USC sends contract to Jack Del Rio

As Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio prepares to meet with his current boss, Del Rio has received an offer for a new job.

According to Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News, USC has sent Del Rio a contract that, if signed, would make him the next coach of the Trojans.

It sets up a Play Now-style showdown in Jacksonville, with owner Wayne Weaver likely preferring to get rid of Del Rio at the lowest possible cost.  So Weaver could play hardball, telling Del Rio he’s welcome to come back for 2010, and that he’ll get no buyout if he chooses to leave.

The best move, given the widespread belief that Del Rio already would be gone but for his $15 million buyout, would be for Weaver and Del Rio to work out a settlement of his Jaguars contract, which would allow Del Rio to leave — and which would give Weaver a crack at hiring only the third head coach in franchise history.

7 responses to “USC sends contract to Jack Del Rio

  1. yea gary, if you have told me a month ago that petey the cheat would be gone and their top choice was this bafoon i would have had a much better chrsitmas! lmfao!

  2. Why again would the owner have ANY incentive to buy out Del Rio? $15M is a big chunk of dough to spend on Del Rio. I’d go ahead and keep the cash, and use it on expenses related to the inevitable move to L.A.

  3. kravon says:
    Thats a shame because Jacksonville is so passionate about professional football.
    Funniest line of the new year

  4. Maybe its because I once dated a girl from USC, typical spoiled rich girl brat (once decided it was a good idea to buy a $1500 dollar purse), who was a passionate fan – aka id have to watch the games with her – that I have a distain for the whole school. I hope the NCAA comes down hard on them, they hire Del Rio – that fails and they become the next Notre Dame (Minus having to watch them on TV every week), then the USC campus (and i guess LA by association) is washed away into the Pacific Ocean.

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