Favre makes an indirect guarantee

During his weekly Wednesday press conference, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre offered up a backhanded indication regarding his belief that the home team will prevail on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

“Honestly, I see
us sitting here next week having this press conference again,” Favre said, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “If that
doesn’t happen, to me it will be a shock

In other words, “We’re gonna win.”

Then again, maybe Favre is having an advance press conference deja vu from all those past times he has retired and unretired.

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  1. Why does the media love this ‘guarantee’ crap? Jesus, the digging. Call me crazy, but I’d like my QB to be confident. He didn’t diss the Cowboys or say anything about their prowess or lack thereof.

  2. Ahhhh…
    So this is what happens when Alzheimers sets in….
    Brett – News Bulletin – You’re playing one of, if not the, hottest teams in the NFL this week. Considering you lost 3 of your last 4 games, I don’t think I would be commenting too much if I were you…

  3. Wow, a player that thinks his team can win — there’s some newsworthy controversy for you. Given the national media’s drooling all over the Cowboys, he apparently is the only one who thinks the Vikes can win.

  4. I can’t wait until he throws 4 picks and costs his team the game. Might not happen this week, but it will happen.

  5. Stupid. I’ve never understood the “controversy” in saying you are going to win. All players on all teams should always say for every game that they are going to win.

  6. Favre is dreaming. He’s done for good if they lose, so why wouldn’t he plan for them to win? Unlike the Colts (and now Cardinals), every team goes in to a game with intent to win. I would expect the Cowboys to say the same thing.
    Favre should know, however, that they cannot escape the Dallas’ D and will subsequently lose their first home game this season to a far better team.

  7. What the hell is he supposed to say ? “I’d be surprised to be sitting here next week” ? ” I don’t know if we’ll win, but I hope so.” Why is it a big deal if an athlete says his team will win ? I’m not a fan of Billy Joe or the Vikings, but give me a break.

  8. What a jackassery thing to do.
    Hard to beat the provocative nature of many of your non-stories, but your inflammatory headlines win, hands down. In another era, this would be called yellow journalism. What the heck, let’s just call it that now.
    Here’s Mike again, playing with his power, snickering as he types, leaning back in his chair with a smirk on his face, waiting to see just how much trouble he can stir up.
    It’s a shame you never became a professional football player, Mike. You’ve got Cheap Shots down pat.

  9. I think it would be a shock to me to see favre beat dallas in the post-season which is the sort of thing that just doesn’t happen. Dallas has his number.

  10. As opposed to him say “Yup, this will be my last press conference of the year”.
    In other words “We’re gonna lose”….
    What would you have him say?
    This was stupid.

  11. That’s far from a guarantee. Anyway, would a guarantee be that much of a suprise from someone as delusional as Favre?

  12. Why is this any different from any other player making guarantees or head coaches? Oh ya, it’s Brett Favre. Way to make something out of nothing Florio.

  13. Or maybe it’s his way of telling the media to blow it out their *****, and that it’s not going to be a cake walk for their media darlings (in case you can’t read between the lines, that would be the cowboys).

  14. You shouldn’t put “We’re gonna win.” in quotes if Favre didn’t say it. You can’t just make stuff up

  15. man dis is going to light a fire under us cowboys fans. hey brett, we got 5 rings with big, big, big diamonds. you only have 1.
    what you got now bert?

  16. I see him having a press conference explaining why the Cowboys gave the Vikings such a beatdown.

  17. Brett Favre is my kind of guy. He’s confident, yet modest, down to earth, and knows how to keep his ego in check.
    Roger Clemens

  18. Wow. The QB from the #2 seed thinks his team will win a home playoff game. Astonishing. Thank God you had the courage to break the story here.

  19. It would be news if Favre commented about his belief that they would lose. I mean come on, is it really news that a professional athlete believes his team will win in the playoffs? I’m sure even if the Lions somehow put together enough wins to make it into the playoffs, then every single member of that team would have a similar belief in his team.

  20. Brett surprises me given his record in the playoffs vs The Dallas Cowboys. Even if he thinks that, I’m surprised he said it.

  21. which also means he is saying cardinals will also beat the saints as that’s the only way he’ll be sitting HERE!

  22. Do you expect him to say he expects to lose and would be shocked if the Vikings win?
    There’s a difference between the brashness of guaranteeing a win and portraying confidence in your team by saying you expect to win.
    I know Florio also knows that, but by saying Favre guarantees a win in the headline, he’ll get his token 100+ comments and thousands of extra hits to the website to drive revenue and make money off the saps who get worked up from his spin doctoring.

  23. The use of the word “guarantee” is a COMPLETE FABRICATION BY FLORIO.
    You have lied, Florio. This is ridiculously bad. I have defended you before, but frankly I am done with you.
    Favre said he will be shocked if the Vikings lose. That is NOT A GUARANTEE.
    Florio, how does it feel to be a tool?

