Contract extension will be the key to McNabb staying put in Philly

With Eagles coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb saying all the right things in the aftermath of yet another failed quest to win the Super Bowl, actions will speak much more loudly than words when it comes to the question of whether McNabb will return as the starter next year.

If/when McNabb extends his contract beyond the 2010 season, we’ll believe that he’ll be back.

Until then, we’ll suspect that the Eagles are feigning interest in bringing McNabb back in order to operate from a position of strength if/when someone calls about a trade for McNabb. 

And there could be many potential suitors.

If Kurt Warner retires, Arizona could be interested.  If Brett Favre retires (and if it sticks), the Vikings could be interested. 

The Browns could be interested.

The 49ers could be interested.

The Seahawks could be interested.

The Broncos could be interested.

McNabb will have fairly significant say in this regard; he’ll have to want to play for the new team, and the new team will have to be willing to give him an acceptable contract extension.

So stay tuned on this one.  Kevin Kolb showed enough in spot duty to warrant a shot at becoming the every-week starter, and it the Eagles decide to take that chance they could be trading both Mike Vick and McNabb in the same offseason.

77 responses to “Contract extension will be the key to McNabb staying put in Philly

  1. Do it! It’s time for a change. As a fan; I would sacrifice 2 years of rebuilding under the right regime and personnel. I would also jettison the fat guy. Good coach, nice guy, but will never change his ways to evolve with the NFL game.

  2. McNabb’s an ok QB. His stats are inflated by passing every down. He’s not accurate so he doesn’t fit into a WC offense built on accuracy and running after the catch. Dirt balls and ones thrown behind the WR are hard to run after. He also doesn’t manage the game well. He never calls audibles and doesn’t know the meaning of hurry up offense. He’d be best in a system that allowed him to use his feet more and throw the long ball. Short accurate throws are just not his skill set. Yet for the past 10 years Reid has tried to fit the square peg in the round hole

  3. The Cowboys could be interested in getting a backup for Romo. Knowing the 0-3gles, they’ll want 4 firsts and 3 seconds for McNabb. Lord knows what they’d want for Vick, he’s worth a half-eaten PBJ sandwich and a Drew Henson rookie card after he showed so much courage in hardly trying to recover his fumble last Saturday because he saw Barbie Carpenter bearing down on it.

  4. I think he stays, but it certainly isn’t out of the question if they get an attractive offer.

  5. Trade Mcnabb, give Kolb the keys. Thank you for everything 5 but the mcnabb/Reid marriage is doomed to fail. I can totally see McNabb doing great on a run first/downfield passing team, And I can see Reid doing good with an accurate passer if we add a big sized reciever in the offseason (Brandon marshall, Anquan Boldin, etc)
    Not to mention we need to spend lots of picks on O line and Defense, so trading mcnabb should get us a high pick and some others.

  6. I said earlier they would trade both Vick and McNabb and move to K Kolb. Why is florio stealing my post? BASTARD!
    I just want Kolb to start because he lives in the same town as me, and he has a hot wife.

  7. I hope Favre “retires”, the stupid Vikings trade for McNabb, then Favre decides to come back and a great big summertime mess for the stupid Vikings ensues.

  8. I’d take a 3rd for him, but in reality they should be getting a 2nd.
    Maybe get a bonus player back… got on Santa…. err Reid.

  9. Kevin Kolb = AJ Feeley all over again.. Still can’t believe the Dolphins gave up a 2nd rounder for that bum. If Philly fans think he’s the answer, imagine how much worse that game on Sat night would have been with an immobile Kevin Kolb back there.

  10. McNabb isn’t about to go to a team like the Browns or Seahawks after all his success in Philly, especially at his age. Minnesota and Arizona could be a good fit.

  11. As a Rams fan, I’d take McNabb as our QB in a heartbeat.
    Then again, as a Rams fan, I’d take Susan Sarandon as our QB in a heartbeat.

  12. If the ungrateful bastards in Philly don’t want him anymore, we’ll gladly take Donovan here in Cleveland.
    Considering Mangini likes to pound the ball, I think McNabb could have the running game he’s never had to work with before.

