PFTV looks at the biggest disappointments of 2009

Now that I’ve made it home after four days in New York — two of which were surreal, in a great way — I’ve realized that I accidentally left one of the PFTV segments from last week in the PFTV hopper.

So a day before we head back to the studio for another quintet of topics, here’s the last one from the last batch.

Specifically, we look at the biggest disappointments of the 2009 season.

15 responses to “PFTV looks at the biggest disappointments of 2009

  1. Florio, you picked the Redskins to go to the Superbowl. How the hell did you not have them as a disappointment?

  2. of course Florio says the Steelers…uggh, so old.
    You guys look so much older than Gregggg

  3. Interesting your story about Dallas’s scoreboard being a big deal didn’t make the cut….

  4. Most disappointing story is that the Vikings didn’t get to stomp the Packers a third time.

  5. Surely your biggest disappointment was not one kicker hitting the Dallas scoreboard…

  6. According to Mrs. Florio, it has been in the bedroom.

  7. You’re not that painful to look at, but minimizing the repetitive hand gestures will get you more network guest invites.

  8. steelers, gynauts, anyone i bet on last week who crapped the bed, denver after a good start, houston, hotlanta…

  9. (Mike, hate to ask for fear they’ll answer … but why do they hurl such abuse at you?)
    Biggest disappointments:
    Steelers, obviously, as defending champs returning with all coaches and almost all players. As noted, an injured Polamalu doesn’t explain everything.
    Demise of the Giants–at one point described as the elite of the league.
    The anticlimax of the Colts’ and Saints’ regular seasons.
    Failure of Atlanta to live up to last year or Jags to live up to two years ago.
    Comments from people like “facelessman” that prove Americans haven’t come as far on race issues as we like to think.

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