L.T. creates one of the cheesiest videos ever

Several of you have forwarded the link to a video from Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

Words simply can’t do the thing justice.  So we’ll just paste it below.

Watch it.  Enjoy it.  Comment on it. 

After, of course, overcoming that case of speechlessness.

UPDATE:  Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports told me via IM that he suspects the video is a fake.  So Silver bet me a Super Bowl-week beer on it.  And Casey Pearce of Chargers.com settled the wager — it’s Tomlinson.  Silver still believes that it’s not L.T.’s voice.  Maybe it’s a Milli Vanilli thing.

189 responses to “L.T. creates one of the cheesiest videos ever

  1. Oh my God. This has got to be one of the corniest thing’s I’ve seen. The only thing that was missing was the MC Hammer pants.

  2. I didn’t think the Super Bowl Shuffle from the ’85 Bears could be topped, but I guess it just was.

  3. ??????
    What a complete and utter dips**t.
    At least this will give Chargers fans something to watch in the off-season. After their team doesn’t win another Super Bowl.

  4. I… uh… WOW.
    I hope that video was made for 5 year olds. The voice in the background actually told L.T. to “Shake them little hips” Scary!

  5. g
    more movin his hips talk…
    besides, he kinds of trots nowadays. he cant run any more.
    “hide behind ya visor
    hide behind ya visor
    hide behind ya visor”
    not a very good … video. if that is what it was.

  6. This has to be a preview for the new season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show. That’s the only plausible explanation.

  7. Ha — I think he intends plenty of irony. But maybe I’m giving him too much credit.
    The “challenge that call” part was funny.

  8. Now I’m glad the real L.T. spent his free time with hookers and blow instead of making crap like this.

  9. He had to have lost a bet or something. There is no way he did that because he thought it would be good.

  10. This is pretty sweet. Obviously he meant it to be cheesy, which is pretty funny.
    And besides, it’s still better than the Super Bowl Shuffle.

  11. wave to your mama, shes in the crowd, shake your little hips ha ha ha ha
    who the bleep was that creepy guy hittin that hole

  12. That is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen, omg that is so bad. Sad thing is, it will probably get stuck in my head now. Hit that hole. Hit that hole.

  13. Unfortunately, I think the evidence of a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy is only circumstantial.

  14. Like many a football player, LT thinks he is multi-talented and, since he first showed his football talent, no one has been willing to correct him.

  15. I must be getting old. I remember a time when black guys were cool and could dance better than a white nerd.

  16. please tell me he made this last second for his son/daughters school project. it’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen.

  17. 2 minutes and 15 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. You just watched it, you can’t unwatch it.

  18. @ Darth Vader
    I find your lack of faith (in LT) disturbing…..:)
    What’s the Hauh-pauh….the respirator breathing?LOL

  19. This is phenomenal. I can’t see how he meant it as anything but silly fun. I hope they show it on the big screen when he scores this weekend.

  20. This video would get a pass………..If it were made in the 70’s
    This video alone should disqualify the Chargers from the playoffs.

  21. Why do all athletes want to be actors/singers and all actors/singers want to be athletes? LT must sense his career dwindling and wants to host Cribbs or some shit.

  22. Chris, that is the funniest/scariest video ever! Well done.
    For this LT2 video, it is so bad and creepy. TechnoHawk is right, drug test needed.
    Difference between this and the Superbowl shuffle, “SUPERBOWL VICTORY”.

  23. WOW !!! I love its so Retro!! I thought I revisited the 80’s for a couple minutes!! This is great LMAO!!!

  24. It might be a good learning tool for kids in flag football, I could have used it during my last stint in organized sports as a sixth-grade benchwarmer. Kids like cheese!

  25. Chris, that’s exactly what I thought too.
    Samwell and LT have been working on this together, WHAT WHAT LT?

  26. Florio says
    After, of course, overcoming that case of speechlessness.
    You have something in common with LT, Florio;
    I get the same way after watching you of your crappy vids.

  27. This video is like that show “Tim and Eric Awesome Show great job”, except tht show is funny…..

  28. Usually I make fun of L.T.s studdering problem whenever I get the chance, but I really have nothing to say after that..

  29. Enjoy doing that dance outside of San Diego next year. If at all, his TD numbers are so inflated it’s not even funny, hopefully teams will realize that.

