guys are chumps. They both have a lot of talent and could have solidified the right side of the line but instead they have no drive. If they want a future with the Eagles they both need to take a big pay cut and a change in attitude. You don’t deserve the money they are making to not even be competitive to earn a starting spot. I understand the oline and dline are susceptible to injuries but if you hold out that you are fine then you need to play like it.
    I bought into the eagles o-line and its destiny for greatness but the way they played this year was horrible. Peters was a complete bust. Pro-bowl LT my A*&! Give me Oher or any other LT in the game.

  7. It wouldn’t suprise me if Reid kept Shawn Andrews around for one more year if it doesn’t cost all that much. He kept RB Correll Buckhalter back in 01 and 02 despite two season ending injuries because he showed promise.

  8. This O-line going into the season was supposed to be one of the best in the league, but injuries and weirdness (Shawn Andrews) made it not so good. Why they didn’t sign Jon Runyan halfway thru the season I don’t understand, maybe he’ll get his ring with the Chargers. The line is probably number two to blame for the loss on saturday, the number one reason was of course Ed Hochuli. That guy is out there to look cool, which he doesn’t. Go Favre!! F U Cowgirls and Hochuli!

  9. .VoxVeritas says:
    January 11, 2010 1:00 PM
    Jason Peters was a huge busted gamble, too. Winston Justice got abused by Anthony Spencer.
    Peters is in the pro bowl and winston justice made the biggest turn around i’ve seen in awhile. Vox, how do you talk to people that arent online while deepthroating “america’s team” at every chance?

  10. KingJoe! says:
    “Both the brothers sure seemed like they just didnt care”
    So if they cared more, they wouldn’t have A) been put on injured reserve in week 1 for a potentially career-ending back injury B) been able to play on only a partially healed ACL?
    .VoxVeritas says:
    “Jason Peters was a huge busted gamble, too.”
    Peters was in the pro bowl consecutive years for the Buffalo Bills before arriving in Phily. He’s in the pro bowl again this year, but I won’t deny that maybe name recognition helped him this year, it’s possible his level of play declined. But a huge busted gamble? Absolutely not.

  11. Peters is in the Pro Bowl Vox. I will take being voted to the Pro Bowl over your personal opinion – I mean you play Magic Cards according to your myspace page. I don’t listen to pro football knowledge from people that play Magic cards.

  12. I second the Vox hatred. But all of you saying Peters wasn’t a bust must have watched different games than me. Dude was a bust. The Andrews brothers were busts too. Reid is to blame for the lack of depth on the o-line this season. Our backups filled in great but we could’ve done a lot more with the money that we tied up in Peters and Andrews. THe only reason Peters is in the pro-bowl is name recognition.

  13. Peters had a good year, he rarely had help and was dinged up for much of the year but still made the Pro Bowl. Not a bust by any stretch.

  14. Stacy has been nothing but potential since he was drafted. As a Bengals fan, I never saw anything special from him. He was an OK run blocker after a few years but never a good pass blocker. We gave him a franchise tag which was a shocker.
    We got an unknown off the street, Roland, who has played better than Andrews did.

  15. please dont post on here unless you know what your talking about…almost every comment on this article is wrong….saying Peters was a complete bust means you should never talk about football again….and saying we should cut our losses with stacy after 1 season coming off of an ACL injury is very misguided…. he could very well be a pro bowler next year….remember when sidney rice, robert meachem, mendenhall just too name a few were called busts….just listen to the experts and try not to post ignorant posts if you dont know anything about football (voxveritas, rumormongering)

  16. I’d rather have Shawn than that bum Stacy. He’s sucked majorly this year, and hasn’t even started for us. At least back when Shawn was physically and mentally healthy we could convert a 3rd and 1 without the “Mike Vick run straight into Winston Justice’s butt” play

  17. “Peters is in the pro bowl and winston justice made the biggest turn around i’ve seen in awhile.”
    Yeah, Andre Gurode’s there too. Both got there on rep. As for Justice, he couldn’t stop Spencer all game two games in a row. He’s got problem with speed rushers and bull rushers and that’s bad news in the NFCE.

  18. “Peters is in the Pro Bowl Vox. I will take being voted to the Pro Bowl over your personal opinion”
    OK, and you can take your QB spending more and more time counting stadium lights, too.

  19. “just listen to the experts and try not to post ignorant posts if you dont know anything about football (voxveritas, rumormongering)”
    Yeah, listen to the experts! Especially tyhe ones that said that there was no way the Cowboys could beat the 0-3gles in the playoffs because “it’s awfully hard to win three” and “DMac and Andy Reid have that big game experience that Romo and Co. do not have” and “the 0-3gles have never lost the first playoff game so they won’t lose this one” and “Andy didn’t want to show ALL of his cards” in spite of the fact that less than one week earlier they saw just like you and I saw one team severely out-play, out-coach and out-hustle the other in every phase of the game. That’s called “whistling past the graveyard” and you’re doing it again.

  20. There is no way Peters should have made the probowl last year or this year. He is a scrub, with no passion. W.Justice had an ok year don’t go tickling his sack just yet. Reid and CO. need to go! Product of a chumpass NFC East the last decade.

  21. Here’s what Philly homer Sheil Kapadia had to say about Justice and Peters:
    Winston Justice – Justice struggled quite a bit. In protection, he didn’t block anyone on the sack/intentional grounding play. Tough to know whether that’s his fault or just part of the overall confusion on the offensive line. He was beat by Anthony Spencer multiple times. Justice had a tough time as a run blocker too. Spencer was originally lined up against him before rushing inside on the Vick/Weaver fumble. He did a terrible job blocking Spencer on a McCoy run that got stuffed in the first. And Justice was beat by Marcus Spears on a third-quarter Weaver run.
    Jason Peters – After handling Ware during the first two meetings, Peters was completely outplayed in this one. I counted four plays where Peters was beat badly in pass protection. One resulted in a sack; the other three incompletions. There was a moment that bothered me when Peters gave up the sack. Instead of helping McNabb up, Peters simply walked away. Doesn’t that violate some kind of unwritten rule? It was also funny to see Peters point to the ground as if the runner was down on the Vick/Weaver fumble. He clearly did not see the play. Two false starts in this one, giving him four penalties over the last two weeks.

  22. Despite the fact that yet another Eagles post has become the “Vox Veritas Middle-Aged Virgin Hour” he’s right. Peters dogged a lot of games this season, Justice is a competent backup and nothing more, and the O-line just plain sucked.
    It’s a wonder that we went 11-5 with this lack of protection. I blame Shawn Andrews for the whole f–king thing!

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