Steelers hire new offensive line coach

Last week, the Steelers parted ways with offensive line coach Larry Zierlein.

On Wednesday, they hired his replacement.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Steelers have agreed to terms with Sean Kugler.

Kugler was fired last week by the Bills after two years on the job.  He previously spent the 2006 season at Boise State, and he worked from 2001 through 2005 as part of the Matt Millen regime in Detroit.

So, basically, Steelers fans are gonna love this decision.

34 responses to “Steelers hire new offensive line coach

  1. You never know. Last few guys we got from Detroit or the Detroit area worked out really well for us. Also doesn’t help this coach’s cause that the Bills released like his entire offensive line on him.

  2. “So, basically, Steelers fans are gonna love this decision.”
    Really…..That’s pretty Mucked up Fike!

  3. Then again, Kugler doesn’t get paid to actually “block” anyone….
    Changing the coach only solves HALF the problem with the O-Line!!!

  4. Actually, I LOVE this choice. From what I’m reading, Kugler is a blue-collar, nuts-and-bolts guy who believes in teaching technique–and teaching it and teaching it–until the players get it down. His players respect him and he coached one of his left tackles to the Pro Bowl–the first Bills tackle to make the Pro Bowl since ’92.
    What our o-line has lacked most the last three years is technique. Half the time, they look like they have no idea who they’re supposed to block or how or why. They look lazy and poorly coached. One article I read said that because of all the upheaval in Buffalo, Kugler had to field seven different lineups in 12 games. No coach can turn spaghetti into prime rib. But you put a guy with his work ethic and attention to detail in an organization like ours with some of our personnel … that could be a nice combination.

  5. A Bills fan perspective:
    We’ve been trying to copy the Steeler’s model for years (Donahoe, Mularkey), and then they hire this idiot? Name one lineman he developed in his tenure. Better yet, name one lineman that didn’t regress after McNally retired.

  6. A coach has to have some talent to work with, which there is none in Detroit. The bills lost a lot on the O-line too… I don’t follw them but I thought I remembered hearing they were starting 2 rookies this year.
    Fred Jackson ran pretty well this year though so let’s give the guy a chance.

  7. Here we go. Tomlin is finally making a coaching decision beyond letting Cowher’s guys do what they did before Tomlin arrived.
    We can now begin to judge Tomlin based on Tomlin’s own decisions and performance, rather than his ability to manage a team and staff he largely inherited.

  8. Changing the coach only solves HALF the problem with the O-Line!!!
    HALF?! You think the coach of the offensive line makes up half of the performance of the o-line. Wow, why even have players?! Just bring in a bunch of scabs and hire one great coach to coach em since it’s all the guidance.

  9. The Steelers really do not make good decisions since Cowher left the team. Mike Tomlin is gonna destroy this team and I love it.

  10. No amount of coaching changes the fact the Steelers lack talent at 4 of the 5 positions along their line, and Komeatu is only good at run blocking.

  11. You got it Sixburgh. The problem with the Steelers’ OL is the way it is constructed – from the (philosphical) ground, up.

  12. I know exactly how Sean Kugler feels.
    Last week I was fired by Kentucky Fried Chicken after two years on the job.
    Today, I was hired by Burger King.
    Previously to that I spent 2006 at a Waffle house near Boise State, and worked from 2001 through 2005 as part of the Ray Kroc regime in Detroit.
    So Basically, Burger King Fans are going to love this decision.
    I am one hell of a drive through window order taker. Never forgot to give a straw with any soda in the last two years.
    Sometimes it is the organization that will make you better.
    I am sure he will do well in Pittsburgh.

  13. I think it was a poor attempt at sarcasm from Florio. But, I don’t expect much from his writing anyway.

  14. Kugler responds to the new job by clearing out all of the porn on Zierlein’s office computer and using it to actually install blocking assignments that work on real offensive linemen.

  15. Breaking News:
    Coach Sean Kugler wants to re-unite with Ryan Clady.
    Pittsburgh trades 1st Round Pick (18th Overall)
    For Denver’s Ryan Clady.
    Oops that was my dream last night, as I went to bed first thing after reading this article.

  16. So the Squeeler’s are going to use fired Bill’s coaches to help unleash hell? bwahahaha…
    A Browns Fan

  17. I am a Bills fan and I feel sorry for all you Steeler fans! I can’t fathom why anyone would hire this guy! His lines were abysmal! They lacked some talent, but there is no way I would hire this guy to be a line coach!

  18. I love the hire….any decision the Steelers’ organization makes I fully support. How could you not, they have provided 2 ultimate prizes in the past 6 years!
    For all the morons saying that Tomlin inherited all of Cowher’s coaches……Tomlin won a Super Bowl w/out Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm and they seem to be doing pretty well in Arizona LOL!

  19. Change coaches all you want. The fact is that the Steelers need to get younger across the O-line. Time to spend half of their picks on o-line is this draft.

  20. I don’t know much about Kugler really, and won’t pretend to, but I am willing to give him a chance. The Steelers over the years have done a pretty good job overall with most of their coaching choices, and I assume they know what to look for in the interview process.
    I also agree with Deb that too often, the OL looked completely confused about who to block. Too many defenders came in untouched. That has to stop. They do need to try to upgrade the talent or get more out of who they have under long-term contract.
    If he can improve the “basics”, then that would seem to be a step in the right direction.

  21. I get a kick out out of the number of bottom feeders that come on this board and mock and taunt the Steelers. A team that has 6 rings and knows how to win. And, the losers that jump on a post like this are the fans of a team that most likely hasn’t even been in a Super Bowl. Like the Clowns.

  22. @ KingKunal
    “HALF?! You think the coach of the offensive line makes up half of the performance of the o-line. Wow, why even have players?! Just bring in a bunch of scabs and hire one great coach to coach em since it’s all the guidance.”
    Actually no, maybe a poor choice of words. I DO understand that you need SOME sort of talent….
    All talent, no coaching…All coaching, no talent will pretty much give you the same outcome.

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