  30. Why does everybody think this is so cheesy? I think it’s right on par with most of the shit you’ll see on MTV these days…and pervy is a dipshit. Just sayin.

  31. LT has some great moves. I like seeing this lighter side of him. It was made two years ago and the cheesiness is intentional.

  32. Has nobody noticed how old this video is? This was made years ago, LT is very young in this video he talked about it on the Radio today here is SD.
    Not sure why this is such a big deal the guy was having fun.

  33. First, that 70’s Super Chargers song.
    Now, this.
    In 10 years, the Chargers might finally catch up to the 90’s.

  34. That is not LT LT was number 56 and changed the way the game is played
    Yeah he had some drug issues but never killed a man or dog
    This fool is just some darth vader wanta be who plays in the wine and chesse div

  35. I don’t like that call. Not a very good call. Now break it down. LT style, electric glide. Cut it back now, y’ all. Hit that hole. Say hi to the wife. Woo!!
    That is unfortunate. He might be able to play it off as a self-financed tribute to the Play 60 campaign, because he was obviously busting some moves and burning some calories, but that was even more embarrassing than his tirade after the Pats beat their asses at home a few years ago. He was a good halfback for a lot of years, but he hasn’t aged well, and judging by this video that I can’t stop watching, he’s not incredibly smart. William Shatner winced when he watched that performance.

  36. “One of the cheesiest videos ever” might be a bit of an overstatement in light of some of the recent PFTV posts.

  37. Good thing LT stuck to being the most productive RB of the first decade of the 2000’s because this isn’t good.

  38. @Chris says:
    January 11, 2010 8:39 PM
    For some reason, this reminds me of this video:

    Samwell and L.T. – separated at birth?
    kinda reminds me of rehabilitation at the correctional center for the mentally ill

  39. @CanadianVikingsFan: A Canadian making fun of the way someone speaks!?! (Which btw, the stuttering impairment is Sproles’ not LT’s)
    There’s more than just a bit of irony in that comment…eh.

  40. This was done for Tim and Eric on Cartoon network’s Adult Swim. The cheesiness is intentional. That’s the humor.
    I can’t believe so few people realize that.

  41. Put this in the top drawer, first folder of the file cabinet labled “What The Hell Was He Thinking?!?!”
    No hoist for this one.

  42. Yes! They finally post this video. I am the guy that appears along side LT with the “HITTHAT HOLE” shirt at 0:59 seconds of the video. I met LT during the making of the video, and he is one hell of a nice guy. Hope he makes it to the Super Bowl this year.

  43. Florio, I am PISSED.
    The least you could have done is warned people not to watch this after they’ve just eaten!

  44. I read the defense!
    I read the defense!
    I could not get past the first 47 secs. And btw, Adult Swim rocks but even they have duds and there is non bigger than those 2 douche bags Tim and Eric! LOL

  45. That is SO hilarious!!
    So this is LT’s post football music career demo…….hmm. OK LT – go for it, clearly you are concerned you’re not returning to SD next year…..but not sure this is gonna help ya!!
    Hire a new music agent!
    (But, it will probably go viral all the same and make you a lot of money.)

  46. Damn… Too Late.
    If (The Musician Wanna Be) Charlie Manson saw this in 1969…… He would have had hope…
    And Sharron Tate would be alive today.

  47. Milli Vanilli!!!!!!!!!!! haha, Don’t forget my number! Or, don’t forget to check my equiptment to make sure it works properly so we are not shown to be frauds!

  48. I guess this was filmed by Nike back in 2007 (notice the logo on the footballs). They choose to release it now and looks like they are trying to make it viral…and it’s brilliant.
    “Pick up the blitz. Here comes the blitz. Take a knee. Another victory. LT!!”

  49. The only thing I find surprising about all this is how I made it through that entire clip…. it’s like the car accident you can’t look away from.

  50. Hey BigBlueFan–
    The Bolts swept the NFC East this year. Technically we are AFC West AND the NFC EAST Champions. Take your east coast bias BS and shove it up your butt.
    Bolts 27 Jets 17

  51. oh boy…ohhhhh boy. this is not something you want coming out before the playoffs, i don’t care if it was even meant to be a joke

  52. The creepy man with the “Hit Tha Hole” shirt in the backround needs to quit giving advice to NFL RBs. Travis Henry and Willis McGahee have both already fired this guy for poor guidance with women.