  13. The Browns have the money, the extra draft picks, and the QB opening. I would be shocked if Tom Heckert and The Big Show don’t at least look into acquiring either McNabb or Kolb in the near future.

  14. The 49ers would not pursue a QB who is in his last few years of productive play. They are not interested in a quick fix at the position. The only way it’s remotely possible is if they feel McNabb could tutor Nate Davis (McNabb has taken an interest in Davis and they will train together a few days this off-season) and groom him to be the QBOTF.

  15. I would love to have McNabb on my team! The cowboys are hottest team in the NFC. They took care of the Saints and they will probably take care of the Vikings. But I would rather have McNabb than Romo.
    It is simply offensive power is balance. Look at how much better Romo and Farve have been with running a running game.
    The reality is that McNabb was down 3 starting OL. Was under duress all day. McNabb is the Elway of this generation, he’ll win 2 Superbowls when he gets his “Terrel Davis”.
    QBs cant’ do it on their own.

  16. If they can get a 2nd and a 3rd and/or 4th I’d do it in a heartbeat. I just hope they’re not demanding a haul of high draft picks because that is just being delusional. I have a guess that SF/CLE are the two who will be most interested. STL I see as a darkhorse given that all their needs can not be satisfied through the draft.

  17. do you ever get tired of playing gm florio?apparently not because you come up with a new list of what teams should do every day.I guess the teams must read them also because they do the exact opposit of what you say.why would the seahawks want a a new qb who is on the wrong side of 30?I am pretty sure since carroll is starting over he would want a young qb he can mold not a veteran set in his ways guy.still waiting for the browns to fire mangini since you said that could happen any day now.

  18. Kolb isn’t “immobile”. He’s not one of the 5 most athletic QB’s ever like McNabb, but he can move a little bit. He looks like Alex Smith with a strong arm.

  19. Kolb is better than Feeley because with his helmet on he looks like a rapist. Look at a picture with his helmet on. His eyes a squinted, narrow, and closed together, and his helmet gives him sqush face so his forehead is pushed down. This only intensifies the rapist look. I’m not joking guys. Look at it. Mason Crosby also has the same thing.

  20. The browns and Vikings are out. They’re both run by buddies of Andy, and no one would trade a guy to a buddy just to have said buddy possibly turn around and succeed.
    The Cardinals have to be out bc of the investment they put in Leinart.
    Now, the Broncos, Seahawks and 49rs are interesting. They all have 2 1st rd picks. Contrary to what radio knuckleheads think, I think McNabb is worth a 1 to a team that has 2 1s to work with.
    My best bet is the 49rs. I think It would be exactly what they need to elevate. And they would still have another #1 to get another franchise player as well.

  21. I would think the Raiders would also be big players for a guy like McNabb. They had no problem going after Richard Seymour this past offseason. McNabb fits Mr Davis quarterback criteria as he has the big arm that Davis covets to get the ball downfield.
    The Bills have an obvious need at the position as well. In staying in line with thinking AFC teams. As most teams would prefer to trade into the opposing conference for obvious reasons…

  22. Is it just me, or does this sound like crazy talk? The hardest position to replace in the NFL these days is the QB, and the Eagles want to replace a proven QB who’s led the team to 5(?) NFC championships with one who’s “showed enough in spot duty”?

  23. Kolb?? C’mon guys, have you ever seen this guy play? He’s destined for a short career carrying a clipboard. He has a noodle for an arm. Might as well keep McNuggets around and draft a project. Dump Vick at all costs – he needs to go to the UFL or be out of football altogether next year.

