Mora provides fodder for lip readers

The Monday appearance of former Seahawks coach Jim Mora on KJR radio in Seattle was captured both in audio and video form.

And the video of Mora’s remarks includes a moment during which Mora mouthed something to host Hugh Millen and/or host Dave “Softy” Mahler.

Discussing the fact that he was bounced for Pete Carroll, Mora discusses his philosophy regarding doing things the right way — and doing things the wrong way.

“If you’re a person that does not have integrity, that doesn’t play by the rules, that doesn’t put other people first, that cheats … that doesn’t necessarily play by the rules, then I think at the end of the day, you’re gonna struggle emotionally,” Mora said.

The interesting part comes after Mora says the phrase “that cheats.”  At that point, he seems to say silently, “Pete Carroll cheats.”

But watch it for yourself.  The key moment comes at the 7:00 mark of the video pasted below.

And let us know, lip readers, what you think Mora is saying. 

56 responses to “Mora provides fodder for lip readers

  1. i’m not watching 12 seconds of this boring crap!! Mora should’ve never had that job and is better suited as a DC anyways.

  2. All I know is that Jim Mora is a dumbass, and you’d think he would have learned what not to do with the media from his dad . . .

  3. Perhaps Mora should stop appearing on this radio show. Everytime he’s on there he says something stupid.

  4. I watched it several times, and it doesnt at look like he says “Peter Carroll.” Seriously. I was hoping that he would, because I cant stand Carroll and I think he IS a cheater. But it just doesnt.

  5. Blatantly obvious? There is no way he says the word Carroll. I’m surprised Millen has his own chair and isn’t underneath Mora’s servicing him.

  6. I consider myself an expert lip reader and I conclude that he did silently say that Pete Carroll is a cheater. Which is not a completely unsubstantiated statement, that is if you believe in the old adage “where there is smoke, there’s fire.”

  7. I honestly don’t think that’s what he said. Not that it should matter. Does anyone (besides B-Listers like Softy) really care what Mora has to say about ANYTHING at this point?

  8. The way Mora acts here is like a high school girl whose boyfriend dumped her for another girl. The dumpee’s way of handling the situation is to tell anyone who will listen that his new girlfriend is a slut. But then, Mora has displayed his immaturity time and time again with outlandish public statements.
    It should also be noted here that Mora publicly stated that he needed “more dirtbags” on his team this past fall. And, now he pats himself on the back for being a “person of integrity” who “does things the right way” and isn’t “self-serving”. He’s so unbelievably full of crap and so comfortable with his own BS that the best advice I have for Mora is to run for elected office.

  9. so effing what? good for mora. pete carroll DOES cheat that is why he is leaving; the writing is on the wall, the other show is about to drop, the stuff is coming down the pipe-call it what you want, but carroll knows USC is about to get dumped on by the NCAA b/c of what HE DID, so he is taking off. what, you think ppl WANT to leave LA sunshine for Seattle???? sports [and society] needs more ppl like mora and bob knight and bill polian who call ppl out and tell things like it is and dont sugarcoat things and tell the truth. i like mora a whole lot more now.

  10. I was watching this live yesterday and after rewinding it a few times, came to the same conclusion.
    Pretty sure Mora forgot they were broadcasting on TV. Softy’s show is the one show on Seattle sports radio that gets that luxury.
    Way to go Mora, you idiot. Good riddance.

  11. If you play it into headphones and raise the volume, the microphone actually picks up exactly what he is saying. Mora says, “Pete Carroll… cheats.”

  12. Softy took calls after that interview and it was discussed that it was “Bill” “Belichick” that was mouthed…

  13. Mora sucked. Good riddance. This guy benched Forsett in favor of Julius Jones. That fact alone justified his termination.

  14. Mora was an awful coach. He lost the team before the final quarter of games in his first year. He deserved to be fired.
    By blaming Pete Carroll of all people he shows he truly isn’t a man. If it wasn’t Carroll coming in it was going to be something else.
    Have fun on set with Matt Millen next year…

  15. Guy’s, Softy took calls right after the interview and a caller asked what was said ’cause everyone could be heard laughing – he said it was Bill Belichick that was mouthed.

  16. how on earth can you guys even come close to making out what he says lol…doesn’t look like he said it to me but i could be wrong

  17. I can see why they got rid of this guy. Dude is a joke. He is upset that he failed again and after crying like a little baby probably will never be a Head Coach in the NFL again. Hugh Millen is a joke and so is Softy. They have a man crush on Mora for some reason. Hugh Millen is always defending Mora. I think they should write a book called “How to be a Loser and Make Excuses” I bet it would be a best seller.

  18. All I have to say is a quote from a great mind (well kind of a great mind, it’s Ozzy)
    “It’s not how you play the game it’s if you win or lose you can choose don’t confuse win or lose, it’s up to you”
    Anyways hey Hugh Millen when you get a chance tonight to pull that pillow out of your mouth and roll over will you tell Jim Mora this:
    “He should have never been the head coach in Seattle. This is the guy talking about integrity and all his other blabber he stated there but yet publicly called out his own players this year; talked about wanting other jobs while employed elsewhere; not having the balls enough to say that on the radio but only mouth it.” Seriously Jim, if that’s how you feel don’t hide behind your moms skirt mouthing words but be open about it and say it publicly if that’s what you think and feel.

