Cable still waits to meet with Al Davis

A small glitch arose in connection with the report that Raiders owner Al Davis would fire coach Tom Cable on Monday.

Per the Associated Press, the two men never met.

It remains to be seen whether they get together today — and if so whether Davis pulls the trigger on the man who replaced Lane Kiffin during the 2008 season.

Since Jon Gruden left after the 2001 season, Davis has had five head coaches:  Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Art Shell, Kiffin, and Cable.

We’re told that Davis alone will make the decision, with echo-chamber input from senior executive John Herrera, director of college scouting Jon Kingdon, and general counsel Jeff Birren.

30 responses to “Cable still waits to meet with Al Davis

  1. What will you guys do if he doesn’t get fired. All of these reports would have been “WRONG”.
    I can’t even fatham any story you put up could ever be “WRONG”.
    Oh… wait…

  2. Any truth to the rumor that Al Davis likes to fire people on the 13th of the month???
    If so, wednesday would be a good day for Cable to call in sick…

  3. Any truth to the rumor that Davis likes to fire people on the 13th of the month???
    If so, wednesday would be a good day for Cable to call in sick…

  4. That would be hilarious if Davis tells Cable he’s fired with cause and Cable in return threw Davis through a window.

  5. Bang up job with the reporting there fellas……..So what your saying is, The head Coach of the Raiders will soon meet with the Owner of the Raiders? Glad you guys can put 2 and 2 together. I’ll be sure to look for your next post on the Raiders. I would love to see what the headline on PFT would be if Davis ends up keeping Cable. Any suggestion…….????

  6. What a circus!
    Raider Ball
    3 things need to get done and then we can start to turn this thing around.
    1.) Al steps down/aside (wont happen)
    2.) John Herrera to go get lost somewhere, if it wasn’t for Al he would be flipping burgers.
    3.) Cut ties with that bust of a QB..
    I mean seriously… (play circus music now)
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  7. Al Davis: I need my Depends changed.
    Tom Cable: What?
    Al Davis: Boy! I said I need my Depends changed.
    Herrera whispers in Al Davis’s good ear: Al, this is Tom Cable. The head coach of the Raiders.
    Al Davis: OOooh. Well then. Tom. I am going to have to fire you and then I wont be paying you either. How you like them apples?
    Tom Cable: Crack! %*@ (as he breaks Al’s jaw with a wicked right hook).
    Al Davis: Oh wait. You are hired again. I love the fire you just displayed. You are the man to bring back the glory of the Rayduh Nation. Welcome aboard Tom.
    Tom Cable: Thanks Al. And by the way, I performed coitus on your receptionist while I waited.
    Al Davis: Excellent! He is an attractive little Phillipino boy I hired for the sole purpose of giving me bubble baths.

  8. Herrera is so worthless. I’ve seen him compared to the character of Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings and it’s exactly right.
    That being said the whole mess is still Al’s fault. But Herrera doesn’t help things.

  9. Actually C. Montgomery Davis was on his way last week to fire Cable but his walker got caught in a crack in a new part of the Raider complex. After he fires Cable (ETA next week) he’s going to fire the assistant who was supposed to put tennis balls on the walker.

  10. Fire Cable.
    Hire Glanville.
    Since the franchise is a joke, why not have a pint-sized joker roaming the sidelines?

  11. Cable a decent and capable coach. Can he win a super bowl ? Doubt it. Can he be a voice of reason and stability until Al finally comes to the realization he is no longer respected and or a force in the NFL, yes ! Al’s gang of goons are short for this world. Did you hear that Herrera ?

  12. @ Zak.
    The last 5 Raiders to be fired (as mentioned in above article), none of them have been fired on a Friday. Stop watching PTI. Both talk out of their asses and the majority of their viewers agree with it.

  13. I wonder if Al is even aware the Raiders have had 7 straight losing seasons with a 11 or more losses. Does if even know JaMarcus Russell is the worst QB since Ryan Leaf? Al Davis is insane and is losing Raider fans, loyal Raider fans are fed up with his immature games. Its really sad to see a once proud franchise in such a bad shape.
    Since 2003
    5 Head Coaches
    8-10 different QBs
    1 GM/Owner
    hmmmm… I wonder who the problems is?

  14. With all due respect to the posters who are making fun, saying “the reports will be wrong” etc. In this case we are dealing with Al Davis. No one knows what the heck he is going to do one minute to the next. And this would even be if he told someone to their face what he was going to do.
    He could always wake up one day and replace Cable with a tea cozy, and it wouldn’t be shocking, it would just be “Al Davis.”

