Rolle insists he never dissed Drew Brees, Silver says otherwise

After Sunday’s 51-45 win by the Cardinals over the Packers, Arizona safety Antrel Rolle said that he didn’t want to see Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers again.


According to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Rolle illustrated his point by comparing this weekend’s opposing quarterback to Rodgers.

“I’ll face Drew Brees any day of the week before I face [Rodgers] again,” Rolle said.

Now that Rolle’s rant has raised eyebrows, Rolle claims he didn’t say what Silver says he said.

My thoughts are that is a complete and total lie,” Rolle told reporters on Wednesday, according to Mike Sando of  “First of all, I wasn’t even talking to Mike Silver.  Adrian [Wilson] and myself were having a conversation.  I was simply praising
Aaron Rodgers and he decided to throw Drew Brees’ name out there.  I was
just like, ‘I’m not even talking about Drew Brees.  I’m talking about
Aaron Rodgers.’  He twisted and turned it.  I’m not even a guy that
speaks to the media.  My name is never out there.  For him to go out
there and say that to try to stir something up is just typical.”

(And for a guy who says something he shouldn’t have said to then say he didn’t say it isn’t typical, right?)

For his part, Silver stands by his reporting.

“I am both amused and angered that Antrel Rolle is claiming that I lied, lifted a quote from a private conversation and/or took him out of context after Sunday’s game,” Silver told PFT via e-mail.  “The quote was 100 percent accurate, and the purpose of our conversation could not have been clearer.  I interviewed him at his locker, writing down his comments about Aaron Rodgers on a notepad.  Toward the end, as he was starting to walk away, I said, ‘And now you have to face Drew Brees on Saturday.’  At that point he gave me the quote in question (which I also wrote down in plain sight).

“Rolle is a passionate, intelligent athlete with whom I’ve enjoyed interacting over the years, but he’s clearly trying to back out of a controversy by blaming me,” Silver added.  “He owes me an apology.”

We know what you’re thinking.  It’s a he-said/he-said thing.  A proverbial pissing match.  But then there’s the fact that, before sounding off to reporters, Rolle contacted Silver.

Via text message.

A text message Silver saved.

The first line of it? 

“Why did you put what I said in the papers.”  

No further questions, Your Honor.

42 responses to “Rolle insists he never dissed Drew Brees, Silver says otherwise

  1. More manufactured controversy from PFT? Who’d have guessed?
    How about recognizing the fact that even if Silver’s recitation is correct, it is not remotely a dis of Drew Brees. Pop quiz: between Brees and Rodgers, who do you think has performed better against Antrel Rolle during his career? No fair looking up the answer.

  2. can someone please tell me how brees gets a dirt smug on his face before the game starts and there on astroturf?
    just heard bill parcells is flying to oakland to become g.m

  3. who gives a shit…why not let Silver defend himself. Do you hold his hand when you two go to the pisser together too??

  4. “Why did you put what I said in the papers.”
    yeah, you know, that thing that I didn’t say, THAT thing
    Sad that he has to try and take down a professional’s reputation as a conseuence of shooting off his mouth. Thing is, Rolle had nothing to apologize for in the first place.

  5. Hey Florio, it’s pussies like you and Silver who have ruined so-called sports reporting as its known today.
    “Oh he said this….and he said that….did you guys hear what that coach said about the other player….did you hear what so and so said…is it true or just gossip…bla bla bla”
    Grow a pair of balls, Mike, and stop acting like some gossipy little woman on The View.
    Act like a man for once.

  6. i hope its a shootout! one for the record books! and if this lights a fire up drew brees’ ass! so be it!

  7. Florio no one cares… what are you thinking? Get rid of florio, i have never seen so much hate on him… he gives us useless information!

  8. Jesus. I dont know if Florio knows anything about Silver.
    The man has proven time and time again that if he doesn’t have a story or he is not generating hits then he will just create one. One of the most shameful liars doing sports blog. I dont know anything about Rolle as a person but I know plenty about Silver.

  9. Drew Brees is a much better QB than Aaron Rogers. The simple fact of the matter is that Rogers is an up and coming QB. Rogers stills needs to prove that he can put up Drew Brees type numbers season after season. After all Drews 18,298 yards in four seasons is an NFL record.