  19. It looks like this was held in a closet. Bad lighting etc..
    One thing did “stick” out. Do these guys have a complex they need to discuss because those microphones are rather large.

  20. I listened again……you can definately hear the word cheat, with the sound way up. Like I posted earlier, Mora’s mouthing the name Pete Carrol is obvious. That these guys claimed Bill Bellichick’s name was used is just cover IMO.

  21. Those Mora Jr. defenders convinced yet that this guy is a self-entitled coach’s kid prick?
    No matter what you think of Carroll, he’s an upgrade over this clown.

  22. Why so much info on Mora? Who really cares? You want to post an intresting Mora story tell me Jim Mora SR. is going to be coaching the Bills!

  23. Pete Carroll most likely had to get out of USC to avoid the incoming NCAA heat that results from rules violations. He comes across as such a nice, honest guy on TV but those are the ones you have to look out for. You can have alot of success in college when you can buy recruits. Unlike USC, the Seahawks are beholden to a salary cap.

  24. Pete is THE most overrated coach around this side (very wide side) of Weiss.
    Pete’s USC bunch never played anyone of substance outside of the PAC 10 or Big 10. If the Big 10 has shown anything it is that they are a soft conference full of very slow teams.
    This guy will bomb with Seattle.
    That being said, Mora isn’t much of a head coach, but his dad sure the hell was. He never gets credit for it but he took TWO perennial horrible teams, resurrected them and put them in the playoffs (playoffs, playoffs!). Also his coaching tree is extensive (although Bill Chower takes all the credit for it MORA actually groomed Dom Capers, Dick LeBeau, Jim Haslett, etc. – ALL came off of his USFL and Saints D staff).
    As did his son, but that one didn’t work out too well.

  25. Rex Ryan=Fat Twat says:
    pete carroll is associated with bellicheat. Of course hes a cheater
    Do you people actually THINK about what you’re typing or do you just say whatever you think will sound funny?
    For example, in what possible way is Bill Belichick associated with Pete Carroll? Other than having coached the same football club at different points in time, there are none.
    By the way, if only half the reports about USC’s pending troubles are true, Pete Carroll shouldn’t be throwing that term “cheater” around at all.
    What goes around ….. you know.
    Pete Carroll was a total suckass as an NFL coach, and I doubt that so many years in the college ranks did much to improve that.

  26. “chunky soup, i thought he said something like “cowgirls suck”
    He may well have. Losers without jobs are usually jealous of winners with jobs.
    Maybe he could inhale some ammonia and snap out of his doldrums.

  27. I watched the video…no doubt he mouths the words “Pete Carroll cheats”. Based on the previous comments by Charlie Wies and now this, Pete Carroll does not appear to be a popular guy with other football coaches? I am starting to wonder why?

  28. Why isn’t Pete Carroll taking more heat from the media for running away from the mess he made at USC, and leaving behind others to take the rap for him?
    Better question: where are all those Seahawk fans who love to cry about “cheating” to protest the hiring of a guy with Carroll’s reputation? Where’s the boo-hoo brigade now?

  29. After doing extensive research, not only does he say “Pete Carroll cheats” but he also pledged his allegiance to Al Qaeda.

  30. Richm2256 says:
    Do you people actually THINK about what you’re typing or do you just say whatever you think will sound funny?
    Is that a rhetorical question?

  31. This IS Jim Mora people. You sit there and listen to him talk about integrity, well he really showed it there. “Real Classy.”
    How about stepping up and taking some responsibility for YOUR TEAM not being ready to play. Let’s look at the facts. Three and out on your first possession 6 out of the last 7 games. Out scored 136 to 24 in the first quarter. That’s ALL on YOU Jim.
    Will the Pete Carroll experiment work? Time will tell. One thing is for sure. In the Monday press conferences, Carroll will take responsibility for HIS TEAM. Stay classy Jim.

  32. I love all this talk about how bad of a coach Jim Mora is. My question is: how can you tell based on his performance in Seattle? Let’s face it, he came into a team with a whole lot of problems. He didn’t have the kind of control over the team that Carroll was given. Oh, and he was only there for one year. Exactly how much of a turnaround was he supposed to be able to make using the roster he was given (the ones that weren’t injured, that is) in one season? I’m not saying he’s a great coach, and maybe he isn’t suited for the head coaching job. I don’t know. My point is, no one can really know based on his stint in Seattle. Basically, Mora served as an interim HC. He bridged the gab between Holmgren’s retirement, and Carroll’s getting out of dodge before the NCAA came down hard on USC. He can say the upcoming ruling had nothing to do with his decision, but he left a gig where he was getting paid a lot of money and was treated like a God right before his actions cost the school a two season bowl ban and some scholarships, along with some other sanctions. If that had nothing to do with his decision, then the man has unbelievable timing.

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