Rolle wants no part of Aaron Rodgers again

Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle got a taste of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, a week after facing him in Week 17.

And Rolle has no interest in a third helping.

“Let me tell you something – that dude is scary,” Rolle said of Rodgers, per Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “We have a great defense, and we were up on him and ready to pounce, and he found ways to tear us apart.

“I don’t ever want to face him again in my life.  I am dead serious. 
I’ll face Drew Brees any day of the week before I face him again.”

Rolle gets his wish on a day coming later this week, when the Cardinals go to New Orleans for a division-round playoff game.

(And we’ve got a feeling someone will share Rolle’s observations with Brees.)

Though the compliment likely won’t do much to make Packers fans feel better about a bad season turned good but ultimately gone bad, Rodgers seems to be doing a great job of replacing Brett Favre.

And Rodgers has plenty of football left in him.

45 responses to “Rolle wants no part of Aaron Rodgers again

  1. Best quote of the day was from Merrill Hodge, who when asked who he liked in the Saints/Cards game, said something like this:
    “I like the Cardinals. Great offense and a fresh defense – since they didn’t play this week.”

  2. It is unbelievable how much unfair criticism Rodgers gets. He leds his team back from a 31-10 deficit and sets the franchise record for most passing yards in a playoff game but yet he gets called a choker by other fans on this site because of one mistake. I know it was game costing but you have to admit that Rodgers was lights out tonight.

  3. great player, great stats, but really holds on to the ball way too long ( i know its easy to say after what happened today, but its happened all year)…that would be the only problem i see with rodgers and im a bears fan…quite obvious he is the best qb in the division and probably number 2 in the NFC behind only brees

  4. Rodgers gave a great performance. Too bad it ended with that awkward hackeysack kick, but that doesn’t take away from what he did the rest of the game.
    I would also think the league learned a little about Jermichael Finley this year. He’s going to be an elite TE very soon. He’s a very good one already. No homo.

  5. I think Rodgers madden rating was as low as 72 at one point, and was under 80 until last two years.
    Most packer fans didnt think very much of him.
    When I told people during his FIRST PRESEASON he was gonna make pro bowl quarterback, I wasnt taken seriously.

  6. That’s it,my Packers suck big time.I knew for years that they were a joke but I was in denial,no more.GO Vikings!!!!!!!!.How could I have been so stupid to be a Packer back all these years?

  7. Aaron Rodgers is one of the top 6 qbs in the league. I would love to bet anyone that he will have a superbowl victory before his career is done. Hes thrown for 4000 yards in his first to seasons as a starter, and usually makes the smart plays. It took him two seasons to learn what Favre took 15+ years.

  8. The mentally weak Cardinals totally bagged it after the 1st quarter. This is why Whisenhunt is a crappy coach who had a lucky three game streak against weak teams last year.
    They pounded the Packers in every way and built a huge lead, and then popped the champagne. The defense in particular, completely bagged it and never got it going again for 3 1/2 entire quarters before the final game winning play.
    STUPID penalites left and right, and DB’s diving into the air instead of simply tackling Rodgers, and other dumb plays that could’ve cinched the game at various points in the 2nd half, a pussy coaching call, to go for the FG, rather than run one more passing play, and a big time choke job by Rackers.
    This wasn’t so much about the Packers (but kudos for not giving up), but the Cardinals showing they will are not ready for “prime time” and will lose next week.

  9. If the Saints take the Cardinals lightly like the Packers did, they’ll lose easily. This Arizona team is for real in the post season!

  10. Looking forward to Rolle praising Tony Romo after the Cowboys defeat the Cardinals in two weeks en route to Super Bowl trophy number 6.

  11. 15th in scoring defense, 20th in yardage. Not exactly a “great” defense there in Arizona, more like an opportune one.
    Didn’t Rolle sit out the week 17 game?
    Roders had a wonderful season – good for him, seems like a good guy. GB has done a nice job of developing him, especially since a lot of highly rated Cal QBs didn’t translate as well to the NFL.
    Nice season GB! Five game improvement and a playoff appearance – better than I thought would happen for them.

  12. But “you shouldn’t draft any Jeff Tedford-tutored QBs because they all flop in the NFL.”

  13. The Pack are a young team with a bright future. They will be even better next year. There is no doubt that TT made the right decision in ending Favre’s flip-flopping and going with Rodgers. No one player is above the team. Hate to see the Pack lose, but it was a fun game and a great season. Go Pack!

  14. Makes us a feel a little better…for being the proverbial smoke blown up our collective asses and all.
    Then again one helmet-to-helmet call actually like, you know, CALLED, might have been the difference.
    Should’a Could’a Would’a…

  15. Coming from a Vikes fan: Packers are going to be a force for many years. Rodgers is young, Grant, Jennings, Finley, Mathews too. This team is scary

  16. The Packers are suppose to have the #2 defense in the League right? So what does that say about todays NFL defenses? Either todays NFL defenses just flat out suck…..or…….could it be all the (Colts/Manning) rule changes to help Manning, the colts, NFL offenses, and QB’s have made the game one sided? I mean think about it? You can’t even touch a reciever anymore on defense or its p.i or illegal contact. (thank you Manning and Pollian) cause these rules are now over enforced thanks to the crybaby Colts after their 03 loss to the Pats in the AFC Championship game. Because Manning and Polian cried about the physical play thier recievers got from the Pats D ……What do you know they changed the ways they called p.i calls. Now if you look at a reciver its p.i. And most of the roughing the passer calls are terrible. I am a defensive kind of guy and I belive this game is all the proof anyone needs how lopsided the rules are for the QB’s, offenses, recievers, and how impossible it has become to play defense anymore with all the sorry ticky tack b.s. calls. Its football. People get hurt. They get paid millions for it so whats the problem? If Peyton “the pussy” Manning cant complete a ball cause a reciever being outplayed physically or if Manning gets sacked and hurt……its football!!!! Get another job Peyton and Polian cause you two are ruining the game of football with all your little “rule changes” that you vote for eevery year to benafit Peyton, pussy QB’s, and non talented non physical revievers……you know who you are.

