On Cable, only Al Davis knows what Al Davis will do

Though some believe that the report of a Tom Cable termination on Monday must have been off the mark, keep in mind that it’s not long after 5:00 p.m. in California, and that owner Al Davis supposedly arrives at the office at 4:30 p.m.

In the end, however, Cable’s status will be determined by one person and one person only — Davis himself.

Per a league source, Davis currently consults with senior executive John Herrera, director of college scouting Jon Kingdon, and general counsel Jeff Birren.  That trio primarily tells Davis what they think Davis wants to hear.  So if Davis wants to fire Cable, they’ll support it.  And if Davis doesn’t want to fire Cable, they’ll support it.

The involvement of Birren suggests that, if Cable is fired, he’ll depart with “cause,” blocking him from future payments unless he can persuade NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to rule that Cable had done nothing to discredit the club and/or to breach his contract.

In support of a termination with cause, the Raiders surely would point to the August 2009 incident with former defensive assistant Randy Hanson and the controversy involving multiple women who claim that Cable roughed them up.

If that happens, Cable would be the second straight Raiders coach to be canned for cause. 

And it likely will be a while (if ever) before Cable gets paid; the grievance filed by Lane Kiffin after his termination in September 2008 is still pending, more than 15 months after the fact.

42 responses to “On Cable, only Al Davis knows what Al Davis will do

  1. shouldn’t they fire the “director of college scouting”? my 6 yr old could do a better job on player judgement…. Russel? Mcfadden? DHB? are you serious? what about megatron, Matt Ryan…didn’t they also pass on AP?

  2. John Herrera…..douche bag…….the problem with Oakland is the man that runs it…Al Davis…….until he isn’t in charge. this franchise goes no where…..
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  3. I doubt that Nosferatu is ready to can Cable yet; he needs to make smooth out that powerpoint presentation.
    Al Davis’ press conferences do make for great theater though, in a never ending Greek tragedy sort of way. It’s nice to hear from him for a change, as opposed to the Mouth of Sauron, John Herrera.

  4. I doubt Cable or Lane will ever be able to take it out Al’s hide the way Shanahan did, so good luck with with the legal system.

  5. GoBears84 says:
    January 11, 2010 8:25 PM
    shouldn’t they fire the “director of college scouting”? my 6 yr old could do a better job on player judgement…. Russel? Mcfadden? DHB? are you serious? what about megatron, Matt Ryan…didn’t they also pass on AP?
    I believe this is the same scout that graded Nnamdi Asomugha, Shane Lechler, Sebastian Janikowski, Trevor Scott, Tyvon Branch and Kirk Morrison. Last time I checked, those aforementioned names are doing quite well on an otherwise lousy Oakland team.
    Shoot, one can throw in Louis Murphy and Chaz Schilens into the conversation. With adequate QB play, those two would have had way more stats than they had.

  6. Hey Al! Fire Cable and keep Jawalruss and you’re sure gonna lose a lot of fans. I’m sure your lapdogs will tell you different.

  7. Herrera is like that slimy bastard wispering in the King’s ear in Lord of the Rings – Return of the King.
    My Raiders will continue to suck while this scumbag roams the halls in that building. He is the worst executive in sports.

  8. My Nicka! He almost as bad a$$ as my boy Peterson! Phuc k the Pack Purple is back. I tell you what the Packers got lucky getting there 3 super bowls yo, the Vikes didnt get theirs because I got the inside the Packers payed off some playas to prevent the Purple from getting their own.

  9. A decision to fire Cable will mean a commitment to being two more years from competing for the playoffs. Keeping Cable gives this team a chance to compete this coming season. Mr. Davis has to decide if he wants to stand a chance at being in the playoffs next year or competing for another 5-11 season.

  10. shanarat didnt get crapola from nosferatu (i like) either. he has just had longer to get something.
    the undead must be finally staked, with head severed, to end the curse.
    i have seen enough vampire movies to know how to do the task…

  11. Russel? Mcfadden? DHB?
    I love when scouts/coaches/drafters are ridiculed for making the same pick 90% of the league would have made if they were in they same position.
    Sure you can point to a Bledsoe/Rick Mirer(sp) decision and decide Parcells didn’t blow it by picking Bledsoe. But it was a given that whoever took Mirer (Seattle?) was going to take whoever Parcells did not. Its rare that a team has a Bledsoe/Mirer option. Or a Young/Bush/Williams option, where the pick is not a simple measure of this is the best player to fill our biggest need, and everyone agrees on who it should be.
    Especially with top 10 first round picks.
    So when you need a QB and Russell grades out as the best guy on 90% of the teams and 90% of the Mel Kiper type rankings, odds are you have him rnked the same and you take him.
    There was no consensus that McFadden was a reach or not NFL talent. So you take him at the spot anyone else who needed RB would take him. DHB, you can call them on that. There was agreement that they picked the wrong guy. BUT they did pick the concensous #2 WR and they did get him signed. And DHB was supposed to be picked shortly after Crabtree, not 1/2 a round later.
    Really, how well a team scouts and drafts its determined by how well they do in the late first round and beyond. Its not measured by how the picks everyone in the same situation would have made turn out.
    Are all those teams that did not need a QB fools now for passing on Aaron Rodgers when he started to fall?

