Braylon's no-contest plea likely will trigger a one-game suspension

Though it’s highly unlikely, if not unpossible, that the NFL would suspend Jets receiver Braylon Edwards during the 2009 postseason, his decision to plead no contest to charges that he assaulted Steve Urkel in the final days of Edwards’ tenure with the Browns will hurt him in the pocketbook.

He’s due to become a restricted free agent, and the willingness of other teams to chase him via an offer sheet will be diminished by the fact that a suspension likely is coming.

“No contest” is the equivalent of “guilty.”  Though it gives the defendant the ability to claim that he still really didn’t do it but that he just didn’t want the hassle of a trial, the NFL won’t apply that distinction.

Four years ago, then-Bears cornerback Ricky Manning pleaded no contest to charges of beating a guy up at a Westwood Denny’s, and the league suspended Manning for a game, despite his claim that he actually was innocent.

So whoever has Braylon Edwards on the payroll for 2010 will acquire his rights knowing that, for at least one game in the coming season, there will be no footballs clanging off his facemask.

27 responses to “Braylon's no-contest plea likely will trigger a one-game suspension

  1. Why wouldnt they suspend him for this season ? Wrong is wrong reguardless of the time frame and such . Basketball and Hockey suspend players for playoff games , so why not football ?

  2. Where are all the Jet fans who thought that Tannenbum “stole” Braylon from the Browns? Glad to see he didn’t leave his stone hands in Cleveland.

  3. If the NFL hurries, it can stop him from dropping some passes in the playoffs. If I were a Jet fan, I’d want him suspended ASAP.

  4. I’m glad Cleveland unloaded that guy when they did. His future (and his hands) aren’t very good.

  5. He is on a Super Bowl bound team.
    Where are the Browns at?
    If the Jets win the Super Bowl he gets a ring.
    What do the Browns get?
    Oh yeah the Browns get, to cry about Braylon Edwards.
    Hey did anyone see that Jets Browns playoff game where the Browns quarterback totally sucked ass?
    And where the coaching staff were given a TV Timeout to look over a play aka 5+ minutes and threw the RED Flag anyhow? oh and screwed up the next challenge too, screwing themsevles out of timeouts in the first quarter?
    Seems to me the Browns have worse problems than crying about some receiver.

  6. @bspurloc
    I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re just that stupid.
    You seem to be unable to keep the Bengals and Browns straight.
    Did anyone see that Giants Bengals playoff game?

  7. Braylon hit someone.. but that might ruin his hands for his post NFL modeling career.. and i find it hard to believe he actually hit him.. he probably swung and missed.. kinda like the way his hands go after TD passes

  8. Why wouldn’t Goodell suspend him for the palyoffs? Because Goodell is from New York, and the NFL is a New York homer league?
    Jeeze, when the Jets signed Braylon, they knew the risks. Why do you think many other teams steered clear of the guy. I mean they even signed him knowing about this existing charge against him. Why shouldn’t they suffer the potential consequences of said known risks? Did they have advance clearance from Goodell and given assurance that Goodell while tough against some offenses would agree to be punchless against the home team Jets especially if come playoff time?

  9. bspurloc says:
    January 13, 2010 9:19 AM
    He is on a Super Bowl bound team.
    Where are the Browns at?
    If the Jets win the Super Bowl he gets a ring.
    What do the Browns get?
    Oh yeah the Browns get, to cry about Braylon Edwards.
    Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha! Nice try at psychology, loser.
    Braylon Edwards is on a Super Bowl bound team? Jumping the gun a bit are we? I believe the Jets have to win two more games before they are Super Bowl bound. The problem is, with teams like San Diego and the Colts standing in their way, that ain’t gonna happen.
    Next, who cares anyway? After all, it’s not as if Braylon contributed virtually anything to the Jets making the playoffs and he *sure as hell* din’t contribute to their one playoff win. hey man, *anyone* can be traded from one team to another and get lucky. That’s what it is- pure luck- he wound up on a 9-7 team that barely scraped into the playoffs, no thanks to him. Not really anything there for a browns fan to cry about. After all, we no longer have any receivers who drop the ball every other time it’s thrown to them. That’s good enough for now 🙂
    Anyway, keep dreaming. Braylon sucks- he’s PROVEN that he still sucks now that he’s a Jet, and the Jet’s aren’t getting anywhere near the Super Bowl.
    Now quit your whining.