  24. I have not been one to throw McNabb under the bus but this year I have re-looked at each game without getting caught up in the hype. If you focus on just McNabb there have been far too many times where he has been too inconsistent in order to be successful. Granted at times this inconsistency is less visible when his recievers make up for his inaccuracy.
    But you have to look at this way. Marvin Harrison (When he was a Colt) and Reggie Wayne are good recievers, but they are not GREAT recievers. However, Peyton Manning is a GREAT QB so that is where the difference lies.
    It is a similiar situation with Kurt Warner. Boldin/Fitzgerald are GREAT recievers, wheras Warner is a good/borderline GREAT Qb.
    McNabb is a good QB, the numbers are there. Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin could be GREAT WRs but they still need some experience. However, the only GREAT WR McNabb has ever had was TO. But since TO was such a lockeroom poison his abilities were overshadowed by his indiscretions.
    So it begs the question… are you willing to wait a year or so for DJack/Maclin to possibly develop into a GREAT WR?
    Or are you willing to wait and see what may or not be thier in playmaking ability of Kevin Kolb. Granted, I think he is a more accurate passer than McNabb and maybe this is all the Eagles need to finally crest the hill.

  25. Why would ANY team want DM, he is a mediocre at best QB with emotional stability of a Jr High school girl that dowsn’t get her way.
    Maybe T.O. was only half of the problem after all…………..hhhhmmmmmmmmm.

  26. I don’t see how McNabb isn’t worth at least a 1st round pick and 2 5th rounders. Vox’s beloved Cowboys gave up 1, 3, and 5 for Roy Williams. McNabb plays a more important position and is way more talented than Williams. Moreover, adding McNabb to a lot of teams would make them an automatic superbowl contender.
    Here’s to hoping the Kolb era begins and we use the 2 first round picks on a DE and to improve the o-line.

  27. “Kevin Kolb showed enough in spot duty to warrant a shot at becoming the every-week starter”
    He played well in a blowout win over what was an awful KC team, and threw 3 picks in his other start. McNabb played poorly Saturday night, but he’s not the problem.

  28. I never realized his pass completion % is so low. Only once over 61.5% and that was back in 2004. I also didn’t realize he’s 33 years old already.
    They really can’t let him walk after next year and not get anything for him, and do they really franchise a then 34 QB? What does a team give upto obtain a 33 year old QB? A bidding war wouls surly drive up the price.

  29. The problem with this theory is that it’s perfectly logical for the Eagles to enter next season with both McNabb and Kolb entering the final year of their contracts. McNabb’s the starter and is playing for his future. If we’re in the same situation at this time next year, you franchise McNabb so you can trade him for a pick and re-sign Kolb. If McNabb finally wins the big one, you lock him up and see if there’s any way to retain Kolb as a reserve.
    You’d think if Florio was going to arrive at unknowable conclusions so frantically, he could at least settle down and follow a string of logic. Why would the Eagles want to extend McNabb, with things being as unsettled as they are? It makes absolutely no sense!

  30. Anyone who says Kolb cant play didnt see the two games he did play. Week 2 and 3. He is the future, McNabb is the past. The same failed past. Most of you idiots have no place even making comments, so many dopes. Yes, those two games showed he could play. He threw for yaaaaards!

  31. Reid and McNabb should both go! They just about always win 10 games a year and make the playoffs. I vote the birds re-hire Kotite or Ray Rhodes because their fans clearly do not appreciate winning and are much more happy drafting in the top 10 every year.

  32. Not going to happen unless we get something approaching what Chicago gave up for Cutler. I’d rather have one of the best qbs in the league for even just one year over a gamble second round pick.
    The Eagles should dangle Kolb and see what teams would offer for him; if they like a qb in this year’s draft that they could grab with the draft pick they would get then they could keep McNabb til he retires and start the qb developing process over again in the meantime.

  33. Hey Florio, I thought this was “rumors and news” not state the obvious? Did you come up with that all on your own or did you cheat off the person sitting next to you?

  34. Eagles4life – you’re expecting some other teams gm to be as dumb as Jerry Jones was in the Roy Williams trade. It won’t happen. I wouldn’t expect the Eagles to get more than a second and a fourth rounder for McNabb.

