Mariucci in the mix at USC

Pete Carroll’s departure from USC to become the Seattle Seahawks’ head coach is continuing to make waves in the NFL coaching community.

The latest news involves former Lions and 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci, who may be a candidate to replace Carroll at USC.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that USC has been in contact with Mariucci, and that Mariucci would welcome the opportunity to return to coaching. Although Schefter says USC’s contact with Mariucci has been informal so far, the news that Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio plans to stay in Jacksonville could cause Mariucci’s contact with USC to heat up.

Mariucci has one year of experience as a college head coach, leading Cal to a 6-6 record in 1996.

12 responses to “Mariucci in the mix at USC

  1. I just think it’s so funny how the moment Adam shefter tweets a news bit, PFT comes out with a 3 paragraph aticle 3 minutes later

  2. Amazing how USC seems to having so much difficulty filling this slot. USC is the bluest of blue chip programs.
    Makes me think that the NCAA is going to come down hard on USC if the rumors of violations turns out to be true.

  3. Hopefully they learned from Detroit and will interview a ‘minority’ candidate first…. errrr…. wait…. I guess its just the ignorant NFL leadership that continues to be unable to break down racial barriers by instituting more regulations.
    This could be a good move for USC, although I’m not sure about Steve’s recruiting ability. But, who is?

  4. I think the Rooney rule should apply in reverse to running backs and wide receivers. All teams should have to workout a white receiver and running back before the draft and before signing a blasck athlete through free agency.

  5. Mooch would fit good there but there has to be another guy with more college experience that they can hire. I would go after Boise St HC Petersen.

  6. I hope this turd gets it, Notre Dame can start beating them.
    He should win more games than he did with the Lions

  7. BradyGazelle says:
    January 12, 2010 2:17 PM
    I hope he goes just to get that Romo-lover off NFL Network.
    Hey, the guy knows an elite QB when he sees one. Sounds like we cant say the same for you….Which is one of the many reasons USC would call him instead of you. Sorry to be the guy that has to break the news to you.

  8. What about Danny Langdorf, OC at Oregon State?
    Duh, I forgot. This is USC. Coaching candidates have to be a household name.

  9. Poor Trojies — no one seems to want to fill their HC vacancy. Maybe being the coach at at school that cheats their way to the top and as a result is facing numerous sanctions is not very appealing.

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