Del Rio "unclear" on whether he wants USC job

In the wake of a report that USC has sent him a contract offer, Jags coach Jack Del Rio spoke about the situation to Channel 4 in Jacksonville on Tuesday morning.

Per the report, Del Rio “left it unclear” whether he’ll take the Trojans job.  (Curiously, the Twitter link to the story says that Del Rio denied he’s leaving.)

Del Rio is due to meet with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver today.  Many believe Del Rio already would have been fired but for a $15 million buyout.

Del Rio played college football at USC.  Though not initially believed to be a viable candidate, Del Rio’s star has ascended after guys like Jeff Fisher, Mike Riley, Chris Petersen, and Steve Sarkisian opted not to wheel a mop bucket behind Pete Carroll.

Meanwhile, one league source has expressed to us skepticism regarding the report that a contract offer was sent to Del Rio on Monday.  “He’s got the same agent as [Brian] Billick and [Bill] Cowher,” the source said.  “Think of all the useless rumors that have been started by the guy.  It sounds like another B.S. story intended to pressure Weaver.”

Either way, things should get interesting today.

10 responses to “Del Rio "unclear" on whether he wants USC job

  1. Del Rio isn’t the problem in Jax. When you have a mediocre QB you need an excellent OL and WRs to make up for that. The Jags don’t.
    They simply haven’t built a good enough team.
    Del Rio isn’t a great coach but there are worse ones and ones who just need a change all across the league who are keeping their jobs.

  2. I still don’t understand in what way Del Rio is qualified to run a major program. Sure, I understand Carroll came from the pros too…but he had a WAYY different personality from Del Rio that was suited to recruiting kids.

  3. Although I like Jack as a coach, I think he is better suited as a coordinater. I would love to see what Cowher would do here.

  4. Hmmm……… Coach a team that is barely supported by the hometown fans and work with a cheap front office that doesn’t give you the talent you need to win in a city that’s crumbling as we speak…….. ORRRRRRRR coach a team that’s like a pro team, the # 1 attraction in town, in a mediocre conference, in a hotbed of local talent, surrounded by smoking hot college chicks.
    Yeah, I could see why it’s unclear.

  5. USC is a mess. Between the recent successes shadowed by the inevitable NCAA sanctions to the unrealistic booster expectations, the job is only suited for someone unknown and/or is desperate. Notre Dame is a more attractive job than USC currently. Never thought I’d say that…

  6. Here’s what is clear for me about this Jack Del Rio.
    1. Del Rio is not a good NFL HC.
    2. His teams reflect his personality (up and down)
    3. He doesn’t win consistently enough to overcome his alienating ways.
    4. The owner Wayne Weaver wants him out.
    5. The players want him out.
    6. His coaches can’t stand him ( he throws coaches under the bus and they know it)
    7. He garners no support from the fan base.
    The 15 million is the only thing keeping Del Rio employed in Jacksonville. Take a buyout Jack and move on . It’s what’s best for everyone. The Jacksonville Jaguars need a winner and Jack Del Rio is not that guy.

  7. Jacksonville would be lucky if he took the USC job and USC will be kicking themselves for hiring him in a few years. Jack is nothing but a coordinator not a head coach.
    The question is will Weaver spend money on a real head coach?

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