X-rays negative on Todd Heap's back

Todd Heap may not put up numbers like he used to, but he’s enjoyed a strong bounce back season for the Ravens in 2009.

The season has a better chance to continue after x-rays on Heap’s back came back negative Monday, according to ESPN’s James Walker.  The team called the injury a back stinger after Baltimore’s win.

Heap is scheduled for further testing later this week and his status for Saturday’s game against the Colts is unclear. 

A Pro Bowler in 2002-2003, Heap remains a key blocker and is third on the team in receptions and receiving yards with 53 catches for 593 yards.

14 responses to “X-rays negative on Todd Heap's back

  1. Like Heap’s x-rays, the Ravens chances of beating the Colt’s are also negative.
    Peyton won’t be careless with the football like “comeback player of the year” and turnover machine Tommy Tuck Rule Brady.

  2. Ravens are going to say, “hey colts, guess what? were gonna run it right up the middle, yup this gap right here, and were gonna run it down your #$%#%# throats!” And guess what? They will.
    This is the big thing, you see everyone looks at Peyton and his weapons, we know their offense, they know our defense, but our D really stepped up and the pass rush was great. Manning is horrific when he gets chased all over the place, if Baltimore does this, it is a blow out. Manning will throw a couple picks just like last game. Flacco will make the throws on the weak secondary of the Colts, which are like all rookies. And that small defensive line is going to get beat down for sixty minutes by a massive front by the Ravens, especially when they bring chester in, good luck

  3. The key to this game is getting Manning off his spot. It’s almost impossible to sack the guy, but you can get him to move. If (and that is a big if) you can get him off his spot, his accuracy goes in the shitter. I’d feel a whole lot better if Lardarius Webb didn’t blow out his knee, but you play with what you got. The Ravens need to play serious ball control. If they win the time of possession and avoid the kind of stupid mistakes that has characterized most of this season, they will have a realistic shot of winning. They are not good enough to overcome stupid penalties or turnovers. That is about as objective assessment a Ravens fan can give about a game played against the Colts.

  4. win TOP, just like miami did… oh wait…
    That is still the key. If we can do what Miami did with the wildcat, with our three headed monster, things should be ok. The difference being our defense vs the Miami defense. Who know’s, with Peyton, indy could still pull it off, but that would give us the best chance to win.
    Either way, having Heap healthy enough to at least block will help. I hope it’s a good game.

  5. Jersey73 – Up until about 72 hours ago, the Patriots were 4-0 against the Ravens, as well as undefeated in home playoff games since the late 70s.
    The Colts are 0-3 (or maybe 0-2?) in the playoffs when coming off a first round bye, and they never fare well after they’ve rested starters. If you They were only able to put up 17 points on Baltimore the last time they played each other.
    Baltimore goes into this Saturday with a lot of the pieces finally together that they’ve struggled all season to place, as well as a TON of momentum and intensity. On paper it’s obvious Indy should win….but if we’re going there, the Pats should have won too.

  6. Idk what some of you are talking about, Indy’s D is $%#%, think about it. If we can run all over them and Flacco can do what he did last time against them with completing passes to Mason and Rice, it’s all over folks. What’s so hard to get? Indy’s Run offense is horrific and they’re very one dimensional. Flacco will make the plays. They have way too much intesity, momentum, and physicality for the Colts to handle. Blow out or close win for Baltimore

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