Redskins made a run at Romeo

Though former Browns coach and former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is expected to join the Chiefs, another team with an American Indian nickname made a run at Romeo.

We’re told the Redskins tried to land Crennel, an expert in the 3-4 defense that new coach Mike Shanahan is hoping to install.

The Redskins had been targeting Mike Zimmer, who has decided to stay with the Bengals.  Former Saints coach Jim Haslett is now the front-runner.

7 responses to “Redskins made a run at Romeo

  1. Great idea. Install a 34 defense with a guy who has a 100 million dollar contract that is perfect for a 1 gap, 3 technique man penetrator and almost imperfect for a 2 gap, 5 technique or 0 technique. Great idea. . .
    Mike Shanahan is coaching a team how? He knows zero about defense. Zero is an over-assessment.

  2. @ Prophet and Bob
    Mike Shanahan has 2 SB rings. He knows how to coach a team and hire defensive coaches to do their jobs.

  3. @Diggs
    Look at his personnel decisions, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He’s a great offensive mind, but his personnel decisions were his downfall in Denver. At least if he fails in that area, the Skins have Snyder to fall back on as a de facto GM.

  4. Yeah they made a run at him alright… They probally called him. Why wouldn’t they? So not news worthy. Where are the details of “the run at him” there are none because there never were any. PA-THETIC non-event Storio.

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