Carroll's personnel role still unclear

We were set to write up a post Tuesday with a headline like: “Carroll’s personnel role with Seahawks clearing up.”

Then we watched Seahawks executive VP and coach Pete Carroll’s introductory press conference and we’re not sure what to think.

Describing the team’s new setup Monday, Seattle Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke stressed that “No one person will sit in judgment of sweeping issues.”

A structure was presented that would have Carroll, the incoming G.M., and vice president of administration John Idzik all reporting up to Leiweke, who will be more involved in football matters.  (Idzik is a contract/cap guy.)

Leiweke said Carroll and the new G.M. would work shoulder to shoulder.  “My job will be to synthesize that group,” Leiweke said. “But everybody
is going to sign on to a plan where they’re going to work together.”

Watching Carroll’s press conference, we got the impression that he’s the man. Carroll said he would “intricately involved in all aspects” of the organization. 

He mentioned the value in having “one voice.” Guess who’s voice that is?

“This is exactly the format and the makeup of the job I envisioned,” Carroll said Tuesday.  It’s long been believed Carroll wouldn’t return to the NFL without personnel control.

It may seem like we’re picking nits, but the team’s structure is what helped get the organization into trouble over the last few years. 

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times wrote a devastating timeline of the dysfunction surrounding the Seahawks.  Leiweke is heavily involved in said dysfunction.

If Carroll truly has all the control, why not just admit it?  If he doesn’t have the power, there could be problems down the line.

ESPN NFC West reporter Mike Sando, a former Seahawks beat writer, put it well this week: “The pattern is clear. People at nearly every level of Seahawks
management will tell you whatever suits them at the time. The team’s
efforts to cast itself as a model franchise appear fraudulent.”

With a new era dawning, the Seahawks appear to be saying what suits them once again.