  24. Please, Favre. Just lay an egg this weekend and then go away for a very long time. I will see you at your Hall of Fame induction, but please in the meantime just go away.
    I have never been more sick of a professional athlete in my life.

  25. HMMM…. Do I root for Me, Myself and Farve or the media push them down your throat all day over-saturated Cowboys. I’m rooting for a tie….perfect world.

  26. Honestly, I see the dallas defense knocking the old man out in the first or second quarter.
    Go Cowboys!!!!!!!

  27. Hey Brett, ask DeSean Jackson if it is smart to run your mouth before playing the Cowboys. You would think an old man with that much experience would have some wisdom to keep his mouth shut.

  28. oh here we go. you just couldn’t help it could you florio? i see you did stay away from any possible injuries he might have. well done. and they say an old dog can’t learn new tricks…….

  29. Nice Try Florio, this is just a confident football player. And that is exactly what is needed from your QB prior to a huge game. This is not a cocky guarantee

  30. Is that the best you can come up with? I’d say stick to your day job, but you suck at that too. We all know florist your lifes accomplishments comprise of bashing future NFL Hall of Famers. It would be funny, if you weren’t such an embarrasment to others in your profession.
    Retire or Unretire – 24 other QB’s are sitting at home wishing they even had a press conference.

  31. I’d rather he be confident than say, “We’re going to get our asses handed to us,” or “We should just forfeit this one, since I don’t think we’re going to win.”
    I’m sure the Cowboys think they’re going to win too.

  32. Whats he supposed to say.. gee i dont know!? Hes the Fn leader of a 12-4 football squad. My god Florio, you sir are getting dumber.

  33. Geez – I guess this is further proof if the “news will be created as needed to fill the vacuum” theory. This isn’t quite up there with Joe Willy and Mark Messier.

  34. Everyone seems to think that that Boys are going to come to Minn. and shut down this offense…I just don’t see it happening. People act like because the Vikes have struggled in the past month means that they are terrible now, I guess those same people have forgot about the nail biters for the boys this year…including the hard fought battle, against the Chiefs..gonna be a great game, but definitely not a easy win for either team

  35. Favre is already the QB, head coach and de facto GM, (the only way he’d agree to play), so it only makes sense he’d make a play for godhood next…
    I am The Favre, thou shalt have no other Favre’s before me.

  36. well i don’t know about that press conference, but i know which press conference he WILL have after the season.
    and then which interview he will have with ESPN after the season.
    and the which press releases Bus Cook will issue after the season.
    and then the 329439423 articles that will be on PFT about it after the season.
    and then which press conference he will have during training camp, assumably sitting next to Chilly.

  37. That’s cause the Vikings will win, by no less than 2 TDs, maybe 3.
    Haven’t y’all learned just when the Cowboys cant get any better… they look like the Lions. It makes their fall that much funnier though…
    How bout dem (insert any squad name here)?! Got to be the worst most un-original rally cry ever. Cowboys fittin ta get WORKED!!!

  38. Florio I watched the press conference. the reporter was trying to get a sense of his 2010 plans. He basically said he hasn’t thought about it and expects to be having the same press conference next week. What was he supposed to say? he didn’t guarantee a thing.

  39. You gotta love the optimism from Favre, but he has not faced a defense all year like he will see on Sunday. I hope he’s sittin on his butt makin that statement cause that’s where he’ll be most of the time on Sunday. Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff & Anthony Spencer and a few linebackers will have a field day.

  40. no. florio. he did not guarantee anything in any way. he EXPECTS to win. BIG DIFFERENCE. did you ever play a sport competitively, Florio? guess what? the cowboys expect they’ll win the game too. shocker. i know.

  41. I love confidence. It is not like he went Joe Namath on his prediction.
    Skol Vikings!!!
    Hopefully this does not happen…..
    “the Cowboys are who we thought they were! That’s why we took the damn field! Now, if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But, they are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!”

  42. I have no problem with what Brett Favre said here.
    But 1 of the comments on here was hilarious, read the book ‘The Rocket that Fell to Earth’ & tell me Roger Clemens doesn’t = Brett Favre. Ridiculously huge egos & lie at all costs to make themselves look better.

  43. Getting tired of all the non- stories this site puts up. Imagine that, an NFL quarterback who thinks his team is gonna win! Wow, way to dig deep to find a story. I’m sure your jr. High journalism teacher is proud of you.

  44. Tell me D.A., what team in the Playoffs is saying that they are going to lose? Who doesn’t think they will win?
    You sure know how to make something out of nothing…Must be a slow day.

  45. I knew the Dallas “band wagoners” would come out……… All of the above (except for a few) have to be from idiots who are “following” the boys…..it never fails IF Dallas wins everyone wants to be a boys fan. Grow up and be a true fan or sit down and watch the game from your recliner or turn the channel. I hate men who “band wagon”.
    Never a true fan when boys fans are around….. even they can’t decide if they really like Romo or not. 1 week “get rid of him”, next week (only after a win) “he’s best thing since________”. whatever!

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