Mora "very stunned" Seahawks fired him

On the same day that Pete Carroll was officially announced as his replacement, former Seahawks coach Jim Mora offered his most extensive comments yet about his firing last week, saying he was shocked that it happened.

I was very stunned to say the least and I indicated so,” Mora said on KJR-AM. “I’ve never seen this happen like this before. . . . I was very stunned. I don’t know that it’s even hit me yet.”

Mora said he was told on the day after the Seahawks’ final regular-season game that he should proceed as though he was going to coach the team in 2010, and that when he met with the media on Wednesday, he figured he was speaking on behalf of the franchise when he detailed his plans for the coming year.

“I figured I wouldn’t be put out to do a press conference on Wednesday if things we’re going to change,” Mora said today.

But things did change, and within 48 hours Mora was out and it was clear that Carroll would be in. Mora had three years remaining on his contract, and the Seahawks still owe him almost $12 million.

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  1. Mora had three years remaining on his contract, and the Seahawks still owe him almost $12 million.
    Stunned, but happy.

  2. Feel bad for Mora, but most americans that get fired or laid off do not have $12 million coming to them, so I am sure he will be able to get over his shock in comfort.

  3. If I was him and going to make 12mill I wouldn’t give 2 craps if that loser organization fired me. I’d take a real nice/long vacation.

  4. I’m no Mora backer after the job he did in Atlanta, but I’m not sure Pete’s that big of an upgrade.
    Pete was mediocre at best at his two NFL jobs, and it’s not like he’s spent the last 10 years doing something to improve his skills as an NFL coach (see Saban, Nick and Spurrier, Steve)

  5. Take the money and run Mora. Your better than this piece of crap team that is going nowhere for a long time. Better that you wont be associated with this horrible franchise. Good Luck!

  6. Mora was/is unorganized…a horrible coach.
    Carroll not much better , though stronger defensive understanding. Carrolls last NFL players never listened to him…and his team si highlty undisciplined that he AVERAGED 3 ,12 men on field penalties/game.
    So, who did he lose with @ NE? Bledsoe, Brown, Bruschi, McGinest, Coates, Johnson, Law…etc….in other words, the core of NE’s SB winning teams….Seattle in trouble.

  7. I am “very stunned” Houshmanzadeh did not make the Pro Bowl and get the Seahawks to the playoffs.

  8. Who in the hell approved that contract?
    Oh, never mind, the same people just gave pete Carroll 7 mil a year.

  9. I wouldn’t mind taking a vacation and know that for the next 3 years I’m getting paid about $4million a year.

  10. Screw the Seahawks. They will fail with Ra Ra Caroll.
    His game is the college game and his method will fall on deaf ears with players not buying the kool aid the initial year. He’ll be gone after 2 train wreck years and head back to college or the CFL.
    Ownership should have told Mora he was done.

  11. I think this is a bad move…Mora might not be a great coach, but he won in Atlanta before Mike Vick went south, and Pete Carroll is a proven loser at this level. Some coaches are great college coaches, some are great pro coaches. Few can make the jump to the pros from college as a head coach because coaching someone to develop into a pro player is one thing, but after they “get a check” the motivation is gone…pro coaches are not coaches as much as they are counselors for the players at the skill positions. Shoulda let Mora go one more year and steered clear of college coaches altogether. For every Jimmy Johnson there are 100 Pete Carrolls, Steve Suprriers, Bobby Petrinos, Butch Davis’ etc, etc…

  12. Jim Mora appears “very stunned” pretty much all of the time.
    Take the payoff and get back to doing something you were good at, Jim. Like re-stocking Coke machines.


  14. Mora met with the boss, and was told he was being terminated. He asked why, and was told, “you didn’t make the playoffs…”
    He responded, “Playoffs? You’re kidding. Playoffs?…”

  15. I’m just happy we will get to see the Pete Carroll face on the sidelines…
    What? Wha? Wha?……aaaaaaawwwwW!!!!

  16. I would have felt bad about the way the Seahawks had Mora trudge out there last Weds, but then I read Ruskell’s text message to him.
    How’d THAT feel, Jimmy?

  17. @ GoBrowns19
    “Mora pleeeeeeeeeease. I’ve been laid off for 8 months! Can I have just like $50,000?”
    Hell, I’ve been laid off for 9 months…I’d be just fine with 12 million.
    Go be a DC somewhere and stop feeling “stunned”…

  18. He can imitate Daddy now….
    “Fired? Fired?! Did you say Fired?! I’m just trying to maintain a little dignity here. Fired? Are you serious?! Fired?!!”

  19. In a stunning development….you go 5-11 and you get fired. Marty went 14-2 his last year in SD and still got canned. It’s the NFL…nothing guaranteed.

  20. Mora’s last 3 years of being a head coach:
    2005 Falcons: 8-8
    2006 Falcons: 7-9
    2009 Seahawks: 5-11
    I’m not seeing progress there. Frankly I considered his firing by the Seahawks as rectifying their error of hiring him in the first place. Another point of interest: Mora’s teams have progressively gotten worse in offensive production, yards, points, pretty much every year he’s coached. 2004 in Atlanta his team was ranked 14th in points. 2005 he was 16th. 2006 he was 21st. 2009 he was 25th. So let me get this straight: He’s managed to take teams that had some modicum of talent, and slowly degenerate them over time. Awesome.
    Carroll’s not much better, but at least he’s done better in the NFL as a HC, cumulative.
    Mora’s NFL HC record: 31-33
    Carroll’s NFL HC record: 33-31
    Carroll’s NFL teams made the playoffs 2 times out of 4 years. Mora’s only made the playoffs one time in 4 years.
    I’m not saying Carroll is the answer, just more highlighting how bad Mora really is given he’s worse than Carroll. Celebrating Mora while hating on Carroll makes little sense.

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