Schottenheimer decides not to interview with Bills

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who acted for a while like a hurt bunny when Rex Ryan was hired to be the Jets head coach a year ago, has decided that he wants to stay in New York.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN (at least once a week I still find myself starting to type “of NFL Network”), Schottenheimer will not interview for the head-coaching job in Buffalo, before or after the season ends.

Schottenheimer apparently believes that future head-coaching opportunities will come.

And for more on this point, we yield the remainder of our time to Jason Garrett.

22 responses to “Schottenheimer decides not to interview with Bills

  1. Florio writes “Brian Schottenheimer,who acted for a while like a hurt bunny…”
    Florio- your level of professionalism is a model for all others to follow.

  2. Wow Florio! In an AFC East post you feel the need to take another shot at Dallas, huh?
    Sad… Just sad…

  3. brian is nothing special…what did the jets do offensively this year??? NOTHING! it was their defense that held their own….as a matter of fact. they lost to the Bills and had trouble beating them the second time…A Bills team that was decimated with injuries, qb issues, coaching issues, etc.

  4. When is someone going to have enough balls and confidence in themself to take the bull by the horns and turn the Bills organization around? Don’t tell me it’s a black hole for coaches because Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey, and Dick Jauron were horrible head coaches to begin with. The Bills certainly need to improve the pro personnel and scouting departments, yes, but their head coaches have been a joke. Reputable sources have also said Dick Jauron had a large say into draft choices during his 3.5 years as coach. Buffalo may be down in the dumps right now, but it can rebound with some better leadership under Nix (hopefully), a GOOD head coach, and a QB.
    Apparently head coaches these days only want to take over dream jobs.

  5. Buffalo is in New York, so I don’t understand that stay in New York line. Besides, the Jets play in New Jersey. So your line makes even less sense.

  6. Funny that he wouldn’t even interview. How’s that for self delusion, that other jobs will certainly come along. What are you waiting for? There are only 32 positions like this in the world and he turns down the opportunity to be considered for one of them??? Amazingly, there are far fewer than 32 men in the world qualified to coach a team to win more football games than it loses. Many of them are current coaches. No wonder guys like Gibbs, Parcells, Belichik, Shanahan and Holmgren are so sought after and paid so well. They can do things that very few others can at a high level. Maybe Schottenheimer is afraid of failing at such a stratospheric level.

  7. I think if Brian Schottenheimer works hard, he may get a head chaoching job when he is actually ready in another 5 years or so, at that point I think he may have the potential to lose more playoff games than his loser father.
    This guy knows hes not good enough to win in Buffalo.

  8. agreed, brian can’t do the job. If he took over, it would have the same effect spags had on going to the rams from the giants.
    too soon for him.
    Bills need something more

  9. Hey ReasonableBUFanatic,
    Noone can turn the Bills mgmt and org around until Ralph is no longer the owner. Ralph’s pick of an in house candidate for GM was pathetic. He did not look outside and interview 2 people: Guy who had been there for 8 years of pathetic player selection and a 70 year old scout who had never been a GM in his life and was retired in 2008!
    As long as cheap, old Ralphy owns the team, the Bills will suck! I am a life long fan, so that is painful to live with……..

  10. Schotty’s gonna learn a tough lesson: Sell High.
    His stock isn’t going up any higher than it is now. Jets are a paper tiger.

  11. with only 32 of these jobs available it is a mistake to not even interview. jason garrett is yesterdays news and was hot as hell 2 years ago. if you want to be a HC and get a chance, you need to take it. that is unless it’s with the Raiders.

  12. PS I think Schotty has a crush on Ryan after his kind words.
    Nice job rex, you just kept the guy you wanted to keep and you made him think it was his idea!

  13. This is sad Day in Buffalo. Not that I want that A-clown as a coach, just the fact that the head coaching job in B-lo is so irrelavant that a peckerwood like Schottenheimer can turn down an interview.

  14. # Filbertkiwi71 says: January 13, 2010 12:07 PM
    Buffalo is in New York, so I don’t understand that stay in New York line. Besides, the Jets play in New Jersey. So your line makes even less sense.
    The Jets team are called, New York Jets.. Not New Jersey Jets… which it make sense why it still related to NY.. If you don’t like it, then whine to NFL… not in PFT, I mean, what the heck can they do for you beside just writing football’ stories everyday?

  15. Just hire Bobby April as the Head Coach and give Perry Fewell his job back. Then get back Turk Schonert for OC and surrender to the fact that no one wants to work in Buffalo. Ralph how in the H E double hockey sticks could you let Bill Polian walk out the door you dumb old man.

  16. CAN a BILLS fan explain to me why Billick has not been mentioned in any report??? How can we not be interested in him?

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