Jack Del Rio will stay in Jacksonville

We may not hear the full story for a few hours or even days, but we finally have a clear answer regarding Jack Del Rio’s future.

Del Rio will remain as Jaguars coach, according to SI’s Peter King.  Cole Pepper on 1010XL in Jacksonville is also reporting Del Rio will stay.  Del Rio was reportedly being courted to take the USC head coaching job.

The Jaguars still owe Del Rio $15 million over the next three years, a commitment that made a separation more difficult for all parties.

We’ve already heard from some annoyed Jaguars fans that Del Rio’s return won’t make up for the reduction in ticket prices.

33 responses to “Jack Del Rio will stay in Jacksonville

  1. You can kiss my season tickets goodbye ..and the franchise…gonna lose another 10,000 season tickets..nice going Wayne

  2. In all honesty, he took a roster this year which turned over 55% of the roster from last year, including 16 rookies, almost half of those rookies as starters and all of them seeing playing time, and coached them to a pretty good showing.
    They need to get pass rushers. First and foremost, they need pass rushers.

  3. That works for Jack. Move the Jags to L.A., wait a few years for the next USC coach to leave, and just move offices over to the campus.

  4. Ugh perfect opportunity to cut his dead weight and find a coach that will help this franchise out. I’d love to root for Jacksonville but I can never root for Del Rio, he has proven time and again he is never going to make this team great.

  5. @IndyWilson
    Manning owns everybody (except Phillip Rivers). If anything, he owns JDR LESS than the rest.

  6. @Stinson
    How is it great news for Titans, Colts and Texans fans? He has done pretty well against those teams.
    He split with the Titans this year, and swept the Texans. He has split with the Colts several years.
    Check your facts!

    He is notoriously wrrr…. incorrect. He has no reliable sources and his method of reporting is make up enough stories and hopes one is accurate.

  8. If you’re a season ticket holder its fine to be disappointed but canceling your tickets because Del Rio is staying? Get real. You’re part of and symbolic of the problem in Jacksonville. If you don’t love the Jags enough to stick with them through the average times, which is what the JDR era has been, then this team is as good as gone. I’m a Jags fan and I was hoping Del Rio would take the USC job but you shouldn’t skewer Weaver for sticking with a coach who can win when he has talent. Del Rio doesn’t make good players great but he doesn’t ruin them either. Jags can win with him at the helm.

  9. Rumor has it that Jeff Fisher refers to Jack as Vanessa Del Rio. And these guys were teamates at USC so that should tell you something.

  10. All these “so called” Colts fans are a joke!
    Don’t think that as soon as Manning is gone, and the Colts come back down to earth, that the stadium that Manning built won’t be half empty, and tarps won’t be covering the seats.
    And talk of the Colts relocating will fire up again, just like it did before Manning.
    Afterall, let us not forget that before Manning, Colts fans didn’t even sell out the 58k seat RCA dome. No way they will continue to sell out an 80k seat stadium when they are a .500 club. I give three years after Manning is gone before the season ticket base goes away.
    I know this because I live in Indy, and I recall walking into the RCA dome in the mid 90s, and basically choosing whatever seat you wanted, as they were mostly empty!
    Keep throwing rocks, Colts fans. Just remember, that house Manning built has a lot of glass in it!

  11. USC never wanted Del Rio. The Jags are stuck with an over paid .500 coach. Expect the same thing next year, somewhere around 7 wins and no playoffs and more empty seats. Weaver should sell the team now before they are moved for him to L.A.

  12. heirshouse says:
    January 12, 2010 1:16 PM
    You can kiss my season tickets goodbye ..and the franchise…gonna lose another 10,000 season tickets..nice going Wayne
    The Jags have 10,000 season ticket holders? Looking at the empty seats each week sure fooled me.

  13. Until the Jags get a new QB, they can expect 7-9 or 8-8 every year. You are only as good as your QB and the Jags QB is beyond awful.

  14. For all the idiots who dont check there facts.
    PLEASE dont go to the games, we dont need you!!
    We have the Gators in Jax and dont need anymore bandwagon jumpers.
    Us true fans (15yr season ticket holder) go to the games to support our city and our team through the good and bad!
    The Jax media loves to stir up BS..After all they did get rid of Tom (SuperBowl) Coughlin.

  15. At least now jag fans, florio will have his other guys write about your team. Once he believes he can’t stir up any more trouble he moves on to stir up other controversies.

  16. Hey “Stinson”… Don’t quite get your post. The results from this year indicate a pretty competitive team in division:
    They swept the Texans, split with the Titans and lost to the Colts by a TOTAL of 5 points.
    Yeah.. those teams are SO happy Del Rio is still the coach.
    Sep. 13 at Indianapolis Colts L 12-14
    Sep. 27 at Houston Texans W 31-24
    Oct. 4 Tennessee Titans W 37-17
    Dec. 6 Houston Texans W 23-18
    Nov. 1 at Tennessee Titans L 30-13
    Dec. 17 Indianapolis Colts L 35-31

  17. @ gatorader,
    16th in passing yards in 2009. Higher completion percentage than Macnabb or Palmer. Only Rogers, Favre, Romo and Rivers threw less ints. 2 straight seasons he has started 16 games and been the most hit qb in the league. You are a joke. Your boy Tebow aint coming home.

  18. good post midwest – Colts fans are the lamest idiots in the NFL………..two cities that should have never gotten NFL teams……..Indianoplace and Jax

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