  53. lebowski gets points for my favorite comment.
    Florio … go for an expensive imported beer. It’s LT, voice and all. Sure hope it benefits some charity. Otherwise … why?

  54. Get a sense of humor you idiots. This is OBVIOUSLY a joke. How dumb do you have to be to think this is serious?

  55. frightening part is, it’s hard to tell if he was serious about it or not.
    cheesy, not funny or charming at all. One too many blows to the head.

  56. Just when I wanted the Chargers to take it all the way because LT deserves a shot at a ring this video comes out and shifts my thinking. Still can’t root for the Jets but I don’t think I could take LT serious after that foolishness!

  57. Honestly… this is some seriously Hilarious Adult Swim Style comedy. LT is alot funnier than I ever realized, and now despite how much I hate Philip Rivers I’ll be rooting for the chargers

  58. Can we stop referring to this guy as LT? The real LT= Lawrence Taylor and if he was still in shape he would probably jump through the computer screen and body slam this guy for making a video like this. Intentionally cheesy or not, its the worst 2 minutes I have ever wasted

  59. IT WAS A JOKE PEOPLE! Not serious! Yes, it was made by Tim and Eric show. (SOURCE: http://pitchfork.com/news/37548-wtf-ladainian-tomlinsons-lt-slide-electric-glide-video/) He is just messing around . However, unless an athlete is caught cheating on his woman, hitting a man and killing him in thier Bentley, abandoning their wrecked lamborghini, is involved in a murder, caught with drugs, found with a gun after shooting themselves in the leg, getting into a shootout with a deagle and leaving the gun at his own carwash, getting in a fight with a team hired babysitter and punching “Skrippers” in the face – then it doesn’t make the news…
    Lighten up people and let one of the best RBs of this generation have some clean fun.

  60. This video is pure comedy.
    If you think he is being serious and not trying to make a ridiculous video on purpose then you are basically a moron.
    Go watch reruns of the drew carey show nerds.
    West coast runs the world.

  61. you tube gives every one the power to be a creative dork I suppose. So LT wanted to make a video that I wouldnt watch twice. Thats his thing and I think its cool.

  62. As soon as I heard that Eugene Robinson had been arrested for solicitation the night before the Superbowl, I knew the Falcons were gonna lose.
    As soon as I heard that Barret Robbins went AWOL the night before the SB, I knew the Raiders were gonna lose.
    As soon as I heard little what’s-his-face say “we gonna sting they ass (sic)”, I knew the Eagles were gonna lose to the cowboys.
    As soon as I heard Chad Johnsox say he would change his name back if Revis shut him down, I knew the Bengals would lose.
    Now, when I saw THIS video…

  63. There is only one L.T. Lawrence Taylor.
    And dlmcc0909 is right. In a perfect world, Taylor would go chicken bone on his ankle the way he did Theismann on MNF
    Sincerely, RAIDER FAN. That being said
    mildly amusing.

  64. If this is a joke then it’s terribly unfunny. No, this one only succeeds as a trainwreck of unintentional comedy. I think that’s Merriman’s dealer at 0:59.

  65. Can we please stop referring to this guy as “LT”. There is only one LT and everyone knows who it is.

  66. First of all this video wasn’t real, this was an Ad for nike that was never used, similar to the one with baron davis when he was roller skating on quads to disco music then started playing basketball. The 10 different pairs of Nike sneakers was sort of a give away as was the flying nike footballs every 2 mins. This used to be on the Nike football site actually. Baron davis had one, lt has one, penny hardaway had one back in the day etc etc.

  67. Wow. LT has a sense of humor. Big deal. His video is still better than 98% of the videos on MTV, VH1 and BET. In a time when most pro athletes are a disgrace to their sport and cheating, lying, criminals, LT shows unmatched class and respect and shows there are still great people in the world of professional sports.

  68. To the morons posting “It’s a joke” ….
    Most people get that. And it’s kinda funny. But it still makes him look like a dork. When a player’s had people question his toughness (I’m not questioning–just making the point), it seems strange that he’d start a potential championship run by releasing a joke video that makes him look like a DORK.
    That said, thanks to jkorn1818 for answering my “Why?” Makes you wonder who posted it … and why now?