  12. Seriously – if he fires ANOTHER coach with “cause” doesn’t that diminish the first firing with “cause” case that is in court now??? It would obviously show that the guy is deranged. Also, doesnt he realize that firing two guys with “cause” back to back will scare away almost any future coach aside from Wayne Fontes and maybe Rich Kotite?

  13. Question for Cowboy fans. Here is a dubious draft selection. Parcells was staring at S Jackson at like pick 23. He traded down with St Louis and they took Jackson. Parcells felt J Jones was the better back. So he traded down, got an extra pick and the RB he wanted.
    Who did they get with the other pick? Was it anyone who doesn’t make you wish he stayed put and took S Jax. Parcells doesn’t get dinged for that one. But unless that extra player is an all-pro, he blew it by not going for the agreed upon better guy.
    Now that is a draft pick that can be criticized, much more then J Russell. Again because anybody sitting in Oaklands draft room that day would have said take Russell

  14. No problem . Keep Cable ..FIRE Russell .
    The Raiders weren’t half bad as long as Russell was on the bench .
    The coach tried with what was handed him and he certainly deserves another chance. Trafe russell for anybody you can get . Leinert ?

  15. Davis would rather listen to the 3 Stooges over, Rich Gannon, Tim Brown and John Madden. pathetic old coot. Die already!

  16. As of last summer he still owed Shanahan too, unless it’s been settled.
    Al Davis is the most disgusting shameless owner in professional sports. This guy is and has been an eyesore on the NFL for years. If, as some sports websites have said Goodell is the most powerful figure in sports, why can’t he exert some of his supposed power and bring Davis under control for the benefit of the league.

  17. I would have had no problem if they had fired Cable “for cause” back in August when the “alleged” ass-whupping occurred. In fact, they should have. And the league should have done something too.
    But to wait 5 months? Bullshit. Just another bullshit move by a crazy old man. One that I once respected.

  18. Hey Al! Just die baby!
    Al is almost as retarded as Pervy_Harvin. I just hope that guy isn’t serious, and if he is, that he doesn’t procreate.

  19. LOL what a joke of a franchise this is! Keep Cable! Super Bowl next year! (Most sarcastic voice possible) :-/

  20. “what about megatron, Matt Ryan…didn’t they also pass on AP?”
    Matt Ryan was already off the board when they picked McFadden.. who was considered the best prospect overall that year…. most teams drafted for need that year…. DHB is a work in progress, and they knew that drafting him… still too early to write the book on him. Most teams that needed a QB would have drafted Jamarcus if they had had the first pick that year…. the only other QB to go in the first round was Brady Quinn, who certainly hasn’t shown to be much better… People always want to say the Raiders don’t have talent, but that isn’t true. More than anything this year, they missed leadership from the QB position… until Cable finally made the switch and benched Jamarcus. There is talent there, they need more leadership and better play calling. Of course, Schilenz was mentioned, but remember, he missed the first half of the year with a broken foot.

  21. Al Davis situation reminds me of what the Chicago Blackhawks went through.
    The old man Wirtz ran the team into the ground with the fans and the players. Once he passed on the “son”
    Rocky changed the atmosphere by hiring “good” front office people and began to bring the team back to the fans.
    I hate to print this but unless Davis is not replaced due to illness or the reaper the Raiders will never get back to the historical franchise it once was. Hell can they get back to .500 ?

  22. “director of college scouting Jon Kingdon”
    just got the name of the worst talent evaluator in the NFL lol

  23. Hate to say it, but the Raiders situation probably wont improve unless Al Davis dies.
    AL Davis has a son.
    Al Davis jr will inherit the team.
    Raider Cult followers need to come to terms that the Al Davis name will continue anther 60 years.
    Son is just like Dad.
    Raider Zombies there are 31 other teams to choose from. And these teams have decent owners who try to win and not sabotage their franchise,

  24. Tom Cable is not the absolute answer at head coach. He will certainly not be a guy who will take Oakland to a Super Bowl situation. He will be lucky if he would be the guy to get Oakland to the playoffs.
    The reality of the situation is that Tom Cable is what Oakland needs the most as a head coach option for next season. This team needs some semblance of consistency. This situation is so bad that it needs to get back to even or so before it can go on. That starts with having a team that is trying to go in the same direction by the same means for more than a season.
    The team is not far off from even, if it can have a path to follow. We have seen a team that can play some good defensive games when the plan is right. There is a QB (Gradkowski) that has shown at least a little stability/winning attitude. There are some skill position players that have shown they have talent. It is a matter of pulling it all together with the same attitude every week and every season, with the same leadership and expectations every week and every season.
    A lot of the team has shown that they want to play hard for the guy. The players seem to want him back. Give it another go, have a smart, risk-free offseason/draft, and try to get the team back to respectability–though all of us Raiders fans know that Al would never play it safe, and try to see something to the end.

