Troy Brown says Pats need leaders, toughness

Former Patriots standout Troy Brown, whose performance in the 2001 AFC title game helped launch the three-titles-in-four-years dynasty, doesn’t like what he currently sees from his old team.

So how would he fix the situation in New England?

“You got to start by finding some leaders,” Brown told Michael Holley and Jon Meterperel of Comcast SportsNet on Tuesday.  “The defense has no leaders.  There’s nobody that can lead this football team.”

And he’s right; in one offseason, the Pats saw Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi retire, and the team traded away Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour.

Meanwhile, malcontents like Adalius Thomas remained.

Brown also thinks there’s a lack of toughness on the team.  “I think you heard Tom Brady say, maybe [Monday] or Sunday after the game, that the team wasn’t mentally tough. . . .  And obviously they weren’t physically tough, either, because they couldn’t handle anything the Ravens threw at them on Sunday.”

He’s right.  And now the question becomes whether the Patriots can or will do anything about it during the 2010 offseason.

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  1. “And now the question becomes whether the Patriots can or will do anything about it during the 2010 offseason.”
    C’mon Mike, how often has Belichick reloaded successfully in the offseason ? Of course they will do something about this.

  2. I think the coach violated my number one rule in football. Never move a player unless you have something better.

  3. I have to believe they will be back next season with an improved defense. They have a lot of holes though. The offensive struggled more this season than ever, they could use a running back in the third or fourth round, and then as much talent as they can find on defense.

  4. Bill is a good ball coach, but sucks at leadership. Once Bill lost or got rid of locker room leaders things began to go down hill. It’s hard to have good moral when the leadership is poor. And sending players home for being late to a meeting? C’mon man. Bill made alot of mistakes this year. The fact that you can neutralize Brady and destroy them is quite sad. They aren’t the team they used to be.

  5. I’d really like to hear what JR Seau thinks about the season. He is old school and a leader on defense in the locker room at least.

  6. I agree with HarrisonHits. This is starting to look like it did in 2006, when the Pats had the Colts dead in the water in the AFCC, only t allow the Colts to get back in the game, and eventually win the game (not saying the Colts dint earn it, that isnt my point). After that loss, everyone was saying the dynasty is over, the decline is beginning, the era is over…… in 2007 the Pats came back and went 16-0 in the regular season…… Until the Pats fail to win 10+ games (they have done it last 7 seasons) I wont consider Brady washed up, and/or the dynasty over… They need to make some changes for sure, but it is early to forecast their demise….

  7. Man it just keeps getting better. I love that the Patriots are falling apart. Kharma is a b*tch. Could not happen to a nicer guy and team. HAHAHA!

  8. “You got to start by finding some leaders,” Brown told Michael Holley and Jon Meterperel of Comcast SportsNet on Tuesday. “The defense has no leaders. There’s nobody that can lead this football team.”
    …and Meterperel muttered a reply, “toughness? what’s that?”

  9. ninerblitz says: I think the coach violated my number one rule in football. Never move a player unless you have something better.
    Someone ought to get that message to Andy Reid!

  10. I know a lot of the reason why this team unloaded many of its veterans is due to the aging defense.
    But part of it is because from a business standpoint, you don’t know what’s going to happen with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    The team has failed to lock up many of its younger talents and you have to figure they are building for the future.
    Trading Seymour from a first round pick two seasons later is brilliant, and while some of you make the point that it has hurt them, it has a better chance helping them out over the long term.
    Troy Brown is correct though, I just think there’s a bigger picture here people are missing.

  11. 2 seasons they missed the playoffs this decade, team of the decade with 3 super bowls in 4 appearances, division winners this year over the Jets and Dolphins, and one seriously potent offense. Cmon now, whats the panic. Draft some defense, sign a veteran leader, and chill the hell out. As a Skins fan, id love to have that problem…

  12. When they win less than 10 games maybe I will think they are in a down year.
    Good teams can have a bad year, but the Pats won a lot of games over the decade by rebuilding over and over again on both sides of the ball. Once you have a good to great QB, you can reshuffle the rest of the roster as much as you need to from year to year to have a chance at the end as long as you stay healthy.
    The Pats need a few more playmakers on D and maybe at least one O line guy who is a road grader, but as long as Brady is healthy there is always a chance to win the SB. Brady did not look good on his long ball this year, and seemed suspect at best on any throw beyond 20 yards in the playoff loss.
    They will win 12 games next year if he is healthy and use all those draft picks to finish rebuilding the D. The division is pretty tough though. The bad team is pretty good and 3 are always contenders it seems.

  13. I guess 10-6 and making the playoffs is falling apart…..idiot. Reminds me of the 2002 season actually, and what happened after that?

  14. It’s not the players that lack toughness, it’s the coaching staff that lacks credentials.
    The coaches, while good, are not going to help bill in any meaningful way. He basically has free reign to do things his way without being challenged. When he makes stupid decisions (everyone does), no one is there to challenge him.