  69. 1. Chris Johnson, TEN, 2,006
    2. Stephen Jackson, STL, 1,416
    3. Thomas Jones, NYJ, 1402
    29. LaDainian Tomlinson, SDG, 730

  70. # superduperboltban says: January 12, 2010 10:15 AM
    …………LT shows unmatched class and respect and shows there are still great people in the world of professional sports.
    Hahahaha, one of the favorite ‘jokes” on this site, for years, has been that LT has class, just ask him…. Or some form of LT is classier than you joke
    And yet, Chargers fans still say he is classy, and some of them still get pissed when fans make the “he is classy just ask him joke”……
    He shows a lot of things that are “unmatched” in that video, lol, “class and respect” arent what comes to mind…..

  71. That is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!! “Now wave to your mom, she’s in the stands” Help! I can’t stop watching it…

  72. Wow. How can a LT “highlite reel” like this NOT include Kirk Morrison? Morrison is on every other LT highlite reel.
    They had “Read the defense. I read the defense”
    They had “Hit that hole. Hit that hole”.
    They had “Challenge that call. That’s a bad call.”
    They should have had “Now fake out Kirk…run past Kirk…”

  73. superduperboltban says:
    In a time when most pro athletes are a disgrace to their sport and cheating, lying, criminals, LT shows unmatched class and respect and shows there are still great people in the world of professional sports.
    Congrats! You win the Most Idiotic Post award.
    Only a small fraction of professional athletes get arrested for various criminal behaviors. Most are just quietly and professionally doing their jobs.
    What on earth about this goofy video demonstrates unmatched class and respect or hails Tomlinson as a great person in the world of sports?
    I like the guy, but your hero worship is way over the top.

  74. What demograghic was he targeting? Is the trailer park disco-hip hop crossover crowd that dominant in San Diego? Who knew.

  75. Wow…that was both riveting and painful at the same time. Some things are just better left unpublished. We don’t need to be reminded of the darkness that was 70’s disco and 80’s breakdancing. HIT THAT HOLE!!! Classic.

  76. I always struggled with the chicken dance, but this gem has my name written all over it! Please, please post the link when it is available for karaoke. To die for.

  77. This was a Nike commercial rehearsal shot two years ago that was never finalized. It was not his doing. Still pretty funny though.
    LT is a class guy though, expecting his first kid with his wife of six years…he doesn’t “do blow” and “mingle with whores” as some bozo suggested.

  78. This is the greatest video ever. I haven’t seen anything like this since Deion Sanders decided to become a “rap star”. I am addicted, I can’t stop watching it!

  79. Best. Video. Ever.
    Greatest. Running Back. Ever.
    Sure, LT ain’t racking up the yards and TDs as he once did, but we love him no less in San Diego.

  80. What a bunch of A-holes some of you are.
    It is a joke people!
    It may not be funny to you, but it is a JOKE!
    Relax and get off the man’s back.
    He was the toast of the NFL for years.
    He has peaked and is on the way out.
    Give LT2 a break for Christ’s sake!
    However you define class- he has never been in any real trouble as far as I know. He is a decent guy and was one hell of a running back for many years, one that many of you would have wished you had on your fantasy roster. So all you LT2 haters– STFU!
    The Hall of Fame will have LT and LT2 before too long!

  81. kaakwha says:
    January 12, 2010 6:59 PM
    The Hall of Fame will have LT and LT2 before too long!
    Certainly not the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

  82. OK People… it was created by Nike two years ago and it was just released now. And tjacks, he doesn’t have any children yet. Can’t be any more cheesy than Peyton’s commercials… for example, the Oreo commercials. And it really can’t be worse than any of Ochocinco’s antics. It’s all in good humor, set up by Nike, showing tha LT has a less serious side.

  83. It’s not a joke. It’s a crime against humanity and someone should have to pay for it.

  84. Oh man is that bad; someone should have his publicist put down…
    When he geaux’s into the HOF, this should be played on the JumboTron for all to enjoy!
    This video should be shown during the “don’t let this happen to you” segment of the NFL Rookie Symposium…
    I’m sure this sounded better in the shower…

  85. # CanadianVikingFan says: January 11, 2010 9:00 PM
    Usually I make fun of L.T.s studdering problem whenever I get the chance, but I really have nothing to say after that..
    I am 25 yearsold, have lived my entire life in San Diego and have watched probably every game L.T. has ever played in. I have seen countless post-game and pre-season interviews, and not once have I heard or seen L.T. studder.
    So begs the question… Why are you such an idiot, CVF?
    Oh, wait, you’re a Vikings fan. Your brain cells are hibernating for the winter.

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