Crennel, Chiefs courtship bogs down

Amid reports that former Browns coach Romeo Crennel will become the next defensive coordinator of the Chiefs, Crennel’s agent says that the job has not yet been offered to Crennel.

“Would he take it if they offered the job?” agent Joe Linta told the Kansas City Star.  “I suppose he would.”

Linta told the Star that Crennel has discussed the position with Chiefs coach Todd Haley.  Linta also said that the Chiefs get the “first shot,” and that four other teams are interested in Crennel.

One such team is the Giants.  We’ve also heard that the Redskins made a run at him, but the Redskins have since hired Jim Haslett.

The Dolphins also could be interested, which would pit Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli against his father-in-law, Miami V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells.

Regardless of how it all works out, putting public pressure on the Chiefs likely isn’t an ideal strategy.  Unless Linta’s ultimate objective is to place Crennel elsewhere.

12 responses to “Crennel, Chiefs courtship bogs down

  1. I have it from a good source that the main sticking point in negotiations is the content of the team buffet….

  2. FWIW, the Brown’s D wasn’t very good when he was the head coach there. You’d think he had some say in it.

  3. Nardawg: The Buffet Clause is something that doesn’t get enough attention. I hear RAC is feeling more spry since the hip replacement. His demands may be too onerous even for the free spending Redskins let alone the Chiefs.

  4. His coors light commercials are about as funny as his 24-40 record in cleveland. Im not sure if i want this crazy clueless bastard in miami.

  5. Caplan is reporting that it’s a done deal on the NFL Network. Might want to have the Star check with the agent again.

  6. simone007 and sammm:
    im a Browns fan and I really like Romeo. yea i wouldnt want him as a head coach but i think he’s a good guy and a good defensive coordinator. when he came to cleveland he was switching them from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. more importantly that with the exception of 1 season there was almost no offensive production and the defense got hosed. yea they werent great defensivly but they werent as bad as the numbers made then out to be.
    i think RAC can still be a very good defensive coordinator

  7. January 13, 2010 8:29 AM @ Nardawg says:
    “I have it from a good source that the main sticking point in negotiations is the content of the team buffet….”
    Never has KC barbeque been more important. BTW, the Nardawg doesn’t bake. Love that show.

  8. “Suppose” he would?
    RAC and his agent don’t really think he’s still worthy of a head coaching job, does he?

  9. KC has BBQ, Miami has Cuban pork sandwiches, New York has Pizza, sorry Redskins, what do you have to offer Mr Crennel?

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