  35. PLEASE… someone take McDudd and ConVick. Take the draft picks and get Defensive help.
    I think Kolb will be fine. What he lacks in mobility compared to McDudd he makes up in accuracy.
    Additionaly, people are comparing McDudd to John Elway pre super bowl years. I don’t agree. McDudd is a good QB, Elway was a great QB. Great QB’s find a way to win, good QBs hope to find a way to in

  36. i’ve been a huge supporter of #5…he without a doubt a consistent top 5 NFL QB throughout his career. He has also played with some pretty serious injuries that would have put any other QB on the sidelines, so his toughness is beyond doubt. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron and doesn’t know football. This despite either having crappy WRs or a makeshift OL most of his career, with the exception of 2004 when he came within 3 points of winning the SB.
    I believe the atmosphere has become toxic and it may do both DMac and the Eagles well to have a change of scenery. Kolb can definitely play…the O seems to move more crisply when he’s in, and he is an ideal WCO QB. Maybe it’s time to move on.

  37. It’s funny that the team that has enjoyed the most success over the past 10 years keeps having these articles written about them and their starting qb.
    I would agree the dude has trouble winning the big games but they are always in the hunt at the end of the year.

  38. Let’s hope lienhart gets traded to the seahawk to be with his old coach, and then AZ gets McNabb. Because we ALL KNOW lienhart is NOT the answer after warner. Not in ANY way. I live 70 miles from the cards stadium. I believe if lienhart throws a pass as I leave my house, I could still get there, get under it, and go for a pick 6.

  39. Here’s what I want: I want for Kolb to be the starting QB for the Eagles. I want McNabb to leave Philly. And I want Vick to leave Philly and start somewhere else.
    You know why? Because McNabb had no running game whatsoever, but the Philly fans thinks that he’s the problem. They think that he’s always the problem. I would like for him the Philly fans to start Kolb and see what happens. By Week 2, the Philly fans would be sorry.
    It’s weird. There are teams playing in next week’s playoff games that are looking at the McNabb situation with interest. These are perennial playoff teams. Why is that? Because they can see what the Eagles have and they can see that they can win with McNabb.
    Here’s what will happen if McNabb left: He will probably go to a playoff team. Vick is going to go to a horrible, horrible team. And Kolb will struggle. Really struggle. Kolb’s just not ready.

  40. Please don’t get any ideas going about McNabb in Cleveland… we have had enough pain and heartache…

  41. You guys are delusional. I’ll tell you why McNabb will never win a SB and why both him and Andy Reid need to go…simple, west coast offense. Although the eagles perfected it to a “T”, Andy and McNabb rode that type offense til the wheels came off. There’s a reason why Parcells adopted the 3-4 defense into the Cowboys schemes and later when he left, why Jerry Jones looked for a 3-4 defensive minded HC for the Cowboys. Also, look at how many more teams adopted the 3-4 defense…especially in the NFC. McNabb only knows this offense and there’s not many teams that play this style of offense anymore. Like someone said earlier, get rid of McNabb for whatever you can get for him (anything you get and you’ll come out like bandits) and fire Andy Reid. The Eagles need a fresh start and with the young talent they have, it’d be a shame to see them go to waste if Andy still insist on playing that style offense.

  42. Yes, Kevin Kolb looked good against the Chiefs, but have you ever seen this guy’s reaction to a blitz? The phrase “deer in headlights” comes to mind. Plus, look at his career TD vs. INT ratio. Most of his action came in mop-up time against lesser opponents and he still managed to turn the ball over. So what if he didn’t have the benefit of always practicing with the first team offense? This guy is destined to be a career backup. Final question: After the Eagles blew a 2nd round pick on him in 2007, was your reaction, like mine, “Kevin who?!”

  43. Jayman,
    So your team has had the most success, but trouble winning big games, but you are always in the hunt????????
    WTF was that.
    They choke and lose.

  44. Kolb at least knows how to get rid of the ball & is more accurate…McKnabb holds it too long, hence the sacks/fumbles & is not accurate.
    Kolb had over 300 yds both games he started this year.