  10. A) Why was Silver using a notepad? This isn’t 1973, dumbass. What are you, breaking the Watergate scandal? Given Silver’s high profile as a sports reporter, doesn’t it make sense to digitally record all of your on-record conversations?
    B) Silver didn’t think that was actually LT on that rad rap video this week. Again, dumbass.
    Silver is not the brightest bulb on the sports reporting tree.

  11. # Al_Davis_needs_a_dirtnap says: January 13, 2010 7:33 PM
    can someone please tell me how brees gets a dirt smug on his face before the game starts and there on astroturf?
    just heard bill parcells is flying to oakland to become g.m
    can someone please tell me where you learned english. your comment is harder to read than most of Florio’s ridiculous sentences.

  12. anyone else besides me get the feeling that Florio has some type of grudge towards professional athletes? is it because he was never the most popular jock when he was in school? what an underachiever he is

  13. Silver is an idiot who smokes pot with this friend Tim Kawakami.
    Seriously, Silver is a pencil-neck geek who never played a sport in his life and hates all jocks because of the monster wedgies and swirlies he received growing up.

  14. Can someone publish a mailing address for Mike Silver so that some generous soul can send him a Digital Voice Recorder.

  15. It never sounded like disrespect to me even if he said it word for word.
    Sounds like he was just giving Rogers respect for not quitting and for the way he played. Sounds like when he said he would rather face Brees he was just comparing rogers to another really good QB, for effect.
    What was he supposed to say..” I would rather face JaMarcus Russell than Rogers any day” ?
    People are way too sensetive and Michael Silver thinks he is way too important if he thinks he deserves an apology. He acts like he is on downers whenever he speaks as it is. he is the one who should be apologizing.

  16. wow, worthless non-news………why so much hate, Florio? ……..I’m surprised Eric Mangini or the Browns didn’t make the article………………..

  17. The Notorious V.I.C.
    Eeeeeewww, you said a bad word against Florio! You’re gonna be banned for that.
    No worries, you can re-apply as the Notorious B.I.T.C.H.

  18. swervinmervin says: January 13, 2010 8:55 PM
    Silver is an idiot who smokes pot with this friend Tim Kawakami.
    I would burn with Silver.

  19. For all we know, Florio made up the “text” that rolle supposedly sent to silver. After all, we can’t see it.
    It could just be a case of Florio trying to back up his colleague.

  20. Michael Silver? Is this the guy with the wookie eyebrows and the deep rabbi voice?
    Man, you’ve got to love when sports writers inject their name into the discussion before big games. Seriously, just write about the freaking sport and keep your name out of it. I’m tired of the ESPNs and Michael Silvers making themselves part of the story. Bring us the highlights, write about the results, but quit manufacturing B.S. and making yourselves the star. You’re a necessary evil, not something worthy of praise. Except you Florio, you and your little girl chin do us all a favor! You give us an option besides TMZSPN.

  21. Florio created PFT, if you don’t like it, feel free to leave rather than bitching like girls on PMS from thread to thread.

  22. Maybe being named Mike (Silver, Florio) and being a pseudo journalist just doesn’t mix.
    I wonder when the last time Silver mad an apology for misquoting someone?

  23. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Rolle, because Michael Silver to me is not a reputable reporter, and I’ve seen him caught in several of his own lies/exaggerations before. So, I don’t doubt Rolle when he states that Silver twisted his words.

  24. The media NEVER misquotes or sets up players to hear what they want do they? Remember all the “tension” between Favre and Chilly? That wasn’t made up at all. The media never baits emotional players like TO. . if this chucklehead media buffoon claims his word as truth, where is the audio? Last I checked the media morons have recorders and cameras.
    Media moron- 0

  25. morons
    #1 news and RUMORS
    #2 – believe half of what you see and none of what you hear
    #3 – stop crying, go to another site
    #4 – stop crying and dont bother posting
    #5 – stop crying
    i’m still curious as to where florio (or anyone else for that matter) has said that Florio is in fact a journalist

  26. Please espn hire florio!!! His useless garbage in reporting is right up espn’s alley! I been reading garbage after garbage florio writes on here and its obvious that hes trying to get hired by espn because his useless dribble is the same useless dribble espn reports! So it is more than obvious florio is trying to get hired by them! Pay the man florio so the rest of us who come on here to read actual facts and things that actually have some meaning to football so we dont have to read his bs!!!!!!

  27. “No further questions, Your Honor.”
    Spoken like a true lawyer, and exactly why PFT is home of the rant and the drama.
    You have to wonder what else was said in that Twitter, past the first line.

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