Colts still have 20 injured players

The good news is that the bye week has helped the Colts get a little healthier.

The bad news is that they’re still not fully healthy.

The initial injury report for the divisional playoffs includes 20 Colts, down from 30 in Week 17.

But the good news is that each of the injured players fully participated in practice.

The injured players are defensive end Raheem Brock (hip), cornerback Melvin Bullitt (shoulder), defensive end Keyunta Dawson (knee), tackle Ryan Diem (elbow), cornerback Aaron Francisco (quadricep), defensive end Dwight Freeney (foot), receiver Pierre Garcon (hand), cornerback Tim Jennings (knee), defensive tackle Antonio Johnson (shoulder), tackle Charlie Johnson (foot), defensive end Robert Mathis (shoulder), defensive tackle Daniel Muir (shoulder), quarterback Curtis Painter (ankle), cornerback Jerraud Powers (hamstring), guard Jamey Richard (shoulder), tight end Gijon Robinson (knee), linebacker Clint Session (knee), tackle Tony Ugoh (knee), kicker Adam Vinatieri (right hip), and receiver Reggie Wayne (knee).

For the Ravens, tackle Jared Gaither (ankle) missed practice on Wednesday.  Cornerback Cary Williams (thigh) practiced on a limited basis.

Full participants were linebacker Tavares Gooden (knee), tight end Todd Heap (back), receiver Derrick Mason (hand), and safety Ed Reed (groin, foot).

The Ravens visit the Colts in prime time on Saturday night.  Indianapolis has won seven straight games against the team in the town from whence the Colts came, including most recently a 17-15 victory on November 22.

21 responses to “Colts still have 20 injured players

  1. itd be really nice if those 20 players couldnt play on saturday. peyton would still probably have a field day

  2. So if the Colts fans start booing their team, if their losing, will we be hearing about the Colts going down hill? Or can we just give the Ravens credit… instead of saying stuff like the Pats(Colts) must suck because they lost to the Ravens, or it is over for the Pats(Colts) dynasty.
    Don’t under-estimate the Ravens this year. They are one of the few teams to beat the Chargers, and have kept it close alot of other games. Remember the Ravens did go to the Championship game last year.

  3. Well, the way Lord Florio looks at things, this is just ready made for Colts excuses if they lose to the Ravens on Sat nite!

  4. Are the Colts pulling an anti-Patriots? Instead of withholding disclosure – why not over-disclose? It ultimately serves the same purpose. And could be more effective – in that it could give the opponent a false sense of confidence thinking the Colts are really banged up, when in reality they really aren’t.

  5. So if the Colts fans start booing their team, if their losing, will we be hearing about the Colts going down hill?
    If you think the Colts fans EVER boo their own team you don’t know anything about Colts fans. Polian certain got some boos, sure, but never the players.

  6. What will Florio write if the Ravens win this weekend?
    “League sources close to the Colts said Manning accidentally scotch-taped together the fingers on his throwing hand during pre-game warmups. The Ravens suck.”
    What Florio wanted to write last weekend:
    “A well-placed source said Tom Brady suffered a massive wedgie on the first play. The Ravens suck.”

  7. I want to know why the Ravens would have lost a timeout when they challenged the spot (in Pats game) if it was not a first down? The spot was confirmed wrong by the referees so the challenge would be correct regardless. And you think all Ravens Fans are Paranoid!
    Down Goes Brady
    Down Goes Manning

  8. @jamaltimore:
    The Ravens would have lost a timeout because…that’s what the rules say. If you challenge a ball spot, the challenge must give you a spot good enough for a first down, or you lose a timeout.

  9. Hmm. Guess their plan didn’t work. The Ray brothers might not win, but they’ll bring the pain and I’m guessin they smell blood.
    Divisional Round games kick ass!

  10. Bucforever says:
    January 13, 2010 11:03 PM
    Just as long as Peyton is healthy the Colts are the winners.
    Yeah but if all his weapons are injured it makes things hard on him and…ah screw it. It’s Peyton. He just makes everyone look good.
    Not sure who to root for on this.
    IF Colts win and Jets win, it’s a rematch of a couple weeks ago, which is cool.
    IF Ravens and Jets win, it’s AFC championship game at the Meadowlands, which is also awesome.
    Anyway, Colts and Chargers fans shouldn’t sleep on Jets and Ravens.

  11. I’m a ravens fan and I think they may have blown their wad in New England.
    Travel, preparation and having to play the two best QBs of the past decade in less than a week may take its toll on the ravens.
    Wayne won’t pack it in like Moss and Clark is way better than Watson.
    Add to the fact that Flacco can’t move OR throw (even if he had a reciever to throw to) and I smell INDY large…
    Very large.

  12. I find it rather humorous that people are accusing the Colts of playing games with the injury report…
    Common consensus is that Flacco is hobbling around on the field with a banged up hip… yet… he’s not on their injury report at all?
    Colts tend to report anyone and everyone who’s a little banged up. Other teams will only report a player if that player is having a limb amputated.
    Which is better?

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