Holmgren talked to Big Tuna before Mangini decision

M_Holmgren.jpgThe new leaders of the Cleveland Browns met with the media together Tuesday to answer questions and pose for photos. 

(Please do check out Eric Mangini’s awesome “Even I can’t believe I kept this job” facial expression here.  Leave your captions below.)

Tom Heckert was introduced as the new Browns G.M. and Bryan Wiedmeier as executive vice president/business operations.  But questions naturally drifted towards Mangini why Holmgren kept him.

One factor was an endorsement from a key Holmgren buddy: Bill Parcells. 

“Yes I did [talk to Parcells]. He knew him as well as anybody firsthand, so it’s important to talk to those people,” Holmgren said.  “Bill in his usual style — he’s very matter of fact. He and I have always had that type of relationship. We do
answer each other’s questions honestly and thoughtfully. Clearly he
believes in Eric as well, but he said, ‘I’m not there. This is is your
call.’ So I appreciate that.”

We’re going to assume that Holmgren didn’t call Bill Belichick for a similar chat.

37 responses to “Holmgren talked to Big Tuna before Mangini decision

  1. Parcells probably took a look at next years schedule, saw the Browns on it and said “I sure do believe in him, Mikey. ***cough**chump**cough***”

  2. Decision had to be financially based and a desire not to hire anyone facing the uncapped year and lockout. The picture is as advertised. Another lost year for CLE. Holmgren will regret this one.

  3. Wow, another article making fun of Mangini and the Browns. Never read one of those on here. Weird.

  4. Mangini looks like he just returned from a spa day, where he had a mud bath, a facial peel, and a shit dipping and pink tickling.

  5. @ brownsbigshot
    At least this post didnt mention the nickname that PFT has given Holmgren. I can’t stand it when they use such an unfitting nickname like that.

  6. Photo Caption:
    “Have to wonder where Tom Heckert’s right hand is
    after Mangini recommended an area dentist”

  7. otSA says:
    Mike Holmgren called Jim Halpert for advice?
    Actually Mike Holmgren first called The Nard Dog, who in turn called the Big Tuna…

  8. The other facial expressions were “guess which one will take the fall first”.
    I’m your puppet. Mangini esq.

  9. Holmgren will regret his decision but the truth of the matter is the Browns could not afford to pay off another person. They will still end up paying for their past GM and continue to pay for their last coach. Purely a financial situation.

  10. I find it funny that Florio trots out Rosenthall any time something positive about Mangini has to be written.

  11. What has Parcells done for years and years? He’s living in the past. His advice now is about as good as Florio’s advice.

  12. Looks like big marxist govt Barrie Hussein and his commies got their hands in yer pants pocket again type confab….
    Squealers still suck Florio….

  13. Mangini was on a good roll the last few games and had that team hummin’ right along.
    Who really knows? Maybe they can come out on fire next year… maybe not?

  14. LOL! You’re totally right about Mangini’s face, priceless! Even HE knows Holmgren’s a rube for keeping him.

  15. “(Please do check out Eric Mangini’s awesome “Even I can’t believe I kept this job” facial expression here. Leave your captions below.)”
    I would have paid to see Mike Florio’s dumbfounded “I can’t believe they kept Mangini after I wished so hard for him to be fired and wrote snarky comments, week after week, that he would be canned” facial expression. Priceless.
    Slipkid and tj.52:
    Dolphins all time record against the Browns: 7 wins, 6 losses. Yeah, sounds like the ‘fins regualrly beat up on the Browns (eyes rolling slyward…)
    Last time they played, Browns won.
    So WTF are you two neaderthals talking about? More comments by people who have no f-ing clue what they’re talking about. Must be painful to live that way.

  16. Florio,
    This IS IS a great article….keep the Cleveland Frowns info coming. Give us all some hope to cling to! It’s all fun and games until opening kickoff next year…then we will all hate our team again.

  17. On another note, Florio, you looked great on NBC this past weekend with Peter King. It would have been nice if they would have asked you for ANY insight into the games this past weekend. You looked like the third wheel and I’m sure you felt that way with all questions being directed to a credible Peter King, rather than your “shock jock” style of reporting news.

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