  15. ninerblitz says:
    I think the coach violated my number one rule in football. Never move a player unless you have something better.
    And that, of course, is what has led you to so many Super Bowl victories, we can assume?
    Love these guys who think they’re a friggin’ NFL coach ….. “my number one rule” ……. Dude probably sleeps in his team’s Underoo’s.
    By the way, any Pat’s fan respects Troy Brown’s opinion, and if Troy Brown is publicly saying these things, you can bet Bill Belichick is privately thinking the same things. Gonna be a lot of changes around here, some great FA signings, a mad draft. You have to believe that privately, Tom Brady is pissed! Everyone in New England believed that the defense was going to be shaky this year but that people would “step up” to new leadership roles. Didn’t happen. Do you really think Adalius Thomas would have gotten away with his crap on the 2004 team? Dean Pees has some serious answering to do as well.
    And that O line is way too talented to look as bad as they have at times this year, especially – ESPECIALLY – the first quarter of that Ravens game! And people criticized Patriots fans for booing them? Hell, we KNOW those guys are too talented to play that bad, they DESERVED those boos!

  16. Allow me to point out that other teams play the game to win too. With the highpower scouting systems in place the “others” will catch up with you sooner or later. Let’s give team Pats a chance to rework their schemes and add some personnel before we bury them.
    I believe BB is a very good coach and will work through this.

  17. “It’s not the players that lack toughness, it’s the coaching staff that lacks credentials.”
    Can you really be that clueless about the Pats coaches ? I love you Pats haters and the level of ignorance you show.

  18. Belichick has lost a lot of assistants over the years. The brain drain has to hurt after awhile. Especially when you primarily promote from within to replace coaches, the peter principle is going to rear its head sooner or later.
    As for the toughness, it’s partly mental toughness but it looked a lot more like physical toughness as both OL and DL got pushed around by the Ravens. They have good RBs, they don’t have a good enough OL to implement any sort of running game. They have some good LBs and secondary but they don’t have a solid enough DL or enough good LBs across the board to be a consistently good defense.
    Leadership? That’s a locker room thing that Troy Brown might know more about than we do, but I’m pretty sure that if you fix the personnel issues at the coaching level, and at the OL/DL level, then leadership will follow.

  19. Tom Brady pissed? Really?
    Why? Because he did not get any calls go his way. Keep thinking the Patsys are a great team when they have done nothing since being caught of cheating?
    Nothing means nothing, they were no better than the Browns. The Patsys are sitting at home just like the Browns. Do not through up to me stats and records. The goal is to win the Superbowl. Newsflash….PATRIOTS ARE NOT GOING! Not only that but was Bellicheat crying at his press conference because it looked like he was.

  20. Hey StevieMo:
    Get over the video camera thing already. You people really know how to beat a dead horse.

  21. It is stupid in todays NFL to say a team is done. Everyone knew when the Pats made all the changes on Defense losing the leadership in those players, there had to be a cause and effect situation.
    The Pats are in positon to reload thru the draft and FA. Historically the Pats have not been big players in FA but with no cap and the need to retool the team, I believe they will make a major FA aquisition.
    They will be back competing to win the AFC East again and hopefully another Super Bowl birth.

  22. lurch’s nyquil says:
    “Man it just keeps getting better. I love that the Patriots are falling apart. Kharma is a btch. Could not happen to a nicer guy and team. HAHAHA!”
    So you’re a buddhist. Then you know it is bad Karma to take pleasure in other people’s troubles. either that or you’re a idiot.

  23. i got a funny joke………..dont anyone steal it now
    ready?………….here it goes
    the death penalty “executes” better then the Patriots

  24. The problem with the pats is clear- the o-line got old, slow and weak very quickly, and also the defense lost too many important players without replacements ready to step up. And they still went 10-6 and made it to the playoffs.
    Troy Brown is right, he was a GRREAT player and knows what the deal is there.
    Wish my Redskins had such problems as this……………………

  25. Belichick had a rough year…but I think this team has one more shot at it in 2010. Then the strike will wipe them out.

  26. “I guess 10-6 and making the playoffs is falling apart…..”
    When you are used to going to the playoffs and winning Super Bowl it is. That team got rocked by a one dimensional offensive team. Stop the run and the Raven have little left. Flacco completed what 4 passes? Did you see that Pats team after the Raven built up the big lead? The cameras were on Brady and Company and there was no fire, no emotion, only defeat.
    There are problems in NE and you know they will take it seriously.

  27. Unfortunately for Patriots fans, this New England team is headed towards being the 3rd best team (Jets, Miami) in the AFC East in 2010.
    I don’t care what Richard Seymour says about not playing for the Pats again…the best move Belichick could make here is to pick up the phone and apologize to the ’10 UFA. If Belichick can somehow get Seymour back, ala what Parcells did in Miami with Jason Taylor (+ Wash. 2nd round pick), along with Oakland’s 1st round pick in ’11…this would go a long way to improving this team.
    The next move he needs to make is trading Moss to a club like Minnesota…using Moss ’10 salary on Seymour…and taking the 10.5 million dollar cap hit on the Moss trade. Since they would have gotten virtually a “free” 1st round pick from Oakland in ’11. They could package Moss and their own 1st round pick in ’11 for the something the likes of Chad Greenway and Bernard Berrian.
    Now they would start to get their defensive identity back with Mayo, Greenway, Wilfork (franchise him), Seymour, Warren etc up front. If they could somehow also land a UFA like Richard Marshall or Terrance Newman…you would be looking at a top 5 defense from a pure talent perspective.

