Wednesday morning one-liners

The analysts agree; The Bills need an offensive coach willing to get physical.

Dolphins OLB Cameron Wake is determined to get a starting job in 2010.

Patriots WR Wes Welker will wait for his MCL to heal before undergoing surgery on his torn ACL.

Rex Ryan thinks it’s a good sign that QB Mark Sanchez fired back at him on the sideline two weeks ago.

There was a “visible hitch” in Ravens QB Joe Flacco’s stride at practice Tuesday.

Eric Mangini on the new power structure in Cleveland: “It’s pretty great to be up here with three other people answering questions. I can get used to this.”

Mike Zimmer said that Bengals owner Mike Brown “came up a long ways” in contract talks in order to keep the defensive coordinator.  Now who’s cheap?

Cheer up, Steelers fans: S Troy Polamalu will be part of Super Bowl Sunday.

The hidden storyline of this weekend: The revenge of Colts K Matt Stover!

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver reportedly never had any intention of firing Jack Del Rio, who says he never received a contract from USC.

The hiring of Rick Dennison should give Houston’s offense as much continuity as possible.

Titans special teams captain S Donnie Nickey hopes to return to the team.

New offensive coaches may mean the end of zone blocking schemes in Denver.

Todd Haley on Charlie Weis, post-Notre Dame: “His
confidence is still there exactly the way that I remember it.”

Lane Kiffin is now the coach of Al Davis’ second-favorite team.

Chargers RB Darren Sproles is one of many key backup running backs to watch this week.

Jerry Jones has done a solid job as G.M. in Dallas the last three years, and LB Anthony Spencer is emblematic of that.

Based on poll results, Eagles fans would rather have Michael Vick back than Donovan McNabb.  Really?

The Giants still haven’t contacted Jets coach Bob Sutton about their defensive coordinator position.

Jon Gruden would love to be on a boat talking football with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Folks in Chicago remember passing on Kurt Warner because Rex Grossman was “their quarterback.”

Despite some impressive numbers, the Packers need help for their pass defense.

The numbers at FootballOutsiders would suggest Minnesota is actually a decent-sized underdog this week.

Falcons G.M. Thomas Dmitroff would give game balls for the season to TE Tony Gonzalez and LB Curtis Lofton.  (Coach Mike Smith took S Thomas DeCoud on defense.)

Rip Sherer will remain in Carolina as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

A prayer for Who Dat Nation  was published in hopes for Saints playoff success: “In the name of Hap Glaudi, Jim Finks and Buddy Diliberto we now claim our rightful place among the elite teams in the NFL.”

Bucs special teams coach Rich Bisaccia has great references as he tries to land the job at University of South Florida.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald is impressed with the Saints cornerbacks, who are finally healthy again.

Rams T Alex Barron will be a restricted free agent if there is no new CBA.

Supporters of a Santa Clara stadium for the 49ers turned in more than 8,000 signatures in an effort to get a stadium measure on an upcoming ballot.

New Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made it clear that he’s the “one voice” that matters in Seattle now.

11 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Some o’ yo stories are a joke Florio….
    Taken from others….and nonsence..
    You look like a lolliepop with your big head and slight shoulders….NEVER forget how we see you.
    Hope Florio Jr. takes after his mom…luv ya.

  2. Why doesn’t Troy Polamalu spend some time working out or something to try to avoid injuries instead of making all of these commercials?

  3. Polamalu is obviously more concerned with getting his ugly mug on the tube than he is with playing football.

  4. somebody ought to give rosenthal a clue about how things work in philly. c’mon florio – i’ve heard you on the air on talk radio here enough that you should know that the majority of this town is sick of mcnabb’s act and after 11 years have seen all we need to see to know that this guy cannot come thru when it matters most. hence more support for vick than mcnabb. when vick comes on the field and in one play fires a strike that mcnabb would have put at a guy’s shoes, it’s time to move on. not to vick, but to kolb.

  5. Why are the Lions so frequently left off of your lists. Several times kept off the one-liners. Left out of the free agent list. Please try to cover all bases. I know I am about the only fan they have, but I do come here for information.

  6. Vick over McNabb. If you need a bunch of dogs tortured and killed sure Vick is your man, but to have as your starter over McNabb is moronic. I guess though that is what you would expect from a bunch of Eagle fans, stupid thoughts.

  7. Gregg Rosenthal says:
    “The numbers at FootballOutsiders would suggest Minnesota is actually a decent-sized underdog this week.”
    I know I’m getting old (I also look under 30 though I’m over…..nunyabusiness) but I’ve never heard of FootbalOutsiders before in my life. Seems PFT is starting to drop dimes for other start-ups without being upfront about it. Sure PFT doesn’t have to, but come on. If you want us (PFT Planet) to support some of you’re peeps, just tell us. We’ll comply. Bitches.

  8. r u kidding me?
    That is the link you provide to daily “Chargers” news.
    #2 seed
    11 game win streek
    no respect.

  9. Yes I remember the Bears not signing Kurt Warner because he only asked that he be given a fair shot at being the starter if he won the job over Rex Grossman.
    Always with your finger on the pulse eh Jerry?
    You da man!

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