League, union met again on Monday

With the NFL and the players union getting together for a tenth bargaining session on Monday, January 11 (per Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal), it remains to be seen whether these meetings are generating any progress — or whether the two sides are merely trading jabs and/or playing Madden.

All indications have been that things aren’t going well, and the union’s recent decision to leak to the media an internal memo that sounds the alarm to the rank and file suggests that the NFLPA is having a hard time getting the players to care about the situation.

And while the union hopes to win the P.R. battle by creating the impression that they’re trying their best to work toward an agreement as the NFL drags its feet, it would be interesting to know whether NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith actually has been attending the bargaining sessions.

We have reason to think that maybe he hasn’t been showing up, which would tend to undermine the notion that shirtsleeves have been rolled above the elbow and that all efforts have failed to get the league to behave reasonably.

UPDATE:  A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Smith attended the most recent session, and the source confirmed that Smith has missed at least one.  The source contends that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has missed more of the negotiation meetings than Smith.  Regardless of whether that’s accurate, the men leading the two sides of this effort need to be present at every meeting, or it will be harder to get a deal done.

5 responses to “League, union met again on Monday

  1. You need a “League” link under Teams so we can finde these stories once they disappear off the list. Like you can find all the Cowboys stories if you want to.
    You also need the team standings back in the Turd Watch.

  2. Sadly there will likely be no NFL football in 2011 and Congress will get involved before we get some agreement.
    I hope I am wrong.

  3. What with Jacksonville coming out and offering reduced pricing in 2010 tickets; general softness in the economy; playoff seats not really soldout (New England & Arizona)…both sides ought to compromise and git er done…the fan base will react adversely to a lockout eventually and they would be smart to settle this sooner than later.
    A goose with only so many golden eggs is at stake.

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