  45. gmenfan56892710 says:
    January 12, 2010 1:07 PM
    “Reid and McNabb should both go! They just about always win 10 games a year and make the playoffs. I vote the birds re-hire Kotite or Ray Rhodes because their fans clearly do not appreciate winning and are much more happy drafting in the top 10 every year.”
    In the NFC East, just making the playoffs isnt good enough. We need hardware. The cowgirls, giant, and skins fans constantly remind us of this, even when they might be the worst team in the league (Skins?)
    Tompadre says:
    January 12, 2010 12:56 PM
    “I never realized his pass completion % is so low. Only once over 61.5% and that was back in 2004. I also didn’t realize he’s 33 years old already.
    They really can’t let him walk after next year and not get anything for him, and do they really franchise a then 34 QB? What does a team give upto obtain a 33 year old QB? A bidding war wouls surly drive up the price.”
    EXACTLY. we need to move him now to get value, if he gets hurt again or stinks it up he is literally worthless in a trade sense. 34 coming off an injury? Please…I think we can get a first for him right now.

  46. McNabb you have been nothing but a crying failure for your entire career. Move on and let someone else take over. Your choke artist acts in the playoffs every time you get there are enough to make any fan of any team throw up. Move on.

  47. Completion %: Elway 55.4%, McNabb 59.5%
    Pass Yards/year: Elway 3277, McNabb 2826
    TD Pass/year: Elway 15.3, McNabb 17.7
    Int/year: Elway 14.7, McNabb 7.3
    Avg. QB Rating: Elway 75.9, McNabb 90.1
    Games missed: Elway 1, McNabb 15
    Super Bowl Wins to this point in their careers: 0

  48. I dont’ get it, the playcalling was awful, they have crap for a running game, their DB’s couldn’t stop a grandma from catching a TD pass, their o-line is a house of straw, they have rotated 6 MLB’s all season and McNabb is the guy to blame? WOW! I dont’ think McNabb is one of those best QB ever type guys, but he is good enough to win a super bowl. the Ravens threw for what? 36 yards and still won? why oh why is the QB always to blame. Eagles need a running game and a DB that doesn’t get his shirt pulled over his head on every double move.

  49. since my first post didn’t get posted, I’ll keep this very simple:
    Trading DNabb and promoting Kolb is ignorant. Perez Florio apparently isn’t a very good evaluator of talent or lack thereof….

  50. @ jayman
    What is the point of being in the hunt for 10 years if you cant win? How many chances do you need? Your starting QB is just a consistent QB who can get you close but not get you there. It’s time to move on.

  51. Ummm. Buffalo will be interested. They have no QB, but they have offensive talent. Lee Evans, Jackson and Lynch can all play. Having a scrambling QB will help with the young O-line.

  52. With Shanahan in Washington, I could see a McNabb to Chicago, Cutler to Washington three-way deal.

  53. Maybe they should trade him to 1-13 years Cowgirls. Imagine how much McNabb is worth if they were willing to give up all they did Roy Williams.

  54. I love all these non-Eagles fans call us crazy for wanting a change.
    All you guys see are the highlights. I’ve watched him year, after year, after year drill guys in the showlaces on 5 yard slants, throw behind them, throw above them, etc time and time again. You can’t have an inaccurate passer in the west coast offense, which CENTERS on quick, accurate passes to players in stride. And I’d love to see what his receivers yards-after-catch stats are compared to other teams since they’re constantly falling down to catch the ball.
    Warner will retire and McNabb will go to Arizona (he already lives down there in the off season). There’s no way in hell he’s going to go to some work in progress and get the $hit knocked out of his 33 year old @ss while the team “gels”.

  55. @ imalwaysright
    Apparently it doesnt matter what you have so say about McNabb and the “Cowgirls” (be a little more creative by the way) seeing as how he couldnt beat them once in 3 chances. Lame, pathetic, move on.

  56. Since my first post didn’t get posted, I’ll keep this very simple:
    Donovan, stay right where you are. Please.

  57. @ Chapnasty
    Bro, you guys got your @sses handed to you for the past decade by us. Little early to start the trash talking.

  58. I love how Philly fan likes to act like he/she has some secret insight to this . . . yeah . . they only show the highlights outside of Pennsylvania. NEWS FLASH we all watch the same broadcast.
    Give Philly fan what he wants. Philly has never appreciated this guy and if the O-Line had not bent over and let the Cowboys rape them and chase McNabb all over the field we would not be having this conversation.
    Face it, better or worse you can’t do better than McNabb. If he goes you can forget about doing anything of substance for the forseeable future. Then you really will only be the one watching those games.