  15. I honestly think that Cables fate is hinged on weather Al Davis finds a respectable replacement for him. If nobody bites Al’s bait then dont be surprised if cable stays… Even if he is replaced i wouldnt be surprised to see him be a very well paid Oline coach or maybe even a O.C

  16. “We’re told that Davis alone will make the decision, with echo-chamber input from senior executive John Herrera, director of college scouting Jon Kingdon, and general counsel Jeff Birren.”
    ‘Tis unfortunate that Amy Trask is not in there – she probably has the most bollocks and brains (the former by character; the latter by default) in the organisation. Of the others, we have:
    a) Senior henchman executive Mr. Herrera (a.k.a. Waylon Smithers) is known to be a biological entity; (i.e. something akin to an amoeba). The judge is till out as to who may be the ventriloquist who puts all the rubbish in his pseudo-oral cavity , since protozoo are inherently unable to speak due to both lack of brains and a mouth.
    b) Jon Kingdon, Director of college scouting. Probably the best of the three. Everyone knows that Al picks rounds 1, 2 and probably 3. He’s the one who probably is the finder of all the corn in the dung (I honestly cannot bring myself to say diamonds in the rough due to the state of my team)
    C) Mr. Birren is a solicitor, so there is no football knowledge there – he’ll just do what he’s told to do.
    Mr. Davis, please do the correct thing. In a checklist format, this would be;
    a) Hire a GM (a real one, not one who runs a B&B or bingo store).
    b) Put Mr. Herrera out to pasture – he should get along well with the cattle.
    c) Change JaWalrus to Nose Tackle. This should motivate him to quit so you could cancel his contract for cause
    d) Resign the Polish Rifle. At least he has some pluckiness and bollocks.
    e) Get an offensive coordinator who knows what he’s doing.
    f) Step down (not necessary if ye abstain from meddling).
    Kind Regards,

  17. The media reported as if they had inside information that Cable would meet with Al Davis on Monday and be fired.
    Now that the story turned out to be bull I guess next time the hog jowled x Raider employee that was forced to walk the Raiders parking lot as to not miss a payday.
    Than offers to work for nothing in Denver only to be fired. I did not even know that you could be fired for a job you were not being paid for.
    Funny how 99% of everything the media reports on with regards to what the Raiders will or will not do turns out to be pure bull.
    I bet Al Davis was laughing his ass off at all the clowns hanging outside the locked gates at the Raiders offices on Monday thinking something was going down.

  18. think cable has the players ears,they like him and he is doing a better job then any of the other H.C. that being said hes getting fired and were going to start rebuilding under Rich Kotite!

  19. @DarlinKnight- I think your 100% right. No one knows what Al Davis is going to do. Which is why it’s pretty irresponsible on PFT’s part to post articles like: REPORT, DAVIS WILL TELL CABLE HE’S FIRED TODAY.
    If you followed the Raiders on this site at all, you will see that PFT is just like ESPN. RAIDER HATERS!! Do you see this many negative posts about the Rams or the Lions? No, and those are the 2 worst teams in the league for some time now. It’s just great to see them jump the gun with there sources, and see that they were wrong. Here’s to hoping Cable stays on as HeadCoach, and PFT is wrong yet again about the Raidas!!

  20. bet Al Davis was laughing his ass off at all the clowns hanging outside the locked gates at the Raiders offices on Monday thinking something was going down.
    @snnyjcbs, nah I doubt he was man, sorry. I love the Raiders carousel of failure and coaches. It will continue as long as Al is alive and I love every minutes of it. Terrible!

  21. I hereby move that Al Davis be replaced immediately by the stuffed dead horse Trigger at the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum in Branson MO. Here’s why:
    – Stuffed dead horse Trigger has more football knowledge than Al Davis.
    – Stuffed dead horse Trigger has better people skills than Al Davis.
    – Stuffed dead horse Trigger could run a better war room than Al Davis.
    – Football fans don’t start to laugh uncontrollably when they catch a glimpse of stuffed dead horse Trigger.
    – Stuffed dead horse Trigger died in 1965 so he already smells better than Al Davis.
    – Women have this odd irresistable urge to coit with stuffed dead horse Trigger.
    Can I get a second?

  22. PowerPoint is a hellavu drug.
    If you’ve ever used it, you’d understand, if not, give ol’ Al some time on this one. It’s hard to copy and paste. Unless you’re Vox.

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