    January 11, 2010 8:28 PM
    That’s a myth. Billick, Fassel, Martz — all 3 have coached in Super Bowls and have winning records as NFL head coaches. All 3 would take the Raiders job.
    Not to mention Jon Gruden. That’s right. I’ve watched closely and Gruden has been clearly sending smoke signals that he wants back in the Silver & Black. He’d command a considerable salary and would want control of the 53-man roster, but he’d definitely take the job if the offer was in step with his market value.
    Remember: there are only 32 NFL head coaching jobs.

  26. Goodell is Harvey Hardguy with handing out discipline until it comes to a situation where his authority is really needed; the Raiders and Al Davis. Davis is an embarrassment to the league and Goodell does nothing about it. There must be clauses in his ownership of an NFL team that allow the rest of the owners to separate him from team “for cause”. But rather than work on that, Goodell would rather play tough guy with teams resting starters that have clinched a playoff spot. What a joke.

  27. Well, he didn’t pay Shanahan and he didn’t pay Kiffin. Would it be such a big surprise if he didn’t pay Cable?

  28. You haveto understand that for all of these skill positioned players to succeed they have decent or good O lines.. Is Felix Jones better than Mcfadden? No.. but his oline is like a thousand times better.. Nobody talks about A.Ps fumbles cause his line gets him his 1400 yds every year. This also applies to defense.. You can have the best backfield ever ( Asumugah anyone?) but without a good D line they get shredded with the run.

  29. You haveto understand that for all of these skill positioned players to succeed they have decent or good O lines.. Is Felix Jones better than Mcfadden? No.. but his oline is like a thousand times better.. Nobody talks about A.Ps fumbles cause his line gets him his 1400 yds every year. This also applies to defense.. You can have the best backfield ever ( Asomugah anyone?) but without a good D line they get shredded with the run.

  30. “shouldn’t they fire the “director of college scouting”? my 6 yr old could do a better job on player judgement…. Russel? Mcfadden? DHB? are you serious? what about megatron, Matt Ryan…didn’t they also pass on AP?”
    Yeah, the passed on AP…..Percy Harvin…. Kiffin wanted Calvin Johnson, not JaMarcus Russell, and he wanted Garcia then Trent Edwards in the 2nd round.
    Davis’ exact words; He’s a great quarterback, get over it! Just coach the team.
    you see the results. Try looking up Kingdon on wikipedia…you can get results of the better GM’s like Heckert and EricDeCosta , Ravens dir of college scouting. You get ZERO when you look up Kingdon’s bio.
    And for the record, Al Davis son is Mark, not Al Davis, Jr.

  31. Excellent post, hotchick.
    As for the firing that was iminent yesterday…..
    Monday came and went without Raiders managing general partner Al Davis meeting with coach Tom Cable to discuss Cable’s job status. Unsubstantiated reports pegged Monday as the day that Cable and Davis would meet.
    Contra Costa Times.
    lol, they didn’t even meet.

  32. For those who think Goodell should do something, I really don’t think he can. I may be wrong about this, but from what I have read the NFL is “owned” by the owners of the 32 teams. They aren’t going to kick one of their own out, especially one who has such a history with the league. Plus they aren’t going to make rules that allow them to lose their teams. It would be like Congress putting in term limits.
    Maybe Al is actually listening to the players who want Cable to stay

  33. WCRaider says: January 11, 2010 9:13 PM
    A decision to fire Cable will mean a commitment to being two more years from competing for the playoffs.
    We wouldn’t even get THAT lucky, because whoever he hires, will only get two seasons to prove himself, and the cycle will start all over again. That’s been one of the biggest problems in Oakland since the first Shell era. other than Gruden, no other coach has gotten more than 32 games to get their system up and running. Oh, wait, I meant Al’s system up and running.
    The lack of consistency at the head coaching position has hurt this team for around a decade and a half. If Al can’t get a big name to coach the team, then there is no reason to make a change. The team is responding to Cable better than any coach since Gruden. It would be stupid to fire him just because Cable realizes what most already do, that JaBust is holding the entire team back, and shouldn’t be playing. Al can use any excuse he wants, but he fires Cable, it’s over Russell and nothing else. Davis wants to be right about that idiot no matter what.

  34. Howy long have you been a Raider fan? Anyway, you must know by now that Al will do what ever it takes to get back to the win column. Cable will be back, he is winning football games finally and Al wants a winner to run the team. They will straighten out their differences and get the “kid” to play and throw down field with accuracy. The receiver corp is now solidified with Chad/Murray on the corners and the two big tight ends. The running game is now the big three with Bush/Macfadden and the other kid. Gradkowski will start and Jamarcus with play back up. Namdi will be francise man again and all will be well.

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