  59. @ slackjaw
    There’s a reason Philly wants him out. Don’t act like you know what the real problems with this team are by watching 1 or 2 games a year.

  60. How does McNabb not retire an Iggle? You booed when he was drafted…and you’re going to let the guy go after all he’s done for the organization? Y’all are crazy.

  61. You stay classy 0-3gle fans. Two lowbrows sucker punching a woman is nothing less than I would expect from you losers. And you all constantly wonder why you have a rep for being subhuman.
    Police in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are looking for two men accused of assaulting a woman who wore a Tony Romo jersey to a convenience store on Friday night.
    According to the woman, she was walking down the street, she heard someone say, “Hey, Romo,” and she turned around and got drilled in the face with some kind of an object that ended up cutting her.;_ylt=AgEfuZ5HOgdtMPlGLjLybbNDubYF?urn=nfl,213122

  62. 30 idiots booed him, I lost faith in him the year after the Superbowl with the black on black crime statement. Tries to be funny but just exposed himself for a whiney little girl.

  63. “Maybe they should trade him to 1-13 years Cowgirls.”
    Maybe you should lay off the ethylene glycol.

  64. “it took elway 15 yrs to win a super bowl. mcnabb/reid can do it”
    Sure. All they need is John Elway. And Terrell Davis. And Mike Shanahan. Because gotta tell you, Andy Reid is one of THE worst coaches in the NFL. Can’t even manage a game.

  65. “Kolb isn’t “immobile”. He’s not one of the 5 most athletic QB’s ever like McNabb”
    Where do you guys come up with this crap?
    Uhhh Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Roger Staubach, Sammy Baugh and Ron Mexico.

  66. # .VoxVeritas says: January 12, 2010 7:09 PM
    “it took elway 15 yrs to win a super bowl. mcnabb/reid can do it”
    Sure. All they need is John Elway. And Terrell Davis. And Mike Shanahan. Because gotta tell you, Andy Reid is one of THE worst coaches in the NFL. Can’t even manage a game.
    Took Wade Phillips how long to win a single playoff game, then?

  67. Broncos need a janitor, Vick can ask them to fax an application over.
    Will be the closest he gets to working for a NFL team next year.

  68. For those stemheads who keep insisting Kolb is not ready . . . was Flacco not ready, was Sanchez not ready, was Ryan not ready, etc, etc, etc, . ??
    This league is now built for a young QB to suceed, it’s a passing league for chrissakes, and good young arms in the right offense are clicking. I put Kolb/short passing game/WCO/Reid=throwthrowthrow in that category. Not for nothing, but the guy is the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300+ in his first two starts. Been a lot of guys play QB in the NFL in 80 some years, no ?

  69. i think kevin kolb will succeed and be a good QB, his talent is being wasted on the bench. if they start kolb next year they wont succeed immediately but in a year or so when kolb is completely in sync with his receivers and the rest of the offense they will be dangerous yet again.

  70. McNabb wouldn’t go to the 49rs because the first time Mike yells at him (something Big Daddy Reid never did) he’d run over to the bench, arms flailing like a little girl, and cry.

  71. “Sure. All they need is John Elway. And Terrell Davis. And Mike Shanahan. Because gotta tell you, Andy Reid is one of THE worst coaches in the NFL. Can’t even manage a game.”
    Kettle… this is pot.. Are you calling ME black?
    So you are saying Wade Phillips is a better coach? Numbers don’t lie, and since you are great at history, spelling, grammar, and punctuation ole Vox pull up Andy Reid’s numbers versus Wade Phillips.
    Hmm, seems to me Wade Phillips has been a head coach longer than Andy Reid and yet Wade only managed to win his first playoff game as a Head Coach a week ago.

  72. @voxveritas.
    I love your “stay classy” line I thought that was really original! Did you just make that up? Just now? Learn some vocab. Expand it, if you can.
    And congrats on having no crime in Dallas!

  73. raiders177 says:
    January 12, 2010 2:54 PM
    McNabb to the Raiders for a 3rd and a 5th, lets get it down Eagles fans.
    Why would Mcnabb go to the worst franchise in NFL history?

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