  10. I heard Chris Mortanson on M&M this morning saying tannenbaum should be exec. of the year for his choosing of Sanchez, and Green. He said nothing about the trading for Edwards. His peers with definately not forget that one when it comes to vote time.
    what the hell has Edwards done to deserve the love you are giving him, was it the football off the facemask a few weeks ago, or the drop in the enzone this past weekend. Both of which I’m sure helped them win the games.
    We Browns fans are just happy edwards is your problem now.

    Last time the Browns played the Jets in the Playoffs the Browns won. So I don’t think anyone saw the game you are speaking of. Hard to take your post seriously with your complete lack of knowledge. BTW, Browns own the Jets in regular season too!

  12. We do not miss Edwards, he is looking for a big contract, won’t happen -can’t catch anything and he needs a new deal to support his baby mama. She is only demanding $70k a month child support, he better start making some catches or he will not get a “show me the money” tour like Cribbs did.
    On a lighter note :On the way out of court – Edwards dropped his probation papers, for which he was penalized 15 months for a probation violation.

  13. Hey that’s cool, make fun of a crime victim. You might as well. We all already know how much of a scumbag you really are.

  14. Braylon Edwards couldn’t catch a cold. I’d rather have Stevie Wonder at WR than this chucklehead.
    What did some dude say the other day – “Venus de Milo has better hands than Edwards”. He speaks the truth.

  15. bspurloc = Typical, dumb ass Jets fan
    Has anyone ever been banned from commenting on this site out of pure stupidity? If not bspurloc might be the first.

  16. As a Charger fan I want Braylon in this game. I don’t want any excuses coming out of New York when we crush them this weekend.

  17. # steeltownpride says: January 13, 2010 8:12 AM
    Why wouldnt they suspend him for this season ? Wrong is wrong reguardless of the time frame and such . Basketball and Hockey suspend players for playoff games , so why not football ?
    1 of the most idiotic comment of the year… its pretty clear that those basketball and hockey has playoff in 4 sets of games… which they can afford to lose 1… while football, u have 1 chance to win 1 game, period…
    Please study and learn sports first before you talk sh*t…

  18. And by the way, I’m Jets fan, and I would take Braylon Edward all day… He open up the Defense more easier for the Jets to rush… and he Never drop anywhere less than half a field, but only drops on long passes… which is still okay to me… If he can draw more Defense players, to open up the plays and still catch a damn ball in less than abt 40 yrds, then I’m good with him…

  19. Godfather thanks for responding . Im an idiot ? Look if players know they can get suspended at anytime of the season . Reguardless of preseason to playoffs . A player will think twice before breaking the law . Miss a playoff game it makes the stakes higher . Jets , their fans etc are hotair machines . All talk and no bite .

  20. The Godfather…great comment. finally someone who actually knows the game unlike these anti-jet fools that only look at one aspect of recieving. There is more than one reason the Jets have the best running game in the league, and he is one of them.

  21. Bray Bray is a ticking timebomb… we have heard it all from we hated him because he graduated from Michigan to bitch slapping one of LeBrons buddies….
    There will be a team that dumps a boatload of money on him saying he is a “project”….
    That’s just the way the NFL is…

  22. Godfather:
    You sound as if the Jets running game was horrible before the signing of Edwards.
    2007 19th
    2008 9th
    The jets made a 10 position climb before edwards arrived and was already the leagues best.
    The only aspect of the team that makes a solid running attack is the Offensive line. I bet if you look back at all the games since edwards arrived you will see that there are 8 in the box and edwards is single covered. just like it was before him.
    I agree that stretching the field helps the running game, but do it with a wide receiver that you have to fear catching the long ball. If the DB’s know there is a 10% chance that Braylon will catch the ball the CB won’t even get safety help because he does not need it.
    Edwards may catch 6 balls for 100 yards and a touch and the stat line looks great, but it will be the the 6 for 100 and 2 touchdowns that he dropped that you will remember, trust me.

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