Ravens-Patriots one-liners

RB Ray Rice ran for an 83-yard touchdown on the first play of the game and the Ravens led 24-0 after 15 minutes of their 33-14 victory against the Patriots.

Said Ravens LB Ray Lewis, “To get started like that and to get us a lead, it’s kind of hard for
any team to jump out of the gate on somebody like that. You have to take your hat off to that young kid [Rice].
He’s played like that all year.”

Ravens LB Terrell Suggs ended the first Patriots drive with a sack and strip of QB Tom Brady to help set up a second touchdown in the first moments of the game.

The Ravens defense forced two more turnovers in the first quarter, leading to 10 more points and a comfortable lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco completed 4 of 10 passes for 34 yards with an interception, but he scrambled for a key first down despite an injured quadriceps.

Brady was intercepted three times for the third time in his playoff career, but Sunday was the first time the Patriots didn’t go on to win the game.

Said Patriots DT Vince Wilfork, “We didn’t play like it was a playoff game, more like a preseason game.
We would never get the job done with that effort we put out there.”

Tom Curran of Comcast Sports Net New England writes that the loss proves that the “decade of the Patriots is past.”

RB Kevin Faulk accounted for 89 of the Patriots’ 196 yards and enters the offseason without a contract for the 2010 season.

WR Julian Edelman had five catches for 44 yards and two touchdowns, but Ravens defenders still said that the Patriots appeared to be missing Wes Welker on offense.

11 responses to “Ravens-Patriots one-liners

  1. How ’bout dem Ravens!
    Would be great to see them somehow overcome their nemesis, P. Manning’s Colts.

  2. So let’s recap all of this:
    1. Patriots have won zero SB’s since they took the video cameras away.
    2. I guess the Pats weren’t playing possum at the end of the regular season after all, as a few NE fans were postulating on these pages.
    3. To those who said, “No one wants to play the Patriots in the playoffs,” um, well, actually everyone wishes they could have played the Patriots in the playoffs.
    4. Tom Brady is much more concerned with protecting himself than he is winning anything anymore. I call him “Chuck-and-Duck.”
    5. The Pats are done. There are too many holes to fill, and by the time reinforcements arrive via the extra draft picks, more of the vets will be on the wrong side. Sayonara, boys.
    6. Randy Moss is both a FRONT-RUNNER and a QUITTER. He’s a spoiled brat who only plays if everything is going his way. He is the last guy you want to go to war with; the first to abandon ship when the going gets tough. What a total loser. Gee, and no SB rings for the guy. What an utter shock.

  3. It was a great football day. Pats lose, cards win.
    It was funny to see brady’s face on the sidelines, looking like a spoiled little brat. Priceless.
    Go away now, go home. No super bowl for you, come back one year.
    There, I also beat florio to the sienfeld punch.

  4. Welker was the Pat’s honerary captain at the coin flip. Tyree was the Raven’s honorary captain.
    Bellicheat outcoached in yet another aspect yesterday…

  5. Hey haters –
    Until your team appears in 4 Superbowls in one decade, winning three in four years, winning 7 division championships in the decade, seven playoff appearances in the same decade, appear in the disvional championship game 5 times in the same decade – why don’t you do us all a favor and crawl back in to mom and dads basement and STFU!
    We fans knew it wouldn’t last forever, but unlike you haters, we have had a VERY GOOD and competitive team for ten years and enjoyed every moment of it.
    Yes, it’s time to rebuild again, but DON’T count this team out EVER. It is why I have been a fan all these years. Keep hating us, we fans will just LOMFAO at you….

  6. Uh, Patsfansince73, everyone but Pats fans knows those “wins” were bogus. Now that the defensive also gets its signals via radio, Billy and Tommy can’t cheat. Tommy looks like the 6th-rounder he really is and the “genius” is exposed.

  7. Hey spyboots (and all others like him) –
    EVERY team does what they can to cheat. If you think yours doesn’t – WAKE UP!
    If it weren’t for the fact that Mangina (the wuss of the coaching world) finked them out for something he started, then it would have been mute.
    Again, you haters need to go back into your basements and hope mom and dad support you for a while more, because if judged by your responses here, you obviously don’t have enough intellegence to have a good paying job. Keep flipping those burgers for us though, we who do have intellegence, good paying jobs and money get hungry. We also have a team worth routing for as well.

  8. Justifying cheating… what a bunch of desperate fanboys. But I suppose it’s good to admit it. Later we’ll work on the fact that it’s wrong. Small steps…

  9. “If it weren’t for the fact that Mangina (the wuss of the coaching world) finked them out for something he started, then it would have been MUTE.”
    I’m guessing you meant “moot?” So what were you saying about intelligence?
    How come no Pats fans have addressed that since they were caught cheating, their beloved team has gone slowly downhill?

  10. I think that in order to classify yourself as intelligent you need to be able to spell the word correctly. (Learned that in my mother’s basement.)
    Yesterday’s game was a thing of beauty!

  11. You haters are bringing some bad karma on your selves. “Slowly down hill”. They went undefeated the year after! They had their best season ever! Buy a clue. The Patriots defense just went thru a hard rebuild year.

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