Bobby April makes the rounds

Former Bills special teams coordinator Bobby April is having a pretty good January.

Fired eight days ago (but, according to the team, not really fired), April has multiple teams interested in his services. 

Most recently, April has interviewed with the 49ers, according to the Associated Press

On Sunday, April interviewed with the Steelers.

The Redskins also are interested.

At the NFL level, April previously worked for the Rams, Saints, Steelers, and Falcons.  At the college level, April once spent four years with Southern Cal, which should put him in line for consideration for the job that no one wants — if Lane Kiffin ultimately decides that he doesn’t want it, either.

10 responses to “Bobby April makes the rounds

  1. Best news I’ve heard today!!!!
    Don’t know if the Steelers will make an offer, but the fact that they’re interviewing April means they’re doing SOMETHING on special teams.

  2. I can’t wait for other people to figure out he doesn’t have any good blocking schemes now that the wedge is illegal.

  3. although April may be an upgrade for many teams’ special teams units, i’m not convinced of his “genius” abilities after failing to adjust to the ‘no-wedge’ rule on kickoffs (not to mention 2 screw ups that cost the bills 2 games vs. pats and vs. browns)

  4. I have to say some of my favorite plays this year involved watching Jeff Reed’s tackling technique
    I would hate to see April in Pitt & miss the comedy of Reed vs Percy Harvin in the open field

  5. Dunno how good this guy is, but for the niners special teams it couldn’t get any worse in the return game.

  6. spliff-Jeff Reed may be a weak tackler, putting it nicely.. But he is one of the best kickers in the game. And finding good kickers, plus those that can kick at Heinz Field is hard to find. Steelers would be insane not to reup Reed..

  7. Mr. Bobby April…please come to Pittsburgh, we NEED you more than any team…please!!!

  8. Sure Jeff Reed is a weak tackler. As I’m sure 90% of kickers in the NFL are. Unfortunately as Steeler fans we have to watch out kicker try and make tackles far more than other fans do, because our special teams absolutely suck.

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