  17. Hey, well, maybe another helmet to helmet hit on him or the facemask at the end of the game would actually be called a penalties by the refs this time. But that’s besides the point now…

  18. Too much praise. That receiving corps is loaded.
    And what happened to all the bawling about the offensive line. Favre doesn’t have blocking like that.

  19. Aaron Rodgers is a real QB. Too bad that he had sit for so long. Otherwise he would have legitimate chance to break some of the records.
    He is going to be one of the best in the league for long. He has the strong Charisma and would be a great leader as well.

  20. Just last year with the Jets, Favre lit them up for SIX TD passes, and Tarvaris Jackson threw 4 TDs and had a perfect QB rating against them.
    Favre led that Packer tean to a 13-3 record his last year there.
    So, tell me, what did Rodgers do again?

  21. mnmaverick –
    You’re failing to bring up Favres performance this year vs the Cardinals.
    So, tell me, how did that go again?

  22. LBPACKFAN says:
    January 11, 2010 8:10 AM
    mnmaverick –
    You’re failing to bring up Favres performance this year vs the Cardinals.
    So, tell me, how did that go again?
    Is that relevant in any way today tool box? Go to your gopher hole now…come back out after you you discover 6 more weeks of winter in Feb.

  23. mmaverick is clearly a butt hurt Favre fan.
    What did rodgers do? Oh I dont know, put the team on his shoulders and rallied them back from a 31-10 third quarter deficit. Dropped 45 points on a defense Favre could only score 17 against.
    God I can’t wait for Favre to have his typical playoff meltdown next week against a great Dallas defense.

  24. Pervy –
    I am simply replying to his post. Is that ok?
    How are the girly drinks today? Are ya gonna have a jolly rancher martini??? You should…then post on here about you lakeside property…you’re $1.5 million dollar yacht…and the logs crackling in your sweet fireplace. You truly are pathetic…and it’s ok…because you provide entertainment for many people.
    P.S. – it’s Percy Harvin. FYI.
    Maybe I should have a name on here like Craig Jennings….or Darnell Driver.

  25. Weeks ago Florio was ki$$ing Favre’s a$$, how could a guy this old play like he was in his twenties and now he decides it’s good for his web site to ki$$ Karen Rodgers’s A$$. You’re such a whore Florio.

  26. Trent Dillfer’s analysis.
    He’s a system QB.
    He’s a game manager, they only ask of him little stuff, not to win games, just to sit on a lead and hand the ball off.

  27. LBPACKFAN- You can come to my lakeside spread anytime…if you bring foreign beer and some easy women!
    I think I know its Percy idiot…I don’t portray myself as other people so i tweeked the name
    Like if you wood be Charles Woodcock, Sharon Rodgers, Jason Vorhees Crosby, Gay Mathews, Ronald McDonald Driver, Ryan piss Ant,
    Think you get it? LOL

  28. Trent Dilfer’s analysis? I’ll listen to Joe Montana’s analysis, John Elway’s analysis, Troy Aikman’s analysis, or Steve Young’s analysis. But Trent Dilfer!? Who the hell cares what he thinks! Just because he’s on ESPN he knows everything? This is the same network that had Sean Salisbury as an analyst. You know, the guy who said Michael Vick would be the league’s first 1,000 yard rushing-4,000 passing quarterback.

  29. Ignore Trent Dilfer……he’s a Favre nutlicker. He actually argued that Fave shouldn’t have to do what his head coach says. It was funny, Merril Hoge tore him up and made him look every bit as stupid as he is. That’s why they sit apart from eachother now instead of next to eachother. Merril broke him off.

  30. Erin Rodgers is the NFL’s new JEFF GEORGE..puts up lots of gaudy stats, has a good arm but DOESN’T WIN FOOTBALL GAMES (except against weak opponents).
    The Cards got soft and let the Packers back into the game. They stopped blitzing and were selling out for the interception since they had a big lead, and paid for it.
    Oh..and what about the fact that Rodgers CHOKED and threw 2 picks that lost the game?
    Florio and the AROD nuthuggers dismiss it because it wasn’t FAVRE who did it.
    Talk about HYPOCRISY!

  31. Oh..and Merill Hodge is a MORON..too many hits to his SOFT head…
    Look at how the Vikings have been playing since they abandoned CHILLYBALL…
    You guys are idiots. Especially you, CaptainFanspastic…

  32. Wow – nice compliment, but you would think that he would have made a QB comparison like Manning or Brady or ANYONE but the great QB he’s gonna be facing in the next game.

  33. yeah, he looks like he’s gonna be a pain in the ass in the division for a while… maybe we can lure him in via free agancy after brett retires. that would be too funny.

  34. sven_ftw says: January 11, 2010 9:19 PM
    yeah, he looks like he’s gonna be a pain in the ass in the division for a while… maybe we can lure him in via free agancy after brett retires. that would be too funny.
    First of all Rodger will never see the light of free agency….ever. Second of all, you didn’t even *lure* Favre from the Packers to the Vikings. The only reason you ended up with Favre is because he was desperate and nobody else wanted him this year or were desperate enough to give up full control of the team to him for a one-season rent-a-QB. Now that the locker room has seen who’s in control of the team (hint: it isn’t Childress), it will be the inmates running the asylum for years to come. I bet Zygi regrets re-signing the limo driver to a contract extension.

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