Mariucci mentioned as darkhorse in Oakland

Tom Cable isn’t out in Oakland, but that hasn’t stopped speculation about who might replace him.   The latest name out of left field: Steve Mariucci.

He’s certainly a long shot, but his name was mentioned separately by two of our favorite writers in the Bay Area in the span of two days.

Mooch passes some Al Davis tests: He’s an offensive mind and he’s worked with some of the Raiders staff before. He reportedly has a healthy respect for Davis.

“Word is getting out” that Mooch may want back in to coaching, according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.  There won’t be many NFL job offers coming his way.

With all that said, we still wonder if Mariucci wants to take on a rebuilding project under a questionable personnel evaluator.  That didn’t work out so great last time. 

42 responses to “Mariucci mentioned as darkhorse in Oakland

  1. Steve Mariucci knows football. The biggest issue in Oakland as everyone knows is the owner/GM Al Davis. You either do it Al’s way, or you get fired. And more importantly you have to be successful doing it Al’s way even when his way completely sabotages any chance of success. The only way the Raiders ever get it legitimately turned around is if Al Davis steps down as the Team’s GM and allows someone else to run his franchise. Maybe Mariucci thinks he can talk Al Davis isn’t doing this?

  2. I heard that Parcells is a drak horse as well. What is it with the media, not just PFT, but the media in general? They get bored and just pick names of old coaches and say they have a chance at a job that isnt even open.

  3. No way.
    Mooch has been around the league long enough to see winners & losers.
    Is he a newbie yes-man? I thought that’s the kind of guy that Davis likes to hire.

  4. This actually would be a smart move by Oakland Raiders. I never thought I would write smart and Raiders in the same sentence.

  5. Jaw-breaking aside……hasn’t Cable notched enough quality wins under his belt to justify another year?
    Plus, isn’t word out of the street that Jamarcus is a bust who does not work hard?
    Cable played QB-shuffle & no quality #1 RB or WR. Plus…a crappy Oline, right?
    The Raiders still managed to beat the Philly, Cincy, Pittsburgh & Denver (in December no-less). Plus, they opened vs. San Diego pretty well.

  6. this is a big pile of crap – Mariucci isnt coaching in Oakland next year ot year after, its a disaster … no one good will, until the wrinkly 80lb gorilla , literally, moves on
    c’mon man

  7. Wow. Tim Kawakami is one of PFT’s favorite Bay Aread writers?
    The guy should be writing soap opera’s, not covering sports. Find me a column/blog/article where he’s positive about something and/or steps off of his soap box and I’ll consider respecting it.
    PFT readers: Kawakami’s the smug character that almost got whooped by John Hererra at a press conference a while back.

  8. Mooch should have staid in coaching as a coordinator if he wanted to come back in. That way he could have learned from his mistakes and gotten more experience from being on the inside.
    Now he knows he made some mistakes but I feel he might not have enough experience to draw from to correct them. Stay in broadcasting, you are good at it and it is easier.

  9. O’ Please ! Mariucci ? Why would a good coach want anything to do with a team run by a senile out of touch owner ? Mariucci re-considers the day he reads Al’s obituary

  10. Al Davis will never change as long has he is remaining on earth he will be the same guy. Anyone that feels they can come in and coach this team without his interference is delusional. Since he is in charge and will be until his demise the Raider fans will have to continue to watch a team that will hang onto the title of a dysfunctional team.

  11. They shouldn’t fire Cable. All the Riaders need to do are simple in two moves…. 1. Hire an offensive cord. (Cable is coach and off. Cord.) & 2. Hire a GM (Al Davis needs help getting this team back on track) Now I would consult John Madden on becoming GM or President since he is part of the Raider family and Al Davis trusts him. As far as Off. Cord. Goes make sure it’s someone who can open the offen
    se up..

  12. well, certainly al davis has found some really good players while matt millen never did…. i dont think its fait to compare both, we all know millen sucked bad

  13. If Steve Mariucci wanted to get back into coaching, the smart thing to do would be to come in as a QB coach for a West Coast team, and wait for a far better opportunity than Oakland.

  14. I like Mariucci the TV guy more than Mariucci the coach. If the Raiders cut Cable loose and go out looking for a “young gun” coach, it has to be Jim Harbaugh. JaMarcus needs a guy who has won ugly and made the most out of his limited skillset. He wasn’t Dan Marino but Harbaugh was a gamer and decent NFL QB, something all Raider fans should want out of Russell, at the very least. I think Capt. Comeback may have the same impact on the team as the Jon Gruden had when he was brought in.
    From what I’ve read, David Shaw is intriguing but probably a year or so away from being head-coaching material. Maybe keep Cable for one more season then fire him after next year’s 4-12 and then hire Shaw?

  15. If this is for real, he should demand a clause in his contract that says that JaMarcus must be cut and can never take another snap for the Raider organization again, as long as he’s the coach. He’s the ultimate “coach killer”, and unless Al is ready to give up on him, the next coach is going to suffer if/when he gets another Al-mandated shot at playing again.

  16. Chapnasty2 hit the nail on the head. according to the media anyone and damn near everyone is a candidate. at this point in time it isn’t even entertaining any more.
    better mention gruden again since he turned down tennessee.