  28. Next years schedule is going to be a bitch
    I think they have ncf and afc north, and the
    bills will probably be better.
    Plus chargers and colts.
    I have no idea how they will rebuild
    but if the teams were all with their
    final 09 rosters and they had that schedule
    they’d be lucky to go 8-8.
    I hope they kick the hell out of mangina

  29. This Pats team was closer to the 2003 team than most people realize. Both went unbeaten at home. Both had an early division road loss. Both turned in a bad performance on the road against an NFC team. Both played tight games at Houston, at Denver, at Indy and at Miami. The difference is the 2003 team managed to pull out those games and the 2009 team blew them all. The 2009 team was actually in a better position to win those games.

  30. They have suffered significant losses of personnel and coaches over the past five years. Some retired. Some moved on to better jobs or different teams. In fact, their entire front office has been retooled. Mix in a few key injuries and you’ve got rebuilding. You can’t keep everyone. And when you win every other team want’s your guys.
    Still 10-6 and a division title ain’t bad for rebuilding This is still a quality organization that remains an attractive landing spot for free agents who want to win. Further they are stocked with draft picks for the next couple of years. They’ll get talent and someone in that locker room will step up on the defensive side of the ball. And it’s not as if the defense didn’t have moments where they played really well. They just weren’t consistant. Which is what you’d expect from a young defense.
    The Patriots will be fine. Who is truly better than them besides the Colts and the Chargers in the AFC? Who? Miami and NY? Let’s see how that goes. Denver? Cincinnati? And let’s not even talk about Pittsburgh? What happened there?
    Until this team misses the playoffs again with Belichick and Brady at the helm, I’d wait until I threw dirt on them.

  31. “belicheckyoself says:
    January 13, 2010 11:32 AM
    and the bills will probably be better.”
    What could possibly give you that idea? Their awesome track record?

  32. as a Patriots fan, can we quit talking dynasty…the Pats now have not won a Super Bowl in 5 yrs…Pitt has won 2 in that time frame…

  33. # StevieMo says: January 13, 2010 10:11 AM
    “New England Patriots: Zero SB rings sans video cameras.”
    .. or Adam Vinatieri.

  34. Brady’s a wimp. We all saw that he had a chance to run one in (walk it in almost) and he hesitated. That’s all I needed to see. That’s all his teamates needed to see too. If he’s not going to risk anything, why should they? Great leader there.

  35. 8man-
    as far as Pittsburgh- when u lose one of the best run stuffers in the league (Aaron Smith) and one of the best, if not the best defensive player in football in Poluamlu, what do u think is going to happen ? That is one of the Pats main threats in the AFC the next few years ..

  36. kennethnoisewater says:
    New England Patriots: 10-6 sans Harrison, Bruschi, Vrabel, Hobbs and yes, Seymour
    there, fixed that for you.

  37. @ Pats fans
    Forget the Seymour trade.. The pats screwed themselves when they got Moss.. I’ve said it since the day it went down that Moss would never get to win a Super Bowl.. He’s the Barry Bonds of the Nfl.. minus the Roids.. All the talent in the world + WORST attitude EVER = No Rings.. Belicheat saw glimpses of it this season and If hes smart hell ship his ass off asap. Im sure Belicheat would give up the 16-0 record and all the Moss and Brady individual records in 2007 for another Superbowl ring faster than a happy ending Massage from RICH2256

  38. # ninerblitz says: I think the coach violated my number one rule in football. Never move a player unless you have something better.
    Most would agree that the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft is better than Richard Seymour (and given the Raiders current dysfunctionality, the #1 pick is almost assured.)
    The Patriots can hold that and use it next year or trade it to use this year for a veteran and/or player in the draft.
    I agree with Troy – skill and talent is important, but heart, toughness and leadership among players is what the team needs.

  39. @blackglass
    i mean I think the bills will actually take steps
    to build a better team.
    I think the acquisition of TO was an attempt
    (albeit foolish) to bring more success to that
    They’re talking major coaching and front
    office changes this year as well.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re
    going postseason next year, I don’t think
    that’s likely while Ralph Wilson owns that
    team, but I do think they’ll improve.
    He’ll Miami went from 1-15 to playoffs
    in one year, and healthy 09 pats won the
    week one game on a razor margin and
    several 4th quarter bills mistakes.
    I think the 2010 pats will be better too,
    but they’re still (ironically) going to have way
    more to prove than they did this year.
    Regardless, go pats.
    Is anyone else worried something went
    bad with the krafts and belichick will be
    in KC in a year?

  40. What they need is to video tape the other teams defensive signals so that Brady knows exactly what the defense is going to do. Their defense just hasn’t been the same since they stopped doing that.

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