  17. Media. Public. Please understand. Tom Cable is the perfect fit for the Raiders. He will not be fired. He will coach the Raiders for years. He is tough, a no-nonsense guy, a good leader, a pretty good coach.
    Davis lucked into him. Cable is Madden a few decades later. Can he win? Don’t know. But remember even back to the beginning of this season, all you geniuses were saying Oakland was the worst team in the league. OK, they weren’t great, but they separated pretty cleanly from Detroit, Tampa, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati (oops), Seattle, etc. If you can win games without a QB you must be a pretty good coach.
    I like Cable. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is in the playoffs next year.

  18. al already met his demise. he is now undead.
    he needs a stake thru his heart and his head chopped off.
    then he will “move on”.
    mooch has proved he had the guts to tell a GM and owner to shove off when he kept starting rag arm garcia ilo live arm jo-ey in detroit.
    only problem is, the team was better with jo-ey in the lineup. so, his judgment should not automatically be considered to be better than the the judgment of the guy who signs his cheques.

  19. I love how 50% of my posts are never up here. Whats the deal Florio and Goons?? My opinion to good for this site?

  20. Now your really grasping at straws! Dont go by Bay Area papers. They are all 49ers and San Fran Giants heavy. According to them the 49ers are on the verge of the Superbowl every year and had 7 straight losing seasons, like the Raiders. And the Giants havent won a World Series here in the Bay Area EVER the A’s have, and the Giants are the best thing since sliced bread according to them. Once again, DONT BELIVE THE PAPERS HERE!

  21. Gregg Rosenthal said:
    “With all that said, we still wonder if Mariucci wants to take on a rebuilding project under a questionable personnel evaluator. That didn’t work out so great last time.”
    The two situations (Oakland-Detroit) aren’t even comparable from a player personnel standpoint, Rosenthal. Oakland already has many pieces in place on both sides of the ball. Far more talent on the current Raiders team compared to what Mooch took on with the Lions…

  22. If there is even an ounce of truth to this, it means that Mariucci doesn’t have a single other team knocking on his door and he’s desperate to coach again. A decent coach would move to a college program before joining the Raiders.

  23. There are only 32 head coaching jobs and Mooch wants to get back into coaching I think it would be a good shot for him. The money these guys get paid and this will probably be his only shot, why not take it?

  24. I have always like Mariucci especially because he is not FAT(Tom Cable)! The Raiders are still a part of the NFL. Moreover, Al Davis might be in love with some stupid quarterbacks at times, but when he lucks into a good one, the Raiders are hard to beat.
    If the Raiders get a decent quarterback, they will be a better than 8-8 team next year. The Head Coach doesn’t matter at all. The NFL is a quarterback sport.
    You heard it here on this date at PFT from the creator of the “Tony Dungy Rule” .
    The Raiders will do 8-8 or better next year with an above average quarterback!
    And, if Steve Mariucci gets the chance to talk Al into acquiring a decent quarterback, we will call him a genius.

  25. Cost of a new jumpsuit for Al $100
    Cost of a custom monogramed extra water & stain resistant diaper for Al $140.
    The I am about to barf look on Mooch’s face after getting orders from Al. That JaLardAss and dhBUST are starting. Priceless

  26. Mooch would never do it…Too much class. Besides, if he couldn’t even exist with Dr. York, how could he ever co-exist with the Ruler of the Silver and Bleak? They will find someone desperate enough to buy into the “Greatness of the Rai-dahs’ ” Someone who will assuredly continue their streak of eleven loss seasons.

  27. A “darkhorse” candidate for the coaching position in Oakland is as much an oxymoron, if not more, than is the term “giant shrimp”.
    Nobody wants the job, how can there be a darkhorse candidate? There are no candidates, only underqualified’s and beggars. Mooch is neither.
    How funny would it be if he actually accepted the job and Davis died two days later, well at least after the ink dried on the contract?

  28. Re: daffy87 at 6:03 PM.
    Never been a Raiders fan, but have watched what they’ve done from afar here in Wisconsin, and I think your comment is one of the most astute I ever seen on this web site.
    Well said.

  29. I hope it’s true and I hope it happens. It’s a crime that Steve Mariucci is not a head coach in the NFL, while so many schmucks like Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Eric Mangini, Raheem Morris, Josh Daniels, and others are given chances.
    Mooch climbed his way up to head coaching ranks and his only problem was working for the Lions and Matt Millen. Give him another chance. he rebuilt the 49ers from nothing in the post Walsh/Joe/Young era, and its fallen apart since he left.
    How about a Jeff Garcia/Steve Mariucci reunion in Oak town?

  30. Would make sense as he’d be in the process of developing Russell…………..Davis loves this kid.
    But Mooch…..I’d run the other way as Davis is a crazy GM.

  31. Mooch is a Faver ass kisser so his only chance at NFL employment is for Lord Favre himself to grant Mooch a spot on Chilly’s staff. For leverage, Favre can threaten not to use KY Jelly next time Chilly wears his dress, that will convince him.

  32. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was a huge Al Davis fan but face it he is way out of touch. It pains me to say Raiders won’t improve until he retires or passes whichever comes first. I can’t see Mariucci or very many other coaches wanting this gig, so Cable may keep job by default.

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